Event Venue Management Checklist

Event Venue Management Checklist for Event Planners

Juhi Purswani
August 28, 2018

Getting a chance to visit “The Old Truman Brewery” in London or the “Grand Hall of Olympia” is not an everyday thing for people. Venues play quite an important role while planning an event. Be it a symbolic or historic, events success can also be measured by the location and the love for the venue that attendees show!

Event venue management for events has become a huge deal for the planners. Having the ultimate event management skills makes things easier. It has also been made a lot effortless for event planners to handle the venues after the inception of venue management software in the market.

Event Planners keep on coming up with unique and innovative ideas about the event venues. It takes an ample amount of efforts for the venue planners to think about the decor as well. Hosting trade shows and expos at places where the audience would have a comfortable yet unique experience is what planners think about.

To keep up with the expectations of attendees it is better for them to come up with a generic checklist. While planning an event every time, event planners can strike off the essentials and plan accordingly.

Here are a few essential pointers that event planners and organisers must include in their event venue management checklist –

1. Distance from the Venue

No attendee wants to drag themselves into a business event looking tired from the travel or looking all dull. Ease of accessibility must be set as the priority!

Therefore, the first and the foremost thing that the event planners must consider while searching or finalizing a venue is the distance of that venue from the airport, railway stations and other conveyance options.

Many of the attendees who attend the events tend to reach the venue directly, so the venue must be easily accessible and a well-known place.

2. Attendee Comfort

Event planners try too hard to be unique and better at choosing the best venues and areas every preceding year. But one thing they must assure is the comfort of attendees.

Attendees love new experiences, scent and décor and infrastructure of the new places but if the place is too small and they have to crouch it also makes them uncomfortable and leads to a bad experience.

There must be proper seating arrangements for the attendees to set themselves at the venue and be comfortable. Professional venue planners can be hired to improvise on the event venue planning and event venue management to make the attendee’s experience more satisfying and pleasant.

3. Venue Budgeting

Budget, even if you place it at the end of the list will still be one of the major concerns for booking a venue for an event. Event Budgeting has always been a cause of concern for event planners. hence, these points might come in handy while fixing the event venue.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing the venue as per the budget –

· Discounts offered on the venues

· Negotiation capabilities

· How much will the taxes and other additional charges be?

· Payment requirements

· Any deposits or down payment required?

event venue budgeting

The budget should also keep as a priority, just to shortlist the options of venues that fall into that category and make decisions easier for the event venue management team.

4. Basic Facilities

Primary necessities of the attendees must be taken care of at the venue. Few pointers that can help the event and venue planners are –

· First and the most important thing is parking spaces, transportation availability, distance to airports and railway stations.

· Space Management according to the approximate number of attendees

· Availability of Wi-Fi

· Powder rooms

· Catering Management

· Facilities for disabled attendees

5. Food and Beverages

Any event is empty without a picture taken by attendees of food, desserts, and heart stealing beverages. Food and beverages keep the cool and calm of the attendees and acts as an initiator for engagement.

As great as they are for engagement starter, the selection of the appetizers and the main course must be done very efficiently. Using catering services or researching whether the venue already has some tie-ups with caterers and food partners, you can always check them out.

food and beverages in events

Food is a major attraction, for example, at IMEX many people flooded the social media with the pictures of the delicious treats being served to them. 

Refreshments like tea/coffee breaks are also a great time for event networking and loosen yourself up with an occupied day of meetings and seminars.

Some attendees might have some allergies or special food requirements if that data is collected while event registration, event venue management, and catering team must also take care of that.

6. Venue Security

Venue security must be taken into serious account by the event planners and organisers. Not only strict actions are taken for the data security of attendees but also the venue. Here are a few must follow pointers for event venue security:

· Security check for all the tech equipment for audio and visuals.

· A background check of the catering services you hire

· Secure the premises with metal detectors and scan the venue thoroughly

· Have measures in place to tackle overcrowd and strategize crowd management

Event Venue Security

· Ensure no person is allowed in a restricted area without identification

· Use proper surveillance devices

· Pre-plan emergency evacuation and contingency plans

· Test your plans to be thorough before the event

· Ensure easy access of ambulance, police and fire trucks

· Have experiences and professional security staff to guide you

7. Venue Management Software

With the acceptance of event tech widely by event organisers and event planners, even attendees rely on event websites and event apps for regular updates and notifications.

Event Venue Management Software, as the name suggests, helps the event planners and venue planners in automatizing the entire venue planning process.

It is by far the most recommended to have in a venue management checklist. According to Capterra, here are some of the most reviewed and best-suggested venue management software as of 2018 -

· Skedda

· Optimo

· Meetingsbooker

· iSmart Spaces

· Event Geek

Another way one can use software for venue planning and management is to include venue mapping and floor plan sections in the event app. Since event apps are now being opted by almost all the event organisers at a global level, this can also be an option for them to select venues.

Event Venue management finalization comes with a load of pressure upon the event managers and planners. It is not something that can be looked upon and done in a day’s time but requires an enormous amount of research (from attendee’s perspective as well as from the organiser’s perspective) and patience as the decision time.

Hope these tips and checklist points come in handy for the event planners and organisers while searching a venue for their next event.

Any pointers coming up in mind that can be added to the venue management checklist for events, do write to us!

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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