Exhibitor Central Amplifying Networking Branding

Exhibitor central: Amplifying Networking & Branding for virtual Exhibitors

Zarna Udasi
August 24, 2020

Mushrooming ecosystems of virtual events and virtual trade shows have paved ways for advanced branding opportunities. From event organizers to attendees and now exhibitors & event marketers, everybody seems to be acing this game.

The ability to acquire networking opportunities/branding opportunities along with generating qualified leads - sitting at one place without having to practically set up a venue or stalls, makes virtual events even more attractive for the exhibitors.

Not to forget, virtual ecosystems also open gates to display diversity. Exhibitors from across the globe get opportunities to exhibit their products/services on a single virtual space, gauging massive global audience traction.

If you still haven’t considered going virtual as an exhibitor, here are the reasons why you should definitely give it a shot.

1. Saves time & other resources

It goes without saying that as there are no means to physically attend the event, you may save yourself a fortune by just setting up your stalls virtually.

While, you might have to pay your organizers to set up a virtual booth/ stall, it will save you from added expenditure of live banners and promotional collaterals, travelling and commute.

2. More attendee engagement

Virtual events bring you more attendee engagement and traction. Yes you heard it right! Virtual events make it easier for attendees to interact with exhibitors and sponsors.

They don’t have to wait in queues to visit a booth; rather they can set up one-on-one meeting with exhibitors.

Attendees can also visit exhibitor profiles and chat without any inhibitions which are likely to happen during an in person event.

3. Better exposure and data retrieval

With virtual events, exhibitors booths have a longer shelf life as compared to physical events. On a virtual event platform the booths can be live even after the event has ended. Attendees can visit the booths and access material post events as well.

Along with it, the data you get at a virtual event is extremely authentic. All the activities from video clicks to collateral downloads done by attendees can be tracked real-time which can be easily distinguished categorically and measured easily.

These were some of the many reasons to start exploring virtual events. If you have made up your mind to brainstorm and exhibit your product on a virtual event platform; you must also learn what’s in the store for the exhibitors and how an exhibitor can reap the maximum benefits of branding on hybrid event platforms.

Exhibitor Central on Hubilo online trade show platform

All the amazing benefits of setting up exhibitors profiles for virtual events can be converted into veracity with the right kind of online trade show platform. With Hubilo hybrid event platform, premium exhibitors are facilitated with special features and here is what the features look like

Exhibitor dashboard

Exhibitor dashboard is essentially a remote for exhibitors to control and manage their profiles. Once the exhibitors get access to the dashboard they can easily set up some incredibly engaging virtual stalls or virtual booths.

Exhibitor profile manager

Exhibitor profile manager

With an all-inclusive exhibitors’ dashboard, exhibitors get inordinate opportunities as to how their profile would look like when the attendees visit and view them.

With this feature exhibitors can:-

  • Set up the display picture with their branding
  • Add static or video banners to the on-going event
  • Make their profiles interesting by adding product/service description
  • Add e-brochures or product literature of their choice
  • Engage attendees and get audience traction by adding link to their various social media platforms
  • Add custom CTA buttons to all of the above

Team manager

Exhibitors can maximize interaction with a large number of attendees by adding as many teammates they want to their booth.

Along with profile manager, they can add sales managers, marketing executives or operations managers to get potential leads from the audiences, market their product sturdily and help attendees with taking a demo of their product and services respectively.

Marketing collaterals on virtual booth

Marketing collaterals on virtual booth

The best part about virtual exhibitions is a wide pool of creative accessibility where exhibitors can play along. There are plenty of interesting ways where exhibitors demonstrate their existing product collaterals.

With the Hubilo virtual event platform, exhibitors get separate widgets and space to showcase their static image and video based collaterals. Besides this, they can also add clickable links and custom CTA buttons to their product video and images.

Attendee engagement

The spirit of virtual events certainly lies in e-meeting and engaging with the attendees. To boost engagement as well as increasing audience traction, exhibitors get open access to the very efficiently designed networking lounge where they can schedule meetings with the attendees.

Another added benefit that comes along is that exhibitors can also schedule one on one meeting with attendees.

Analytics and ROI

With the Hubilo hybrid event platform, organizers can ensure exhibitors that all their investment was worth it. In the end setting up a virtual exhibition booth is all about getting ROI from the event; and that’s where the role of analytics comes in.  

Event Analytics and ROI

With this feature, exhibitors can

  • Measure the number of active attendees accessing their profiles.
  • Access the summary of live chat that took place during the event.
  •  Identify the number of attendees that viewed their product videos
  • Measure the downloads of collaterals/ business cards from their profiles
  • Access the number of hot, warm and cold attendees on their profile
  • Export all the statics to their device or desired CRM


Virtual trade shows and events are redefining the ways of accomplishing business goals digitally. With a robust virtual ecosystem, exhibitors and sponsors no longer have to wait for the traditional means of carrying out business and marketing activities.

Now that exhibitors can go beyond the borders to exemplify their businesses sitting at home, isn’t it the opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted?

Check it for yourself.

Have a look at the exhibitor dashboard on Hubilo. Request a demo

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Zarna Udasi

After having explored various domains like media research, journalism and social services, Zarna is currently following her passion to write about event tech solutions

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