Event Safety Measures

Safety Measures to be taken at Events by Organisers

June 21, 2016

The word event brings in this happy picture in our heads of gathering- in the form of ceremony, concert, sports festival, party etc. But off late, this picture is being painted in the shades of terror.

And this new development is not even a bit baseless. It lies on the fact that the terrorists are eyeing these happy gatherings to make them horrendous crime scenes or simply graveyards.

There are a few recent incidents whose contribution in this field is remarkable and will always be remembered in the history:

1) Boston Marathon Bombings, where the participants were welcomed at the finish line with bomb blasts.

2) Orlando Bombing incident was that of a hate crime where a shooter killed no more than 50 people in a bid to oppose the LGBT rights.

3) Attacks in nice during the celebration of Bastille Day threatening thousands of people gathered on the streets of France.

Millions of people have talked about their effects on the economy as a whole and specifically on the tourism industry. And also how the mental health of the witnesses of these tragic situation has been affected and how they have become prone to Enochlophobia (fear of crowds).

But a lesser known aspect of the whole situation is its impact on the Events Industry. It has been noticed that a widespread concern persists among the masses at least in that particular area even after being notified about the measures taken for their safety.

“People become a bit more watchful and wary. They start to make decisions based upon fear; shall I go on the tube, or take the bus; shall I get a taxi; shall I even go out? Is it safe to go to huge public gathering? People start making a decision based on fear that reinforces anxiety.”

Which is why there is a need for the organisers to walk that extra mile and ensure that the arrangements are in place to stop any untoward activity from taking place. This is what actually builds the confidence of the audience for the event.

There are some event organisers who have addressed this issue in the past. Major international events of the sorts of UEFA (for a detailed report; click here) and various summits like G-20 have ensured it in each way possible.

Although the safety of this sort in small events is not possible, has been said time and again.

But if not every bit of their security plan at least some of it such as thorough checking of a person by a metal detector, availability of disaster management plans etc. can at least be inculcated in all the events.

Stay safe and stay strong!

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