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From webinar to “Whoa!” #EventProfs users react to new ways to engage virtually

One community using Hubilo as their dedicated platform has some things to say about the new Enhanced Session features.
Rachel Moore
October 19, 2022

We all get webinars. They’ve been around for what seems like ages now, and they tend to have the same set of components: a big central screen with content on display (whether slides, talking heads, or maybe a pre-recorded video); a chat sidebar for attendees to interact with each other to a degree; maybe a Q&A tab to submit questions for the speaker or panelists. 

One set of folks who is overly used to the same-old webinar feel is the #EventProfs Community, run by Will Curranfounder and chief event Einstein of Endless Events—and his team on the Hubilo platform. This is a group of people who are experts at great events, who congregate to swap notes and share learnings, and who got a sneak peek at Hubilo’s new Enhanced Session layout

We had the opportunity to gather Will’s insights about how his community and team, as well as himself, reacted to a new set of features now available to all Hubilo platform users and customers. You’ll see a couple of #EventProfs Community takeaways below, too!

Tables & Pop-Up Reactions

Rachel: As your community members enter sessions today, they’re greeted with tables surrounding the central content screen. How have they responded to the new table seating and pop-up reaction features?

Will: I think people are really excited when they join because they're used to the typical webinar format where there's content over on the left hand side and chat on the right. That format can make you feel very passive because you can feel like, “Oh hey, if that chat wasn't there, I'd basically be just watching television.”

This new format where you're surrounded by other attendees and your face pops up, so you’re in the midst of it, is really exciting! People feel more involved in the content and kind of almost feel like they’re on stage.

I also think that seeing the pop up interactions with the emojis is really exciting. It reminds me a lot of the early days of Meerkat and things like that where as you watch things, chat and reactions flew up over the content, making it more prominent so people see it more. 

Tagging + Pinned Comments & Polls

Rachel: With Enhanced Sessions, users can now tag each other in chat, and their interactions can be pinned/displayed on the main session screen. How has the #EventProfs Community reacted to becoming part of the show?

Will: The great thing about tagging is that now people have the ability to have conversations within the chat versus it kind of getting lost. So for example, if Rachel says something really interesting, I can tag Rachel and say, “oh, I really like that” or “I agree with you,” and they can have those sub conversations within the larger chat. I think it causes people to get even more interaction, because then they feel like, “oh, hey, someone's actually talking to me,” and it doesn't feel like a mess of messages.

Pinned comments really allows us to put messages up at the top that encourage engagement or display important information up at the top so it doesn't get lost. This really helps so we don't just keep repeating the message over and over again if there's a lot of activity in the chat.

Overall, I think people really like the ability to have a more organized conversation within the chat sidebar.

feedback from Kevin Martin, sales executive at OneVenue
Screenshot of feedback from Kevin Martin, sales executive at OneVenue, within the #EventProfs Community event feed on the Hubilo platform.

Even more custom branding

Rachel: While you could always brand your own event in Hubilo’s platform—and #EventProfs Community does exactly that to really make it your own space—how do the additional branding features in Enhanced Sessions help you and your team as hosts of the community?

Will: Branding is so important within a community because you want to remind people where they are; they aren’t just in another webinar or random event. They know that, “Oh, this is part of the community.”

I really love the additional branding because it also allows you to give a fresh feel to different areas, a separation, which we're used to at in-person events.

We're all used to the general session looking different than the breakout rooms, or the exhibit hall looking different than the parties. That allows a kind of freshness to keep people engaged, so it doesn't feel monotonous as you're going around.

It has definitely helped to match our branding 100% and fit it perfectly.

Opinion of Evan Babins, production manager at Diamond Integrated Marketing
Evan Babins, production manager at Diamond Integrated Marketing, offering his opinion within the #EventProfs Community event feed on the Hubilo platform.

What Will really thinks about Enhanced Sessions

Rachel: Think about Hubilo’s platform before these new features and after. How do Enhanced Sessions help your event content and your attendees?

Will: I'm not gonna lie. I think Hubilo, before this new format, looked pretty generic; it just felt like another virtual event or another platform. So I think that what Hubilo is doing is trying to push the envelope in terms of looking unique and trying to do different things that catch the eye—that get people to say, “Hey, this is different than what I expect on there.”

I think that these new Enhanced Session features are really exciting for me as a speaker because it just increases the amount of engagement on there. I love seeing a visualization of the audience rather than just a list of names on the right hand side.

Theater mode is one feature I haven’t yet had a chance to see a ton of reactions to, however if I was sitting here for an hour long keynote I would absolutely love it because then I can really focus in on the content and take notes. Ultimately it's great for the attendees to have the choice for what they want.

So I'm really excited for the continued pushing of the envelope for new, additional features.

I'm excited to see what Hubilo does to make this look different and make people feel like, “Hey, this is something a little different than what I'm used to.”

What will you really think? 

Now it’s your turn. You’ve been to all kinds of webinars. You’ve seen the debate about if webinars or virtual events—or both—are losing their effectiveness because all the tech just isn’t delivering the experience you expect. You’ve known all along that more was possible. 

What’s possible is happening at NEXT, Hubilo’s event on October 20, and you need to see and experience all of this for yourself. Take your own test drive and spin up your own reactions to Enhanced Sessions; you can decide if we turned webinars into a “whoa!” experience we’ve all been waiting for. You can also ask Will directly about his POV for virtual events, webinars, event tech, and a whole lot more. Register for NEXT now.

Rachel Moore

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