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5 Successful Event Ideas Ruling the Indian Event Industry

Hiteshree Dudani
January 12, 2017

The event industry in India is currently growing at a rate of 28–30%. Speaking of the numbers, event industry crossed the mark of 5,800 crore in the 3rd quarter of 2016 which makes it one of the fastest growing industries in India.

The reason behind this is that today, a large number of organisations are planning big-scale events, either in an attempt to grow their business or engage their clientele.

But they usually end up confused in this big world of ideas. It becomes extremely difficult to land on one particular idea.

Here’s a list narrowed down to the 5 most successful event ideas ever

1. Ted Talk

“An investment in Knowledge pays the Best Interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

Fortunately, the generation of India today understands this concept well. Today, we crave knowledge and respect success immensely. And yielding knowledge from a success story? Well, that’s our favourite type! That is the reason Ted Talks are so popular.

Arrange a Ted Talk with a local sensation. Bring in people who have succeeded in some unusual industries. That would attract a lot of targeted crowd to your event!

Ted Talk

2. Unconference

Conferences are usually bound by a set format. There are some pre-decided norms which give the conference a direction. Unconference on the other hand, is something just opposite.

There is no format, no norms, and no pre-decided structure at all. Once all the participants gather, anyone can claim a space for a given time to discuss a particular subject. All the participants interested in that topic, discuss it.

The peculiarity of an Unconference is that no single person gives a lecture or leads the discussion. Everyone has the equal opportunity of participation.

Unconferences have recently gained a lot of popularity. Organizing such an event can attract a lot of crowd. The target age group for such an event is usually 16–25. However, others might as well be interested.

3. Food Fest

Apart from the diverse cultures and religions, India is also popular for its Food. There are around 35 different Indian cuisines. Since we have received such diverse cuisines in our heritage, we are crazy food lovers.

This is the reason that Food Fests are always successful in India. Take any city in the country, big or small! If you put up a quality Food Fest, people are definitely going to attend it.

Quickie — Arrange a Food Fest which serves some unique cuisine which isn’t popular in that region. This will drive more crowds towards your event.

Food Fest

4. Concert

Fandom is a fun trait rooted in the DNA of us Indians. We can prove to be the craziest fans of a star once we fall in love with them. Talking about music?

Well, we have an inherent love for music which we cannot afford to leave at any cost. Every music genre ever has received immense love from us. Be it Classical or Jingles, Metallic or Pop! We know how to appreciate them all.

That is why Concerts are the best. They combine two of our loves — Fandom and Music. Bring in a popular local band. Or invite a nationally famous artist. People are surely going to attend it.


5. Non-Profit Fundraising Event

We Indians are big-hearted people. We like to help others in every possible way. That is why Non-Profit Fundraising events are mostly successful in India.

Hosting a fundraising event can prove to be really beneficial. Not only do you get to build up your social connections, but you can also enhance your market reputation. A non-profit event will exhibit that you are even willing to give back to the society.

Non-Profit Fundraising Event

These were the top 5 event ideas. The list is surely never ending. But at the end of the day, it all depends on what you want to yield from the event.

Comment below your unique event ideas. We would love to hear them!

Until Next Time!

If you liked this or found it helpful, please share or if you have better suggestions then please comment. Thanks!

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Hiteshree Dudani

Hiteshree Dudani is an event tech enthusiast who has successfully organised many eminent events. The list includes charity events, youth fests, seminars, workshops and a lot more. She is currently associated with the event technology company Hubilo. She works for the company's blog which has a wide range of useful content for event planners, event techies and event marketers.

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