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What, Why and How of the Event Organizer App

Himani Sheth
October 7, 2017

Event industry has embraced the tech revolution whole and sole. There are multiple event tech tools to vouch for this fact. Among them, one of the prominent and more persistent ones is an event app.

Mobile app for events has been a trend for a while now. People have been using mobile apps for conferences, for tradeshows, expos and even informal events like festivals.

There are a lot of event app providers in the market that create such apps for event organizers.

These apps, however, are meant for the event attendees, these are event attendee apps. Organizers opt for an event attendee app for n number of reasons ranging from engagement, convenient to maximizing attendee ROI in order to ensure the overall event success.

But, what if I tell you about the possibility that all these benefits every one of these advantages could be enhanced considerably further? Wondering how?

Simple enough, with the assistance of a very utile event tech tool called ‘Event Organizer App.’

There are a lot of event app platforms in the market that provide a subsidiary app to the organizers apart from the main event attendee app. This app is called the event organizer app and is meant solely for their use.

What exactly is an event organizer app?

The event app creator that you opt for provides you with a dashboard to automate the whole process. These event management software dashboards have all the features to take care of the entire online aspect of your event.

An event organizer app is the replica of the organizer’s dashboard.

Following are the main features of an event organizer app:

- Notification

- Analytics

- Check-ins

- On-spot registrations

Organizers are often in a dilemma in terms of whether or not should they opt for their own event organizer app along with an event attendee app.

Wondering why opt for a mobile app for event organizers? Here are a few key benefits of the app that you should consider:

- Keep the attendees updated on the entire event proceedings:

Event organizers can keep a track on the entire event proceedings through their app. One of the main features of the event organizers app is the ability to send out notifications.

notification in event organizer app

Organizers can update the attendees about the event proceedings from time to time and also keep them up to date with any last minute changes or additions.

The notifications that the organizers send out will be received by the attendees on their event app in the form of push notifications. Thus an easy communication channel is built between the attendees and the organizers whereby attendees can be notified of any changes immediately.

- Hassle free check-ins= Easy crowd management

Digital check-ins are extremely convenient and not to mention, much quicker. Organizers can implement digital check-in in their event with the help of their event organizer app. 

Checkin in event organizer app

This can be done either manual i.e. through the online attendee database or directly i.e. by scanning the attendee’s QR code.A QR code is a kind of bar-code on which information can be stored. Organizers can directly scan the attendee QR code with their app for check-ins. 

checkin scan in event organizer app

Apart from this, they can directly register on-spot entries on their app and this data would be added to their main database. These on-spot registrations can be thus checked-in the same way through the organizer app. 

This makes attendee management all the more simpler and effective. 

- Keep a track of their event progress:

Organizers can get access to real-time event analytics through the organizer app. They can get access to their event data in terms of number of visitors, engagement on the app, their social media posts and engagement, registrations database, etc.

analytics in event organizer app

Throughout their event, the organizers can keep a check on their analytics and track their progress. It is easy to track what’s working and what’s not. They can know where their attendees are, what aspects of their event are driving more engagement.

Organizers can also access the analytics of their event networking platform and recognize the attendees who have engaged the most with their event, the number of meetings scheduled, discussion forums and polls created and the engagement on the same, etc.

analytics in event organizer app

They can thus measure attendee ROI with respect to networking and aid the same. After all attendee ROI is a major factor in measuring the overall event ROI.

- Entire event accessible at any point of time

An event app created through an event automation software helps you automate a lot of planning tasks

TIECON Chennai 2016

You can automate multiple tasks ranging from event website creation, event marketing, promotions, networking to feedback from your dashboard. Send out notifications, track what’s working and what’s not and optimize your strategy in real time.

An event organizer app is the replica of this dashboard from where the organizer accesses their entire event. Basically, to put it into simpler words, it’s your entire event in the palm of your hands. Access it anywhere at any point of time.

- Manage multiple events from one single app:

An organizer can create multiple events on their dashboard and keep a track of all of them from one single dashboard. One of the many benefits of an event automation software.

Events Organizer App for Events

As mentioned earlier, an event organizer app is more or less an exact duplication of your dashboard in the form of an app.

All the events created on your dashboard can be accessed through one single organizer app. This makes it all the more convenient. You can manage multiple events simultaneously or otherwise right from your phone through just one app.

- Chatbots — direct connect with the attendees

One additional feature that is not yet a main feature of such an event organizer app is the chatbot integration.

With multiple developments in the tech space, AI is a trend that’s gaining popularity with quite a momentum. A product of AI, chatbots have become quite the trend. 

The most recent development when it comes to chatbots is their integration in messaging app.

The event industry isn’t far behind when it comes to adopting this trend. Many event app creators now integrate a chatbot in the form of a virtual assistant with their event app

These chatbots perform an extensive list of tasks from aiding the attendees to network more effectively to solving all their queries pertaining to the event.

One major benefit of the chatbot is that it connects the attendees directly to the organizers. Say for example the chatbot is unable to help out the attendee or solve their query; it will send a direct message to the event organizer which they will receive on their organizer app. Thus, the organizers are always directly in touch with their attendees.

Managing your event becomes 10x easier with an event organizer app. You can perform all your tasks on the go. 

Opting for it along with an event attendee app seems worth the investment, doesn’t it? 

Pondering upon getting an app for your next event? With Hubilo’s mobile app for events, you can manage your event flawlessly apart from creating a memorable attendee experience. 

Know more about it here.

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