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Updated Registration and Ticketing: Your winning ticket to a sell-out virtual & hybrid event

November 10, 2021

A LOT goes into every sold-out event. From meticulous planning, multiple tweaks to the pricing strategy, to last-minute push to bump up sales. As an event professional, you have a lot on your plate. Add on top of it the ongoing shift in the event industry.The last thing you want to worry about is managing multiple ticketing softwares. Not to mention the extra software subscription fees, the effort to learn new platforms, and customization challenges. But it doesn’t have to be this hard.We heard you and have made creating tickets and managing registrations quick and easy.

What does the updated Registration and Ticketing mean for you?

Say goodbye to cumbersome and difficult-to-customize ticketing solutions. You can now address all your virtual event and ticketing needs with one easy-to-use platform.Hubilo adapts to your ticketing needs - not the other way around.We deal with all the technical complexities quietly in the background. So you have one less thing to worry about. Let's explore how you can drive action across the ticket sales cycle with our updated Registration and Ticketing solution.

Boost sales with custom Ticket Tiers & Discounts

There is no one right ticketing strategy for virtual and hybrid events. That's why, with Hubilo, you have all the flexibility you need to maximize ticket sales.

  • Ticket Types: Offer multiple ticket types at various price points to attract more customers. Make it free or paid. Create early bird, general admission, or VIP tickets. With a simple toggle, you can set ticket status and visibility, adjusting your ticketing strategy as you gain more insights on what attendees want. 
  • Discount Types: Create urgency by offering early bird public discounts for a limited period. Or offer discounted tickets for your next event to returning customers with a coded discount. You can also create discounts on an individual ticket or for group purchases. 
  • Ticket Access and Control: Gain complete control of who can access which tickets by associating ticket types with specific groups. You can also set the maximum number of tickets a buyer can buy and whether to allow single or multiple transactions - all within your Ticketing dashboard. 
Event Registration Ticketing

Promote your event with modern landing pages and embeddable iframes

Setting up the ticket pricing and structure is just half the battle. Next, you have to get people excited about your event, and it ain't no easy feat. Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Event Landing Page: Catch your prospect's attention with a clean and modern event landing page. Highlight your event's value proposition by sharing information such as agenda, sessions, speakers, sponsors, and more, all at one place. 
  • Custom iframe: Reach a larger audience by tapping into your partners’ networks. You can co-market your event with your sponsors by embedding the tickets on their websites. Or your eminent speakers can embed it on their blogs and share it on social media with their followers.

Convert prospects to attendees by making ticket purchase a breeze

Once you get their attention, you want to ensure the ticket purchasing experience is smooth and easy. With Hubilo, you can create custom forms that are frictionless for your buyers. These work seamlessly on their mobile devices too.

  • Buyer and Registration Form: Customize the buyer form to collect relevant information about your buyers with just a few clicks. You can also enable group purchases to encourage attendees to bring along their friends or colleagues and sweeten the deal by offering group discounts.
  • Tax and Currency: Address tax-related compliance based on your local regulations in the organizer dashboard. You can select the currency you want to accept payment in and choose to send tax invoices to your buyers.
Event Registration

Deliver a unified customer experience by maximizing every touchpoint 

Customer experience starts way before the actual event start date. Every interaction attendees have with your brand across different channels and devices contributes to your event's success (or failure). Something as simple as a transactional email or sending an invoice can make a huge difference.

  • Mobile-friendly: Optimize the experience for smartphone users with our mobile responsive landing page and registration. A good percentage of your site traffic comes from mobile devices, and mobile-optimized sites are known to increase conversion rates.
  • Invite & Transactional email: Automatically send personalized invitation emails with custom Call To Action (CTA) and transactional emails with invoices attached upon successful payment. It not only helps your customers in record-keeping but also serves their tax purposes.    
  • Invoice & Refund: Whether your customers want you to resend the invoice or process their refund, you can do it quickly within your Ticketing dashboard. 

Get the insights you need to increase sales 

Virtual events let you collect a lot of data. But it becomes useful only when you can differentiate between the signal and the noise. Our analytics help you do exactly that.

  • Orders: Get a 360-degree view of all your ticket orders in the Order section. You can get insights into which types of tickets are performing well and which ones you might need to tweak a bit. With the data from the forms, you can even gain insights to enhance event delivery.
  • Incomplete Orders: Track all the incomplete orders and learn where customers drop off during their purchase process to improve the buyer experience and reduce the drop-off rate. You can also use these insights to send a "nudge" email to nurture your prospects further and eventually increase sales. 

Increase your ticket sales with Hubilo today

When you use Hubilo's all-in-one ticketing solution, you can focus on what matters the most to your event’s success - increasing sales - and leave the rest to us. Even superheroes need some assistance to save the day. And we're here to help. You can book a demo and chat with one of our ticketing experts.

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