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Top 8 Event Analytics Platforms for Procuring Valuable Event Data

Hiteshree Dudani
August 1, 2017
Comprehensive accumulation, classification, evaluation and assimilation of all your event data using an automated platform, is in a nutshell, the anatomy of event analytics.

Since the inception of the event industry, analytics have always played a crucial role. The old school methods were to manually input and store this data in a stack of files while the digital age users simply use an event analytics platform which not only collects all the data but also organises and comprehends it.

Secondly, when compared to the manually collected data, the event data from an analytics platform is way more holistic. It goes beyond the basic details of the attendees to explore their demographics, preferences, interactions and much more.

If you are anywhere familiar with event technology, you understand the significance of event analytics. You know how beneficial this data can be for your events and how it can be leveraged in multiple ways to ensure success and quick ROI for you. But there is a small catch here that people usually choose to ignore.

Without an efficient platform, there is no use of event analytics.

Yes! If your event analytics platform lacks some crucial features and functionalities, it won’t efficiently collect the necessary data that needs to be leveraged. Embracing this truth, let us find out what we can do about this.

Though it is necessary to find an efficient event analytics platform, the current event tech market has a lot of quality options that you can choose from.

Here are some of the top event analytics platforms that are precise and totally to the point:

1. Piwik

If the major event data generated for your event comes through your event website and social media platforms, then Piwik is the right choice for you.

Piwik comes with a range of free as well as premium features. Based on your requirements, you can choose if you wish to go for Piwik premium or not.


The primary analytics dashboard of Piwik provides a detailed overview of the visitors. The data provided includes:

* Real-time website visitors

Not just the days, but Piwik provides you details about the hours of the website visits as well. This gives you an overview of the most active time spans of your website and helps you optimise the website accordingly.

Real time Analytics for Events

*Demographics of the visitors in the form of a world map

When boosting your website with the aim of gaining traffic for your event, you need to ensure that your maximum traffic is attracted from your target geographic locations. Such a representation provided by Piwik helps you ensure if you are working in the correct direction.

* Monitoring goal conversions

Website optimisation and traffic insights are the secondary steps for reaching the primary goals that you have set for your website. The Piwik dashboard helps you set these goals and then monitor their progress.

The list of the features of the Piwik dashboard is a never ending one. However, the USP of this platform remains that Piwik entitles you to own the generated data, unlike other similar platforms.

2. Google Analytics

One of the most popular, user-friendly and robust analytics tools has to be Google Analytics.

The USP of Google Analytics lies in the fact that if you have an event website or event application, you can very conveniently use Google Analytics to extensively track the user activities there.

Google Analytics event platform

The primary features of the Google Analytics Dashboard include:

* Bounce rate and exit rate

Bounce rate and exit rate majorly influence the page value of your website. Higher numbers for these indicate that even though visitors are being attracted to your website, once on the website, they don’t seem prompted to discover other aspects of your event, let alone register for it. Google Analytics makes you familiar with these numbers and helps you work upon the accordingly.

* Page Views

Google Analytics Page views data for events

Analysing the views on individual pages of your website is a crucial aspect of event analytics. This helps you distinguish the web pages of various speakers or exhibitions, etc. which seem the most interesting to your website visitors and thus are the most beneficial for you.

* Traffic Channels

Traffic Channels data for Events

In order to understand what promotion strategies are the most result yielding, you need to track the channels which bring traffic to your website. The Google Analytics dashboard also states which platform brings what percentage of the traffic.

You can also find a lot of other features of Google Analytics.

3. Hubilo

Another comprehensive platform which can help you make your website robust with event technology is Hubilo. Hubilo not only assists you with event analytics but also with the creation of event app and website, event promotion, attendee registration, attendee engagement and a lot more.

Talking about analytics, Hubilo can help you with the following:

* Website analytics

Hubilo website analytics

Hubilo provides you with an extremely detailed report for your event website’s analytics. From the visitor overview to the details of the website sessions and most visited pages, you can find details about everything from this platform.

* Promotion analytics

Event Promotion Analytics

In order to make your event successful, you would surely work with a lot of promotions and marketing using e-mails, social media, etc. Hubilo’s event analytics module makes sure that you get a detailed report of these promotional campaigns as well. Thus, you can understand how well your strategies are working.

* Registration Analytics

Hubilo Registration Analytics

The platform is very intricate which provides you with the minute details of your events registration process. Manually tracking the funnel behaviour of your event attendees can be a really tiresome task.

However, Hubilo makes the process automated for you by displaying the chronological behavioural flow of every customer of yours. Thus, helps you comprehend it better.

There are various analytics around the registration form as well wherein you can ask a number of questions such as; “which session would your delegates like to attend”.

And based on the number of responses you get, you can plan to book a room of respective seating size or give a better opportunity in terms of visibility for a particular sponsor or loop in the best of the best speakers and create an exceptional content for the same.

You can divide these analytics as per the different ticket types as well. Too much data? Well, not so much if it is sorted and served within an excel sheet for you to simply download!

* Engagement Analytics

Hubilo Engagement Analytics

Not only does the event automation software of Hubilo help you ensure optimum attendee engagement but it also helps you monitor it closely. You can administer all the details from the number of messages exchanged to the most active hours for the number of meetings arranged and the most active attendees.

There are multiple analytics related to the exhibitors and the sponsors that are available on Hubilo which can be leveraged as an additional offering for attracting more exhibitors and bagging good sponsorship!

With Hubilo, there is a lot more that you can do with event analytics.

4. Bear Analytics

Bear Analytics is a specialised platform which primarily focuses on event analytics. It is a platform that will provide you with detailed reports of your event website from registration analytics to attendee behavioural analytics.

This platform stands out in terms of the portrayal and analysis of the event data. Thus, it helps you identify the most crucial trends in an ‘easy-to-comprehend’ manner.

Some of the most advantageous features of Bear Analytics include:

* Attendee Trends

A unique event data provided by this platform is the data which represents the most valuable and loyal attendees of your event. With thorough examination, the platform presents this data to you which can help you manage attendee relationships very efficiently.

* MVE Analysis

The platform makes use of your website and application data to trace the Most Valuable Exhibitor of your event. Since exhibitions play a role of central importance, this data is very useful.

* Predictive Models

This is the most distinctive feature of the Bear Analytics platform. Based on your website and application trends, the smart interface of this platform creates predictive models for event attendance, exhibition participation, behavioural models and more. Plus, these models are strikingly accurate.

There are a lot of other analytics features as well that you can access with Bear Analytics.

5. Gevme

If your organisation conducts frequent events, Gevme would be the right choice for event analytics for you. This is because Gevme uses a unique system to integrate the event data of all your events into one single platform. This provides you with the liberty of accessing a detailed overview of any given attendee.

With this platform, you can comprehend the past and present data of any attendee and understand their dynamics better.

With Gevme, you can access the following analytics data for your event:

* Extensive details of every single attendee

Gevme Event Analytics Platform

This analytics dashboard provides you with the contact profile of every single attendee. Here you can find the events they have attended, the ones they are planning to attend and a lot more. You can also understand the marketing type they are best responding to and optimise it accordingly for the future.

* Client Classification and Segmentation

The unique interface of Gevme also allows you to classify the clients or attendees of your event o a priority basis.

* Track the digital presence of your target clients

Track the digital presence of your target clients

The platform allows you to follow the various digital activities of your target audience. This allows you to devise a more effective marketing strategy for your next event which would directly impact your audience.

The customer relationship management system of Gevme is indeed very interactive and comes with a lot of beneficial features.

6. Eventtia

Eventtia is a comprehensive event management software that helps event organisers work with their internet ubiquity on their own terms. From creating the registration portals to managing the event data and analytics, this platform helps users do everything in a controlled manner.

When it comes to event analytics, Eventtia provides the following features:

* Communication analytics

When marketing your event, you are bound to use numerous communication platforms. The Eventtia analytics provides you with data that would reflect the effectiveness of each of these platforms on your target audience. Thus, you can modify your communication patterns accordingly.

* Real-time on-site analytics

The Eventtia analytics platform also helps you track the attendee activity during the event. You can find the real-time on-site analytics of your event and comprehend the event flow better.

* Exhibition analytics

If your event includes exhibitions, the platform provides you with a detailed insight into that as well. It provides you with the analytics of the progress of various exhibition stands in a coherent manner.

All the features of the Eventtia platform are very practical and can help in better management and functioning of the event.

7. Kissmetrics

The Kissmetrics platform provides all types of website data, including event web analytics. The USP of the event data generated from this platform is comprehensive yet concise. You can get as extensive or as condensed data as you wish to analyse.

You can avail the following features using this platform:

* Quickly monitor the important metrics.

Kissmetrics Event Platform

As mentioned, this platform allows you to work with the data that matters the most to you. You can prioritise the event data that needs the most attention from you and the platform will display it to you in a colour-coded manner.

* Detailed report of separate website segments

The platform provides you with detailed engagement reports of various segments of your website. You can analyse the visitor behaviour and engagement of individual segments over a period of time.

Concludingly, you can find a lot of productive analytics features with the Kissmetrics dashboard.

8. Attendease

Attendease is an event automation platform that provides smart event analytics features. This platform helps you assemble all your event data in a comprehensible manner. From chronological event registration steps to attendee engagement behaviour, you can find analytics for anything and everything using this platform.

* Detailed registration analytics

Attendease event analytics platforms

As mentioned, this platform provides you with the data for each and every chronological step in the registration process. This helps you trace the point of loopholes and optimise it for more registrations.

* Comprehensive revenue tracking for the event

The Attendease platform carefully analyses all your ticketing platforms (if you have more than one) and generates metrics for all your event revenue.

* Attendee engagement analysis

The platform also measures the engagement done by various registered attendees in the form of surveys, polls, etc. This helps you identify the most common areas of interests of you attendees and optimise the event accordingly.

Attendease is definitely an all-inclusive event tech platform that makes event measurement pretty simple and productive.

These were the top 8 event analytics platforms that provide the most relevant event data in a coherent manner. However, a smart event professional should always remember that it is not just about the data, but about the way you leverage it and benefit from it.

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Hiteshree Dudani

Hiteshree Dudani is an event tech enthusiast who has successfully organised many eminent events. The list includes charity events, youth fests, seminars, workshops and a lot more. She is currently associated with the event technology company Hubilo. She works for the company's blog which has a wide range of useful content for event planners, event techies and event marketers.

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