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Simplify Event Registrations with Hubilo's RSVP Engine

Himani Sheth
September 26, 2018

Event Registrations and ticketing are one of the most tedious yet crucial parts of an event. With the process seeing an almost entire shift to the online platform, there’s a lot that event planners can do to simplify and fast-track the entire task.

The Online Event Registrations and Ticketing System

A lot of platforms have come up in the market these days that help planners sort out the process of event registrations and ticketing for multiple types of events with different formats.

There are a lot of different formats for both closed and open events. For each of these events, the registration process differs based on ease of the process and attendee convenience. For closed events, especially, planners would like to avoid the hassle of having their attendees fill up event registration forms. In case of some events, attendees have already been pre-invited for the event.

In these cases, how exactly do you go about setting up the event registration process? We at Hubilo have the perfect solution for you to tackle this scenario.

Hubilo’s RSVP Engine

Event planners now also look for different models to optimize event registrations. One of the most popular ways that planners preferred to carry out their registrations, in our personal experience was through RSVP.

Similar to the paper invitations, we often got requests from event organizers to set up an online RSVP model to facilitate event registrations. This is why we decided to productize this requirement in the form of our all-new RSVP engine.

Hubilo is about to launch its RSVP engine, a product built mainly from our client requirements.

How does it work?

The RSVP engine makes it easy for planners to invite attendees to register for their event and for the attendees to accept the event invitation, registering simply with their email ID. The RSVP module uses two ways to gather attendee response

1. Through RSVP Emails

2. Through the RSVP micro site

The module is integrated within Hubilo’s event registrations solution. Organizers can create a custom RSVP form directly from the dashboard.

The entire process is then divided into four easy steps:

Step 1: Settings:

Hubilo ticketing platform setting

This is where organizers can define basic settings for each RSVP system that they set up. They can name their RSVP form as well as enable/disable access to the form. If any form of verification is to be set up, say, in case of private events where attendees’ contact information may need to be cross-checked, organizers can set up e-mail or SMS verification as well.

Other settings include setting up a custom message upon closing the RSVP form. In case of events where planners can occupy only a set number of attendees, they can also restrict the number of RSVPs. When a certain limit is reached, attendees who RSVP ‘Yes’ from thereon will be waitlisted.

Apart from this, another noteworthy feature of the solution is enabling a ‘self-invite’ system for attendees whom organizers may have missed out on while uploading the invitee list.

If this feature is enabled, attendees can self-invite themselves to the event. Organizers will receive a notification as soon as an attendee invites themselves. They can then approve/disapprove this invitation accordingly. If the self-invite is approved by the organizer, the attendee will be registered for the event.

Step 2: Creating Response Forms

Hubilo event response form

For each RSVP options that an organizer sets up, he/she might need to record different attendee data each time. The attendee data to be collected in case of an RSVP ‘Yes’ are different from that of RSVP ‘No.’ In the latter scenario, organizers might need to know why an attendee is unable to attend or if they would like to change their response in the future as compared to basic registration details in the former scenario.

This step is where organizers can configure the response forms for each of the RSVP options. Detailed forms with different elements including texts, images, links, etc. can be created in this step.

Each form will be connected to each response that has been set up. Organizers can also configure the message that will be sent to attendees through email as they submit these forms. With this event registration solution, the organizers can send out a mass mailer inviting attendees to RSVP for their event.

Organizers can decide to either let attendees RSVP through the email itself or lead attendees to a separately branded microsite where they can select from the RSVP options set by the organizer or.

Step 3: Invitee List

Event Registrations Hubilo Invite List

This step is an added step where access to the RSVP form has been restricted by the organizer. This is again in the case of closed or private events where only invited attendees can come to the event.

Organizers can upload an attendee list with basic information including name, email ID, phone number, etc.

When the RSVP link or email is sent to the attendees, they need not fill the information already provided by the organizer as it has already been pre-populated.

They can simply enter additional details and register by RSVPing ‘Yes.’ Organizers simply need to select the field that they would like to pre-populate and download sample CSV containing the same. Attendee data can be added in the CSV and uploaded to send out an invite.

Step 4: Publish

Publish Event Ticketing

After the entire RSVP system is set up, organizers can make it live using this option. Under the ‘Publish’ tab, organizers can configure the final settings before the RSVP goes live.

This includes defining a custom URL to host the RSVP page and customizing the design elements of the page. Organizers can define the colour of the RSVP page including background colour, body colour and colour of the fonts that are used apart from adding a custom banner for the page.

Along with this, they can also edit the Title, Description as well as the text of the RSVP buttons displayed on the page. From here on, organizers simply need to hit publish and make their RSVP page live which they can then share with their attendees through the URL.

In case organizers have opted for our email marketing feature, they can also let attendees RSVP directly through the RSVP email. What all can you do with the module:

If they’re going for the RSVP email option, it is really easy to design a custom RSVP HTML mailer through the ‘Create Email’ option itself. They can set up custom button text. Link forms to each RSVP option. Once these emails are sent out, attendees can directly click on the RSVP button in the mail and register themselves. This makes it very easy and convenient for both, the organizer and the attendees.

The data for this entire RSVP process can be easily tracked and manage using our ‘Manage Attendees’ feature.

Thus the RSVP process is an easy, convenient and relatively unique way for attendees to register themselves online for any event. It makes it easy for organizers as well to track and manage their event registrations along with attendee responses.

It can help them reduce no-shows apart from persuading attendees who are still indecisive and increase the overall footfall of the event. These are just a few benefits of this easy-to-use DIY feature.

Wish to know more? To see the RSVP module live in action, request a demo here.

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