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How Technology is Helping in Setting Up “Business Dates”?

Jay Sitapara
February 1, 2018

Technology often gets a bad reputation for limiting our face-to-face human interaction. However, more and more attendees thrive to build new connections at events, we see that technology has actually helped in enhancing the communication with others.

With the penetration of technology in our daily lives, the line between physical and virtual communication is getting blurred. While this doesn’t simply mean that you keep yourself glued to your smartphone.

There are many tools at your disposal that you can use to expand your networks and add to your experience. Here’s how technology is shaping the future of networking at events.

#1. Facilitating Networking Platform

Many of us aren’t skilled when it comes to networking. Walking into a huge event can be massively intimidating.

To whom you should approach?
Where do you meet people?
How do you connect with the speakers whom you’ve been following on Twitter since 4 years?

Event technology is the solution to such issues and answers to all the problems that attendees face during networking. With the excess of information available on seminars, shows and speakers available at a single touch, mobile, in particular, can help people aware of the events from the areas of their interest. And where like-minded connections gather, connections are bound to happen.

Event technology

The Event Technology used at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 was specifically tailored to with the end goal of delivering a personalized networking experience.

Large-scale events can be a difficult place to form concrete connections, but a networking platform can help you get past the initial hurdles and awkward introduction stage.

Through networking platform, as we already discussed in the previous chapters, attendees are empowered to know other attendees even before they enter the event.

You can set up basic introductory information including interests and professional background. This makes it easier for people to form a personal connection when they finally meet. And when you build a personalized connection, there is greater chance you’ll want to do business with them.

#2. Fostering Discussion & Participation

Meeting people is step one, but engaging with those like-minded people is going to add another level of value to the event experience. Networking platforms provide a simpler, more intuitive way of making this happen.

Whether through real-time polling, Q&As, or discussion boards, it can provide a road for your attendees to make their voice heard and get feedback on their ideas.

Fostering Discussion & Participation

One of the hottest technology this year is iBeacons, a proximity detection technology has been transforming events by triggering location-specific prompts for interaction.

Attendees are actually encouraged by this technology to “Join the Conversation” when they enter the specific part of the venue. Networking platforms enable them to have access to other attendees’ profiles and are able to send messages directly within the app, eliminating the often intimidating task of approaching strangers at an event.

#3. Inspiring the Most Relevant Connections

It is equally critical for a networking platform to set up right kind of people apart from making them join the conversation. With deeper personalisation and the use of in-app recommendations, event technology can help attendees connect with those who are most likely to make that happen.

Organizers of Gandhinagar based Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 wanted to facilitate all the above-discussed process of building a robust networking scene. Organizers with the help of Hubilo created a specifically customized networking platform with a virtual assistance which not only matched people’s requests and offers for knowledge but also helped in scheduling “business dates” at events.

“You can have a list of names and titles of other people at the event, but it’s difficult to do the actual business with a good number of people from the international market. This is where we got involved,” said Mayank Aggarwal, CTO, and Co-Founder of Hubilo. “Our mission was to help attendees in breaking the ice and facilitate a common platform to not only network and do business but also plant lifelong relations.”

Hubilo offered the matchmaking service as a part of its in-built event app networking platform, which also included advanced features like event info, speakers, schedule, agenda, sponsors, meetings, venue, polls, discussions, social activity stream, exhibitors and so on.

Working with Hubilo, organizers were able to send emails to attendees explaining the matchmaking process and inviting them to create their respective profiles indicating people from specific areas they are looking for or have to offer. Attendees can then browse these offers and requests and send invitations to meet people at the event.

Vibrant Gujarat Summit, the international business summit conceived by Gujarat Government, experienced the spike in networking with Hubilo’s Event App with thousands of attendees scheduling one-to-one meetings.

“Networking platform is one of the highest-ranked elements of Hubilo’s Event App, and when we talk to people we always hear, ‘Your networking platform is so great,’” said Head of IndexTB. “What makes this networking platform so special is….. the algorithm is far more advanced than anything else we’ve managed to find.”

To complement the online matchmaking, Hubilo provides staff at each event who create a dedicated space so people know where to come for their ‘business dates’ and to assist attendees in making connections.

“We find that it’s an interesting and relevant networking tool for our attendees because it creates serendipitous meetings between people who may not otherwise cross paths, but obviously have a lot to learn and offer mutually,” said vice president of IndexTB.

Know more about Hubilo’s other features here.

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Jay Sitapara

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