Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Events

Events Marketing: How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Events

Kevin Urrutia
March 12, 2020

There are a lot of reasons why you should be using Instagram Stories to promote your event.

Let's look at the facts, shall we?

The platform has beaten its competitors by gaining a staggering 250 million daily active users in just a year of launching. Moreover, Instagram Stories provide an excellent platform to launch an event to an engaged and active audience.

Stories provide you with a way to share your events with your audience without having it to completely dominate your profile. It also gives your audience insight into what's happening while simultaneously creating FOMO or fear of missing out.

Create a Storyboard

You should come up with a storyboard for every day of the event.

Put the content that you plan on creating, as well as the content that you want to capture at the moment the best way you can.

It also helps to work off any agenda that you have already set for the event. For instance, you can use a Google Spreadsheet and place in one column your hourly agenda. In another column, you can list down the Instagram Stories storyboard, which corresponds to that agenda.

Post Different EventFootage

After you're done withthe pre-event graphics, you could now start documenting your event!

Footage With Engagement Prompts

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can integrate the participation element in your Stories so that you can create a custom audience for retargeting ad purposes in the future.

You can also segment users who engaged with your content in one way or another and then target them with IG ads in the future.

Main Attraction Footage

What do you want yourmain event to look and feel like? This is one of the most vital footages thatyou have to capture to come up with an excellent highlight.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Do not hesitate to postany kind of boomerang and candid footages. You can always choose to leave thisout of your highlights later on.

Reaction Footage

Why not work out some testimonials of the attendees while they are still at your event?

It might take a lot of planning on your end, but if people are having a great time, then they will love to have a shout-out on the camera, and you could use that footage to your advantage.

Reposts of Tagged Footage

Testimonials are excellent, but nothing beats that content that is shared by attendees who are sharing their experience on their own accounts.

IG Stories' repost feature will be your best friend here.

Create a Separate StoryHighlights Album

If you're regularly organizing events, then it's a fantastic idea to tell your social media followers and visitors all about this.

The best way to do this is to come up with a separate Stories Highlights where you can add dedicated Stories based on these events.

Since these Stories appear right below your bio, they make it easier for people to learn more about your events.

Build Short Video Selfies IntoStory

Instagram Stories For Event Promotion

If you want to generate more engagement and connect better with your target market, then you do not have to be so shy of showing your face.

Selfie videos are an excellent way to grab the attention of prospective attendees and create a closer bond with them.

At VoyMedia Advertising Agency NYC, we sometimes advise our clients to utilize these video selfies to make a point, as well as ask people to fulfill something like clicking your event registration link or swiping up.

You could also use them to encourage them to share their opinion about something.”

Utilize Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Story ads have been introduced in early 2018 to businesses and brands that are using the platform.

These Story ads let you place a small ad in between the stories of your users. This ad can range from a simple photo to a compelling video that would last for 15 seconds.

You can target these ads based on video views, reach, conversions, traffic, app installs, as well as brand awareness.

Furthermore, it is also a fantastic way of spreading awareness of your event and to connect with the prospective attendees.

Prepare an Eye-catchingVisual

Choosing the right visual to promote your event is absolutely crucial. Because  65% of people are visual learners, putting put a compelling and eye-catching visual will certainly get their attention.

But the first step that you need to take is to pick the right image that will illustrate your event.

For instance, you can make use of the photos of attendees and speakers during the same event last year. Then you need to place the text info on the image, add a branded hashtag, tag a featured person, and so on.

To come up with similar visual content of your event, you also need to add the following:

Hashtags For Event Promotion

  • Your logo
  • Your branded hashtag
  • An image that perfectly represents your brand

When you publish acouple of Instagram Stories to promote your event, you have to stick with thesame tone, style, format, and color.

Create a Poll for YourAudience

An advantage of Instagram is that it allows you to run quick surveys and to know all about your audience's pulse.

For instance, you encounter a problem during the planning stage. Let's say, the venue that you'll pick. You can always ask your audience about their views on the event.

You can also utilize the voting option to warm up with your audience and prepare them for what lies ahead.

Again, this is a much nicer way of interacting with people and keeping them glued into your upcoming events.

Over to You

Promoting an event on Instagram's platform takes a lot of time and dedication.

The short-lived concept of Instagram Stories has been rising in popularity. More and more people are hooked watching Stories, and it is a perfect opportunity to engage your audience and promote your event.

Apart from that, the Instagram Stories feature also allows you to interact with the attendees of your event, know what their expectations are, and even sell them tickets online.

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