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Event Tech in the Talks: August Edition

Himani Sheth
September 21, 2018

Technology has become an integral part of events. Event technology adoption rates have been increasing at a tremendous rate with a lot of amazing solutions coming up in the market. There are a lot of great events doing noteworthy things with technology, companies creating brilliant innovations and experts sharing some really useful knowledge out there.

We have for you an event tech roundup where we have handpicked the best of event technology in this past month, from event tech innovations to tips for making the best out of tech, here are out event tech favourites from August:

In the news

1. Event tech companies compete in SISO innovation awards

SISO, the Society of Independent Show Organizers held its leadership conference back in August with multiple companies competing on the ‘Event Innovation Battlefield.’ From event lead generation and management to event sales, a variety of tech tools that help planners manage a range of tasks competed to win the event innovation awards amidst suppliers, show organizers and event producers.

In an article published in the Tradeshow News Network, David Audrain, executive director of SISO said,

“The Event Battlefield is an important motivational hub for innovation, ideas, talent and products.”

2. Convention centre wins UFI innovation award for is in-house AR tech

UFI, the Global Association of Exhibition Industry had organized the UFI Innovation Awards back in August that was won by Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. The convention centre showcased its innovative Hybrid technology that helps planners map the venue layout through augmented reality and plan the entire arrangement accordingly.

You can read more on the awards and Suntec’s innovative technology here.

3. Whatsapp launches an array of paid marketing tools

Facebook-owned Whatsapp is looking to monetize the apps for businesses by launching an array of paid marketing tools. The move is for improving business to consumer communication and giving brands a chance to stand out through easy communication. It could turn out to be a relatively affordable, easy and effective move for event marketers who can use the platform to get the word out about their event. The process is still in progress as the tools have been marketed to select businesses and is yet to be mainstreamed.

You can read more about it here.

4. Event producers use tech to transform the U2 concert

Event technology provider PRG that has been with U2 since 1992 transformed a recent U2 concert with its innovative LED display tech called Pure10. The technology works in a way where it’s like “putting LED lights through a paper shredder.” The display was extremely fascinating and that in turn added to the overall concert experience. The best part about it: the tech is relatively cost friendly and lighter to carry around on tours.

Read more about the tech and the innovative concert here.

5. Dining with virtual reality using Oculus

Dining with virtual reality using Oculus

Oculus, the VR gear brand recently hosted a carefully crafted dinner to showcase all that it had to offer. Partnering up with Hollywood actress Chloë Grace Moretz, Oculus launched a dinner planned based on multiple VR experiences showcased through the gear. It aired a range of experiences including Stranger things, meditating in VR, etc., each experience served with a coinciding ‘omakase’ style dinner dish along with similarly planned cocktail.

Check out the experience here.

Event tech Resources you must check out

1. The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos

Event technology is the future. The event tech adoption rate among event professionals is a major determinant in terms of event success. Jim Spellos, the event tech guru and president of Meeting U, a company that provides tech training in hospitality industry talks about the future of event technology from conference apps, event websites to wearable in this interesting read.

Check out the article here.

2. Technology, Meetings, and Learning with Corbin Ball

One of the top industry influencers Corbin Ball carries forward this insightful podcast sharing over two decades of his experience in international meetings and technology as part of his Leading Learning podcast. From proper use of event technology to optimize events, the purpose of various technologies to virtual meetings and more this podcast has a lot in store for event professionals looking to improve their knowledge of tech in the industry.

Learn more about the podcast and right get detailed show notes here.

3. 6 Event Technologies to Supercharge Your Next Event

Looking to incorporate multiple event tech tools in your next event? Well then, this article is definitely for you. This useful resource focuses on simple event tech tools including social media; mobile event apps to event websites along with future event tech trends that can help you supercharge your next event and transform the entire event experience.

Read more about these tech tools by clicking right here.

4. Podcast: the growth of contactless payments

Podcast: the growth of contactless payments

It is a smart world. Digital payments are on the rise. Take Pyeongchang Olympics’ Visa gloves, for example. With many professionals preferring a cashless payment system at their events and the advent of technology including virtual payment systems, cryptocurrency, etc., this podcast from Event Industry News focuses on how companies are leveraging this fact to their advantage.

To know more about the rise of contactless payments, click here.

5. How to Host A Successful Event With Event Technology

Corporate event planners have begun to adopt event technology to improve the overall event experiences. Earlier prominent in entertainment events, it is not only basic tech such as event registrations and ticketing, event websites but tech tools such as event apps; AV tech, etc. to have become a part of business events.

Learn more about organizing successful business events using event technology right here.

That’s it with this month’s event tech roundup. I say this time and again; event technology is on the rise. Companies, events and innovators across the world are doing some amazing things with the tech at their events. We shall be bringing you our top picks based on event tech every month. Until next time!

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