Empresario 17 Entrepreneurship Development Institute Fest

Empresario '17- Summoning Entrepreneurs!

Jay Sitapara
March 7, 2017

Since its inception in 2012, Empresario has been thriving bigger and better. And now it has become one of the largest entrepreneurship fests celebrated in India. This 2-day long event is going to be held at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad on 9th & 10th March 2017.

How was Empresario 2016?

EDI holds the core values of rigorously promoting and developing entrepreneurship ecosystem in India and across all its centres around the globe. And hence, this fest is specifically crafted for students across pan-Indian institutes.

The concept of Empresario 2016 was to encourage students to transform their ideas into real-time working and running companies. Quoting Mr Murali Hariharan from Empresario 2016.

For startups, why India? Why now? This is the best time for India, as currently we are facing an economy which is growing very fast, giving out good opportunities to this multi-layered societies.

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How different is this year?

This year is more focused on converting startup ideas into viable business. This 2-day long event is jam packed with 10 sessions, 16 speakers, 50 exhibitors, 15 sponsors in excess to 1000 attendees from all over the India.

Multiple engaging sessions have been planned for this year. “Mentoring session for startup.” and “Design thinking workshop by Mahesh Marath” are going to be held on day 1. Day 2 is going to witness the workshop on “Lean Startup methodology by Rammohan Reddy.” Also, 8 startups are going to showcase their ideas at “The Big Pitch”.

Hubilo being the event-tech partner for the Empresario 2017, also believes in converting ideas into reality. With core values of making events into happening hubs, Hubilo aims to deliver the seamless experience to the attendees.

A big call out to students, startup enthusiast, entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, and academicians to mark your calendar so that you don’t miss this at any cost!

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