Event Tech Need of The Hour

"Event Tech"​ — The need of the hour?

April 22, 2017

One of the hottest trends in the event industry currently is the use of event management software — complete automation for smooth execution.

Couldn’t help but notice, how every sector is re-defining itself with a portmanteau word by adding the suffix –tech? Like we have Fintech (finance+ technology) or Adtech (advertising + tech) or Agritech (agriculture + tech) and so on...

Just look around and you’ll know why?

Technology is driving every sector, every domain because of the pace that it has brought in the way we live, work, eat and play. From big trades to trivial activities, technology has made its way into our daily lives and it’s more than permanent, it’s about to stay. It has paved way for mind-boggling innovations and astounding creations in every field.

A work of touch is all we need and want, to get things done.

And, since everything is going all Hi-Tech, so is the event industry — catching up with the trend, affixing the tech to its hat!

“It is essential that with the ever changing events industry, we as event professionals, commit ourselves to continued growth, being on the forefront of event technology and delighting attendee experience”

So, what exactly is Event-Tech?

To sum up event tech in a word, it is a ‘boon’ to event planners. There are a number of tools that come under the umbrella of Event-tech, taking event planning and execution to a whole new level. The technological revolution has made its way to various aspects of event-planning right from the inception of an event, registrations to feedback. Technology can help you in every step on the way be it event planning, event execution, event promotion and even event security.

Event Organisers are using these integrated toolsets for skillfully executing and marketing their events in a competent and much more organised way.

high tech strategies for enhancing events


The past decade has seen multiple innovations, that have completely transformed and simplified the way stakeholders interact and engage.

Gone are the days of manual registrations along with the hassle of pen and paper registration forms, standing in long queues and maintaining hard-copy databases. Event planning has stepped into the era of online event-registrations, digital check-ins, wearable tech, cashless payments, Near Field Communication systems, QR codes and real-time feedback tools.

Evolving Events Tech

Virtual reality and tools such as beacons and event apps have made events more interactive. Geo-filters have made event promotions simpler and specific. An event planner sitting in UK can promote his/her event in India to a specific targeted audience.

Social media has been a major contributor to this revolution. Event planners have now begun to actively engage on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to establish their network, to get new ideas and to promote their event.

Event Automation:

When it comes to event technology, technical knowledge has been a major concern for event planners. Many are willing to step into the new era of event planning and embrace the technology, but they aren’t equipped to do so.

Here is where event-automation comes into picture. It automates the entire process of event planning, from website creation to event promotion, social media marketing to event analytics. Event automation has brought about the rise of the event management software 2.0.

The Event Management Software

The Evolution:

Event management software was essentially envisioned to automate the entire process of managing the event’s online needs. Starting off, several ticketing tools emerged, in order to provide an online platform for the attendees to purchase tickets and register themselves.

As the digital space picked up, organisers started promoting these events online through social media channels to reach out to the potential audience to convey the event message.

Slowly, as the number of this audience started increasing with every event, so did the need to capture and manage the data, as there are a lot of touchpoints that are created in the journey of an attendee right from coming across the promotional material to the on-site presence.

The rise of Event Management software

Through these years, some robust event management tools have emerged which have automated the entire process of online management of events — taking over the mundane task that the organizers will be doing manually and allowing the software to do it in an easier and much more efficient way, allowing it to CREATE your event, PROMOTE it, provide a platform for the audience ENGAGEMENT and ANALYSING it at each and every point.

Shout out to Event Planners

If the idea of Event-tech excites you any bit, you can check out our platform to take your event to the next level, without sweating it! Rest assured, bask in the glory of an event done gloriously.


Event-technology has come a long way since its inception. The only way to go is forward. It is just a matter of further optimizing the field of event planning with more technological innovations. Smart events, sustainable events, innovative events like silent conferences, virtual events, the scope is immense.

Keeping all things in mind, event-tech is definitely the need of the hour.

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