Event Automation

Event Automation: The New Age of Event Planning

Himani Sheth
June 24, 2017

Event management is a complex task that requires a lot of multi-tasking. Back in 2014, and yet again in 2016, it has been ranked among the top 10 of Forbes list of most stressful jobs. The job consists of managing multiple aspects from registrations, venue sourcing, crowd-management to feedback and event ROI measurement.

Event Automation

However, with the technological revolution, as it does other aspects of life, technology has aimed time and again to make event planning simpler and more effective. Technology has paved way for some amazing innovations over time, some even bordering on genius.

One such boon of event technology to event planners is Event Automation.

So what exactly is Event Automation?

Event automation is the product of innovation in the traditional event management software. It enables event planners to automate the entire process of event management right from registrations, event promotion to feedback.

Event management software:

Over the past decade, event planners have started integrating various SaaS products in the planning process. Initially, the event management software was used for logistics and budgeting. Eventually, it included features like registrations and e-mail marketing. However, the problem with the traditional event management software was that every process, though digitised had to be done manually.

This led to a lot of problems and it was hard to stay abreast with all the technological innovations being introduced in the field.

Evolution to event automation

Event Automation Evolution

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The simple solution to the problem was the rise of event automation software. Event planners can now automate all those tasks that were initially carried out manually using the event registration software, be it creating an event website, setting up event registrations or sending out mailers to your attendees. We have now stepped into the era of end-to-end automation.

Why event automation?

If you aren’t convinced enough, here are a few reasons as to why event planners should turn towards event automation:

1. Simplification:

Event automation benefits

The biggest advantage of event automation is the simplification of various processes related to event planning. As mentioned earlier, even though various processes with regard to event planning were digitised, it had become difficult for the event planners to cope-up.

Lack of technical knowledge was also a major problem. Event automation can make life simpler as it is a one-stop solution for all of the event planner’s needs.

You can manage registrations, ticketing, e-mail marketing campaigns, event promotion campaigns, etc. from one place. Also, as the entire process is automated, one doesn’t really need to be all that tech-savvy for utilising event automation software. It just requires one run-through to get to know all the features of the software and you’re good to go!

2. Time & Cost Effective:

Event automation benefits - Cost & Cost Effective

Think about it this way, would you rather spend all your time and money on different tools for registrations, event website, event app, ticketing, etc. and pay each vendor separately? Or you would prefer if every tool was provided to you in one place in an integrated package with a fixed price?

Event automation does just that. It is your loyal friend that stays with you from beginning to the end, saving up your time and money. Adding data to a set format and customising it is quicker than going through the tedious process of manual coding. The software does the work for you, thus leaving plenty of spare time on your hands for other important details to be planned.

3. Instant customization:

Event automation benefits - Customization

One misconception that event planners may have at times is that event automation may leave no room for differentiation. How is one event website created using the same features and templates different from the other? However, event automation does leave a huge room for customization.

Despite using the same features and themes, it is possible to add your own touch to every aspect of your event. Customization is instantaneous and quicker through and event automation software as compared to the traditional event management software. You can add your own colour schemes, logos, images and details as per your liking.

4. Comprehensive database generation:

Event automation benefits - database generation

Generating and maintaining a comprehensive and detailed database for everything was almost next to impossible early on. A major benefit of the event automation software is event analytics. The software facilitates the automatic generation of a detailed report on every aspect that is integrated with it.

For e.g. event registrations. The event planners can get an accurate and reliable attendee database with respect to the event registration form that was integrated with the site. It also provides the demographics of the attendees.

The event planners can easily track the progress of their events in terms of engagement and outreach using this event analytics. The database is also useful for preparing the proposal that is to be pitched to potential sponsors as well as speakers.

5. Optimised Event Marketing:

Event automation benefits - event marketing

Two of the major areas covered by event automation software when it comes to event marketing is e-mail marketing and Social Media promotion. Event automation makes event promotion and event marketing quite simple and convenient.

It is possible to schedule your mailers with a set template of the content that is to be sent through these e-mails. It also takes care of the social media updates that are to be posted.

It is thus easy to set up such campaigns. What’s best is that the software also provides integration with tools such as Google Analytics to track the progress of your campaigns. You can thus measure the progress of your marketing campaigns easily and optimise it accordingly.

With multiple tasks simplified, it is easier to plan large scale events easily. The focus of the event planners can be on optimising all these processes using the time and budget saved using automation.

As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again. The age of automation is going to be the age of ‘do it yourself.’ -Marshall McLuhan

Event automation is the new era of event planning that has numerous benefits to offer. Embrace the new age event-tech, make the smart choice.

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