Event App Marketing Strategy

Maximize Downloads With Multi-Channel Event App Marketing Strategy

Jay Sitapara
December 5, 2018

Regardless of whether you’re planning a small or large scale event, you are probably considering or have already decided on having a mobile event app.

Be that as it may, but getting in front of right kind individuals is what the game is all about. But do not worry, in this section, we’ll cover how to market your event app and get a 100% adoption rate.

Before moving over to that, how about we examine what are the basic mix-ups that event organizers make while marketing their app.

* Are you still stuck in the 20th Century? You’re still stuck in old school ways like printed material, websites, emails and what not! Despite the fact that you should be focusing solely on mobile apps instead.

* You expect a lower adoption rate because your audience is older? 75% of senior smartphone users describe owning a smartphone as “connecting”. This implies that your audience is embracing the technology. What does this mean for you? Your attendees, regardless of their age, are willing to go mobile if necessary help is facilitated.

* Is your app complicated to download? Are you asking for a password or have a registration mandatory to access the event app or maybe they’ll have to go to the app store to find your app? Refrain yourself from committing that error. If you want to increase the adoption rate, share the simple easy-to-share URL and make the app easily accessible.

* Is your app too trendy and is it turning out to be complicated to use? This is a real oversight that most of the organizers make. Any event app which is difficult to utilize will obviously get a bad mouth publicity. There are certain features which are trendy to an organizer but not necessarily to the attendees, for example, iBeacon integration. New users won’t download such app and current users might uninstall it before the event only.

* Did you do sufficient marketing? “If you build it they will come” doesn’t make a difference in this world, be it mobile apps or anything. If you want your attendees to download your event app, you’ll have to get it in front of their eyes over and over again.

So, let’s get started with fabricating a fantastic marketing strategy for your mobile event app.

Make it a multi-channel marketing effort.

The accomplishment of any marketing endeavours lies in the cross-channel promotion campaign. Utilize every conceivable touch point with your potential attendees to spread the word about your event.

95% of marketers agree that a multi-channel strategy that allows them to target their customers is critical to their organization.

Which channel would be a good idea for your multi-channel efforts? The simple answer is- use every possible channel.

This includes a website, emails, phone, print, social media, video and even in-person. Saying this, how about we begin!

Channel 1: Website

Event Website

The Internet began 25 years back in 1991. Since its beginning, it has been 25 years now and you’re reading this on your mobile, subsequently, we’ll expect that your event or organization has a devoted website. There are numerous placements on your event website to advance your mobile event app. Here’s how to do it.

- Place a banner about your event app on the event registration page as this is the place where they are most serious. Get the word out about your event app even before they sign up!

- Make sure to include Event App download CTA on registration thank you page. Have them download your app now before they leave the page and incorporate clear guidelines on how to install it.

- Advertise it thoroughly on your organisation’s website and event website as well. Add it to footer or header if space permits. You can likewise opt for pop-ups with clear Call-to-Action.

Channel 2: Email

Email is still one of the favourite marketing channels of most of the marketers because it has the most astounding ROI of an average $38 for each $1 spent. Furthermore, about 53% of emails are opened on mobile phones which makes it ideal for your mobile app promotion.

- To begin with, you’ll be doing is to add the event app download link to your registration confirmation email and auto-schedule another email following 2 days to remind them of downloading your event app if they haven’t yet done it.

- Be sure to add a little info about your event app in the email. Regardless of the possibilities that someone is not being able to attend the event, they can without much of a stretch follow the proceedings through the app itself.

- Do you have a newsletter or another email communication mode that goes out? Keep in mind to include the event app shout out in the form of a banner ad with a tiny URL and clear CTA.

Channel 3: Social Media

Social media as marketing strategy

Social media usage has been growing exponentially and we are absolutely not amazed at that. Today, 64% of Internet users are active social media users and 85% of those users are active on mobile. Same as email, social media is additionally an incredible channel to promote your event app and subsequently increasing the adoption rate.

- With regards to #Hashtags, Twitter is the go-to social media channel for marketers. Start creating the event buzz with #EventHashtag and #EventApp to make sure that you catch everyone’s attention.

- Facebook continues to be a widely used social media platform. Hence, Facebook Event is an absolute necessity. Do not forget to regularly share pictures of the event app. And yes, did you just forget Facebook Live?

- If your event is thriving with a young crowd, go trendy with Instagram and Snapchat as well. Leverage these platforms and lure them to engage with your event by downloading your event app.

Channel 4: Print

Still planning to get some print materials for your event? This is yet another opportunity for you to get the word out about your event. There are numerous routes through which you can use these printed materials and make sure to have a smooth transition from paper to digital.

- Mention the mobile event app on all the printed signage like a welcome board, badge, etc. and include the QR Code to make sure that it is easy to scan and download.

- Include the screenshots of the interactive features and social activity stream and let them know that they are passing out a major opportunity. All things considered, not leveraging FOMO isn’t reasonable!

- Guide attendees to the event app for additional information for specific features such as detailed schedule items or sneak peek to the keynote speech.

Channel 5: In-person

In person event

The D-Day is about to come and you haven’t yet reached the 100% adoption rate? Do not worry! There are still a lot of approaches to promote your event app. Or, on the other hand, regardless of the possibility that you’re content with the adoption rate, these strategies will help you in expanding on event app engagement.

- Have event advocates in place. All staff including volunteers at your event should have an app on their phone and are constantly guiding attendees towards it.

- Have an event app ambassador and an event app booth at your event. A young tech-savvy volunteer who will serve as the go-to person to tech the app basics at the event.

- Have speakers mention the event app. Give them exclusive access to slides and other content that’s posted on the app. A consistent yet viable approach to get the last laggers to download the event application.

Channel 6: Content:

Content is the hottest new channel for marketing. It comes in a variety of formats including video, infographics, sell sheets or eBooks, webinars, testimonials, case studies, white papers and much more.

- Provide useful information about the event and useful knowledge sharing through your blog posts. Tell them how to make the most of your event (first thing ought to be downloading your event app).

- 59% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best event ROI. Create short event teasers, speaker’s information and do not forget to include the event app download CTA.

- Infographics are likes and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content. Hence, make the most out of it.

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