Event Promotion Tactics

10 Event Promotion Tactics To Knock Your Socks Off

June 15, 2016

Hosting events on a regular basis, we have a clear vision and idea of what it takes to make sure that people show up.

Event invitations and save the date reminders are good but if they are the only thing that your email subscribers and other connections see then they might begin to tune you out as there is a lack of innovation in your ideas.

Strategy not being correct, the event promotion can be a challenge for any blooming industry.

With so many ideas in your head, you may still find the ways of promotion a little repetitive. So here are some tactics which you may try out for promoting your event.

Event Promotion Tactics

1. Word Of Mouth:

Starting with your members and supporters you can utilize your meetings and regular conversations with the people you meet to promote your event by sharing the event information.

You can also make use of your social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to spread the word about your event and ask your friends to promote the same by spreading the word about the event to the friends of friends.

Promoting your event using the power of your words makes it the most reliable and credible weapon of endorsement.

2. Ticket Selling:

1) Offline Selling:

This could be an even better option. You can get the people who are spreading the word for the event to sell the tickets manually so that the transactions are completed in a single go. Though you will need to keep a regular check of how many tickets have been sold by whom to know the tickets that still remain and ensure that the money keeps coming in.

2) Online Selling:

We can leverage more people to take interest in the events by asking the supporters and other people included in the promotion to refer the event to their contacts.

And if an individual registers for the event by the reference of another then they can avail a particular discount amount in the registration fees.

3. Fast Forward Techniques:

You can ask your supporters to keep forwarding the event details and thus promoting it to the people who they think might be interested in it.

As it is not always necessary that we can reach out to all our potential networks but this technique makes it easier as we may not have access to as many networks as others may have.

4. Posters And Billboards:

For local events, you can make use of posters and photocopy your event details and stick the posters where you feel they appropriately fit in.

Especially in the areas where there is a lot of public and traffic, it would be best to put up the posters and promote the event.

You can also make use of billboards in the areas where reaching out to people is difficult. Billboards create greater impact as, “Big and Bold is always beautiful”.

5. Promote Using News:

The newspapers, newsletters, radio, TV and all such media can be a medium for the event promotion. The local newspapers always keep looking for news that would help them fill their pages.

So, you can leverage this opportunity and create news that is precise yet informative and of interest to the public.

You can also promote you event media via the radio stations as well as on all the news desk and program hosts.

6. Use your Networks to leverage attendees:

You can utilize your network platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook in order to promote your event. You can create a Facebook page or a LinkedIn group and post content and media relevant to your event so that the event is constantly trending in the buzz feed which would increase the attendee community for your event.

1) Facebook Event Page:

Event Page promotions include creating a Facebook page and promoting your event online. Look for the event pages to your cause or event and post your details in their event pages as well.

After you have finished creating the event page all you need to do is constantly keep on updating the event page with the developments and relative news about the event so that the event stays in the constant buzz and keeps trending.

2) Website:

Make sure that you put the details of your event on your event website as any individual who might have heard about the event through any promotional techniques might also visit the website for detailed information.

And always keep on updating the website regularly proceeding with the advancements and developments in the event.

7. Be creative with your art:

You can make use of different designs of flyers with different attractive colours to promote the same event. Be brief with the information using original and creative artwork.

8. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is simple yet an effective way to promote an event. It can be used to create awareness about the event among attendees and redirect traffic to your event page in order to keep everyone updated. You should shoot emails that contain keywords which would make the readers curious to open up the email thereby increasing the open rates of the email analytics.

1) Pre-Event Mail:

The emails that are sent to the supporters and attendees and other people who might have shown interest in the event play a major role in the event promotion.

You need not send frequent emails to the members and supporters but make sure that they stay updated with the current state of your event.

2) Email Promotion:

You can make use of your email bulletin in order to shoot emails to your members, supporters or business partners to let them know every single and minute detail about the event.

This ensures the best form of communication in a way by which people are notified instantly and they can easily pass on the details to other people who they think might be interested in the same.

9. Calendar Invite:

Create a calendar invite for your loyal attendees to know about the time of the event. This way the event will directly go into your customer’s daily schedule.

10. Pre-Event Social Activity:

The social activities conducted before the event may include campaigns which are done for promoting the event and for the awareness of the people who may not have a slight idea about the event and its purpose.

Campaigns should be based on creative ideas which could make a home in the minds of the people so that they become more curious about the event.

There are much more ways of promoting your event, but the above-mentioned strategies are sure to provide an all in one solution for your troubles.

If you liked this or found it helpful, please share or if you have better suggestions then please comment. Thanks!

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