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Event Networking Platform is the Best Investment. Here’s Why?

Jay Sitapara
July 18, 2017

In a recent survey done by Event Manager’s Blog, it surfaced that 22.5 per cent of Event Planners are not using technology at all. That might come as a shock since we live in such an updated world, but unfortunately, that’s true.

Most of the event planners when asked about what sort of event technologies they have incorporated in their events, replied saying “big flat screens” or “power point projectors.

Those things are obviously important but they are just the tip of the tech-berg we are talking about. Also, many event planners shy away or are uninterested when it comes to using event technology which is either due to lack of knowledge or ignorance.

Due to this, they miss out on important opportunities. And hence, it makes their event a dull and mundane experience.

In a recent article, we talked about 8 technologies that every organizer must embrace. And today we are going to discuss about one of them: event networking platform.

Since networking is one of the core reasons why people attend events, it has emerged as a tool which increases the value of your event exponentially.

Two most common problems faced by attendees at an event:

1. Most of the time, there are so many people at an event that attendees don’t know where to start and whom to approach. And hence, end up making no connections at all.

2. Attending an event is like a fortune cookie. Nobody knows who all are going to be present at an event and whether or not would they be of same interest.

What is an event networking platform?

It is an online platform exclusively for registered attendees. In other words, it is an independent social network of your event where people can discover each other, interact, set up meetings, share their experiences and much more.

Why you should invest in an event networking platform?

Are you are still confused whether to invest in this event tech tool or not? We have some pretty strong reasons why you should. Check them out!

Benefits from Attendee’s perspective:

#1 Get to know the “correct” people.

How many of your attendees actually know about the background of the people attending your event? Not anyone apart from their friends, isn’t it?

This is when networking platform comes into the picture as it helps in discovering new people. It does not only let people connect during the event but before and after the event as well.

This serves as a great marketing and engagement tool for the organizers to promote as well as create a buzz around the event, a total win-win situation!

With the help of the advance filters attendees can actually filter people according to their designation, organisation, industry, recently added, interests and people who viewed their profile.

Sounds like a matchmaking process, isn’t it? It does. The advance algorithm suggests every attendee top 10 profiles they should be connecting with and meeting at an event based on their interest and designation.

great marketing and engagement tool

#2 Break the ice.

Isn’t it fascinating that half of the attendees are introverts while most of the meetings are designed for introverts.

Extroverts charge themselves by talking to people while introverts gets discharged when they talk to people. And hence, they prefer virtual communication over in-person interaction.

Nevertheless, the networking platform helps both the introverts and extroverts break the ice by connecting with people first virtually.

ice breaking event

They can introduce themselves without any fear or timidity and let fellow attendee know what they have to offer and what they are looking for.

This way organizers will be able to know how well their event is performing in terms of return of objective and whether they have attracted the right people or not.

#3 Increase the engagement quotient.

Engagement is the key factor which will set your event different from other events. Interactivity is a rising trend in the event industry and more and more emphasis is been given on it from the organizers side.

Wouldn’t you like to know why and for which part your attendees are excited about?

Or may be you want opinions regarding your event venue?

This is when discussions and polls come to your rescue. Not just that, all your attendees can also create forums and polls regarding their doubts and queries, ask questions and post pictures.

engagement quotient

After all, more the information, easier it will be for you to take the perfect decision.

Every organizer would like to keep their audience glued and interactive at an event, isn’t it? Well, this is your solution.

Enable live engagement during speaker sessions with the help of networking platform. Let people ask their questions and share their opinions directly to the speakers.

Polls anc chats

#4 Meetings made easy.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your attendees could set up meetings with fellow attendees without much of a hassle?

Well, setting up meetings is easier than ever with an event networking platform.

Booking meetings with people or texting a message for appointment is just a click away.

Help your attendees in finding the right people who they actually want to connect with.

Wouldn’t you like if you could set up meetings at a pre-decided time and agenda? Well that’s how it works otherwise, right! Let your attendees expand their horizon of network. After all, your attendee’s network is their net worth.

pre-decided meeting time and agenda
“By selling your event ticket, you convert an audience into your event attendees but by delivering them a worthwhile experience, you make them your event brand advocates.”

#5 The Ultimate touch point.

Most of the organizers don’t know the potential of keeping in touch with their attendees all through the year. Being an event organizer, tell me how often do you interact with your attendees once the event is over?

Most of the event that I have attended are dead once they are over. No follow up emails or anything at all. Does this makes a good impression and a strong influence on attendees? Obviously not.

Hence, keep your attendees glued to your event not only when it is happening but also before and after the event through the event networking platform.

Influence your attendees or interact with them and let them know what are you up to or which new event you are coming up with and what you could do better this time. It not only builds the trust but loyalty towards your brand.

You want to know how engaging with your audience helps in creating an amazing event experience during the event?

Benefits from Organizer’s perspective:

Have you ever thought of securing sponsors and attracting more exhibitors by providing them with not just a physical space but a digital one as well?

I think you know the answer by now!

Ultimate touch points

Let your attendees connect with the sponsors and exhibitors directly by letting them fix meetings and sorting them according to their interest.

Secure your sponsors by actually showing them the importance and transparency they will get by connecting with your attendees.

Let your exhibitors showcase their product and services.

Make the navigation easier by showcasing the event venue layout with stall numbers.

Also, leverage Push Notifications. Keep your attendees informed about the live event proceedings during the event.

With intuitive event analytics, monitor the engagement at each point to keep up the spark of the event.

From social media shares, engagement ratio, total reach and impression, event analytics will give you in-depth detail about how your event is performing.

And hence, this is the perfect recipe for keeping the event momentum crisp and lively.

What shall be the conclusion?

If you don’t provide the technology to let attendees network at your event, they will find the technology and new event to network.

Would you like to disappoint your attendees or you would like to give them a wow experience? Choice is yours!

PS: Want to know more about the event networking platform depicted in the images? Know more about it here.

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