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The Ultimate Event-tech Trivia for Event Profs

Himani Sheth
September 25, 2018

Event technology is on the rise. From basic event tech tools such as event website, event registrations and ticketing to Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology and Artificial Intelligence, planners have started to embrace event technology to optimize the planning process and the overall event experience in general.

But, did you know where it all began? What marked the beginning of virtual events? Or what lead to the development of mobile ticketing? Here's a fun way to brush up on that event tech general knowledge. Get started with this event-tech trivia![wp_quiz id="3410"]To know more about how Hubilo's all-in-one event-tech solution can help you transform your event, click Request a Demo.

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Himani Sheth

Hemani Sheth is a Mass Communication major and an event enthusiast. She is currently associated with Hubilo, a cloud based event management platform that aims to help event professionals create exceptional events. Hemani strives to create resourceful guides that pave way for insightful discussion built around various facets of the event industry. She has a keen interest in event technology and how multiple innovations in the field can help transform the way events are created, marketed and executed. Hemani is also a content marketer and a key contributor to Hubilo Blog. An avid reader, traveler and a movie buff, she is open to conversations on any topic under the sun! Go ahead, say hello to her on twitter @HimaniSheth

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