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Event Signage: An Effective Way to Improve your Attendee Experience

Event signage is an effective way to improve attendees' experience. Learn why signs really matter and some creative event signage ideas to use in your next event.
Sarah Hill
February 19, 2020

Signs play an extremely important part in everyone’s lives. Think about it- signs are crucial to drive anywhere, and we wouldn’t know which stores are which if they didn’t have signs to indicate their names. Not only are signs important for our daily lives, but they’re also important during events. 

Most businesses understand the importance of having signage at events – they help draw attention, convey important information, and position your brand as more professional. However, even though the purpose is obvious, a lot of conference organizers find that their clients don’t have a thought-out strategy or plan when developing event signage for their brand. But how can event signage be helpful? And how can you use it in the best way possible? Let’s explore below.

What is Event Signage? 

Event signage is a form of advertising at an event. Signage can include specific or general details that can be helpful for attendees at your event. Having signage at any event is extremely important, as it can enhance the experience for everyone involved and take your event from a good one to a great one! 

Why is Event Signage Important?

Signage seems like such a natural part of any event that many business owners don’t give it a second thought. However, as those who have forgotten to develop signage or decided not to do it have found out, signage does matter- and it matters a lot. Some benefits of including event include: 

  1. It provides a way to communicate the most basic information about your brand, what it’s about, and what you can offer.
  2. It draws attention to an event, which is crucial when you’re competing with other businesses, lectures, activities, and entertainment options that are often available.
  3. It can provide a significant boost to your event attendance by merely offering a way to easily find your booth or area, as many people who might be interested in what you have to offer might simply not bother looking for your area if it’s hard to find.
  4. Position your brand in a positive light and establish a positive relationship with prospects, even without having to talk to them directly if your sign provides useful information. 
  5. Signage can be used for sponsorship opportunities, partnering up with other businesses and driving your revenue from the event in the process, which can be very helpful in the long run.

23 Creative Event Signage Ideas to Delight Attendees 

Event Signage Ideas and Tips

Indoor Signage Ideas 

1. Choose Free Standing Oversized Signage 

To make a bold statement, an option for signage is to use a type of oversized signage. If your venue allows the space for it, including an oversized sign like large letters or a large banner will draw attention to your event. 

2. Signposts to Direct Your Guests

Signposts are a classic type of signage to incorporate into your event. They are perfect for directing guests to different areas, like specific lines or for certain event rooms.  

3. Neon Lights for a Fun Twist

A trendy type of signage that has popped up over the past few years are neon lights. Neon lights are a fun addition to events and can even make for a great photo opportunity from guests! You can write out the name of your event or the name of a specific business- a neon sign can say just about anything! 

4. Furniture Signage to Elevate Branding

Using furniture for event signage has been a successful way to promote an event. Use chairs as a platform to display your logo, or even tables with your event name and logo displayed on them. 

5. Branded Backdrops for Photos 

A classic and effective way to add extra branding to an event is to utilize backdrops. Adding a branded backdrop with your event’s name and logo can be a great way to receive extra visibility, as guests will post the photos they take in front of it to their audiences!

6. Stair Wraps

Stair wraps are another great event signage idea. With stair wraps, you can display your event’s name and logo underneath each step, making a complete image when you step back and view the staircase as a whole. 

7. Have Staff Wear Branded T-Shirts

Did you know you can utilize your event staff for event signage? Create shirts for staff to wear that visibly show the name and logo of the event, and even select a t-shirt color that aligns with your branding. 

8. Include Suspended Signs or Hanging Banners

Have guests see your branding from anywhere with a suspended sign! Taking up air space with suspended signs or hanging banners will allow guests to be able to view these signs from anywhere in the event space. 

9. Digital Signage 

Incorporating a digital aspect to your branding at an event is a great idea for many reasons! You can get as creative as you’d like with what you display with digital signage, and the types of content you post can vary! Choose from videos to live social walls and more.

digital signage

10. Floor Graphics 

Emphasize your branding with a floor graphic! You can direct guests with a graphic on the floor or use it to advertise sponsors. 

11. Props 

Add extra emphasis on your brand at your event by using props for signage! The options for prop signs are endless - just make sure they align with your theme and make sense for guests to use. 

12. Helium balloons

There’s a reason why helium balloons have been a classic element to special events for years! They are a great way to advertise your brand and can be placed anywhere! Print out your event logo and title onto balloons and place them around your event.   

13. Script Balloons  

Make use of the air space at your event with script balloons. Spell out an important message or write the event and business name out to emphasize your branding.  

14. Gobo Projectors 

An innovative and fun way to brand your event and business is with a gobo projector! Create a stencil out of your logo and business and the projector can cast that stencil anywhere you place it! These are ideal for flat surfaces, like a table, wall, or floor.  

Outdoor Signage Ideas

15. Utilize Barrier Signs

If guests will be outside for your event, why not utilize the barriers that will surround them? While guests walk around or wait in line outside during your event, placing a sign on a barrier with your business or a message will ensure plenty of eyes are viewing your sign. 

16. Opt for Flags

Another great option for event signage is including a flag into your event. Flags are a great way to promote your brand if you’re short on space, since they can be placed anywhere! 

17. Try A Yard Sign

If you’ve got the space for it, a well-branded yard sign can attract guests to your event from outside the venue space. Placing one outside the venue can catch people’s eyes and get them curious about the event. It can also let guests know where the event is being held by placing it outside the venue. 

18. Make Your Vehicle A Branding Experience 

Similar to yard signs, adding a sign to your vehicle advertising the event will certainly give the event immense exposure. As you drive around with the branded sign, everyone you pass will have the chance to view the event message and invoke curiosity. On the day of the event, parking your vehicle outside the venue with the sign visible will signal to guests that the event is happening at that certain space. 

19. Add A Marquee Sign

What better way to make a statement than with large letters spelling out anything related to your brand? Whether it's your business name or your business’ catchphrase, adding marquee letters outside your event space can make for a great photo op from guests. 

20. Street Art 

Street art is becoming a popular way to market an event or business! Collaborate with local artists in the area to add any kind of street art for your event- think a wall mural, painted roads, or even graffiti to creatively enhance the event experience for guests. Street art is surely an element that guests will remember!  

21. ChalkBoard Signs 

Including chalkboard signs outside of your event space is a fun way to grab your guests’ attention! These signs allow you to get as creative as you desire with chalk - draw your logo or write the event name out in a fun way! 

22. Topiary Letters 

Make use of the outdoors with topiary letters! Spelling out the name of the event or your business with letters made out of leaves and shrubbery adds a creative and natural element to the event. 

23. Social Media Photo Area 

Including a special space for your guests to take pictures and post them to social media is a perfect way to get your attendees talking about your event online! Set up an area dedicated to pictures and make sure to include branded materials, like backdrops or props! 

Event Signage Tips

Now that we’ve gone through some of the most compelling reasons why signage is essential, let’s explore the best practices of event signage for corporate events. 

1. Consider Using Digital Signage

Digital signage dramatically expands the possibilities of what a business can communicate to its audience in an affordable way. Since the digital signs are interactive, they do a much better job of drawing attention and can help your brand stand out, even if there’s an abundance of competition trying to gain the attention of the same crowd. Besides showcasing your brand design elements and conveying the underlying message, you can also provide useful information, show maps of where to find you, demonstrate your products in action, display the live schedule, or even show a presentation.

2. Figure Out What You Want to Say

No matter what type of signage you will use, one thing remains constant –for it to be effective, you need to provide relevant and engaging information to the attendees. And to do that effectively, you need to have a solid understanding of a few key areas regarding the event and your audience:

  • You need to ask yourself who are the people that you’re trying to reach. You need to figure out what they are likely to respond to best, and how you can position your message in a way that draws their attention.
  • Think about the expectations that the attendees of the event have and try to position your messages in a way that fulfills those expectations.
  • Consider the environment in which your event signage will be displayed, which often plays a bigger role than you might assume.

3. Prioritize the Information

Many companies make the mistake of trying to put too much information into their signage, which causes the people reading it to become overwhelmed and ignore the most critical parts. Therefore, you need to be very deliberate about what you display in the most prominent positions. Sometimes, you’ll have just a few seconds to convey your message to the reader, so make sure that those seconds count and that he knows where to go next, and what he will get if he does.

4. Use Different Types of Signage 

Finally, in order to make the most out of what signage has to offer, make sure that you use a variety of different signage options to reach as many people as possible and direct them the right way. Depending on how much space you have, you could turn almost any object or wall in the event into an opportunity for signage. There are dozens of options for the types of signage that you could use, so experiment with different options until you find a balance that works best.

different types of signage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How expensive is event signage? 

The price differs for every kind of event signage depending on factors such as sizing, design, and materials. Typically, a traditional banner costs around $40, whereas a sign installation can cost anywhere between $165-710.  

2. What are some DIY event signage ideas? 

There are many options for DIY event signage! If anyone on your team has artistic skills, have them use those skills to create any kind of signage. Check different websites if there are sign templates that would work for your event and print them out. You can even repurpose extra materials such as wood to create a great sign!

3. How many event signs should I have? 

The amount of signs you bring into an event largely depends on how big (or small) your event space is. Ensuring you don’t overwhelm guests with too many signs in a small space, there should be a balance to how many signs you bring into an event. 

4. How does signage affect the event experience? 

Signage can significantly impact the event experience in a positive way. Great signage adds a creative visual element to an event, and the more creative ones will get people talking! 


Signage can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to boost the engagement of your guests and improve their overall experience. Without any signage, an event can seem dull and not put together well. Use event signage to your advantage and take your event from just average to extraordinary!

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