How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Email Event Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Email Event Marketing

Rae Steinbach
August 2, 2018

Events today are a great tool to help people build their network, market and sell products and establish a unique identity for themselves in the marketing. With the growing importance of events, the industry has gotten more competitive with each passing day. 

Event planners are required to establish an effective event marketing strategy in order to increase attendance and in turn, maximize event success. In our previous articles, we have talked about the effectiveness of email marketing to accomplish this task. Most event marketers (40%) believe email marketing to promote events is the most effective digital marketing channel.

effective event marketing strategy

In this article, we look at email marketing from a new perspective, combining email event marketing with one of the most popular event tech trends currently in the market: Artificial Intelligence.

How The Future of Email is Being Shaped by Artificial Intelligence

Email has long been one of the most successful forms of marketing available. With an average ROI of $44 for everyone one spent, it’s clear to see why it remains so popular across all types of industries. As marketers leverage key practices, like segmenting lists, tracking performance metrics, and using an email address verifier, the technique becomes even more valuable.

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has made big waves when it comes to email marketing. By taking advantage of tools that include this technology, event marketers are able to more efficiently analyze and leverage more use more information than ever about their clients.

Although it’s still relatively new, here are a few ways AI is already changing the landscape of email marketing:

Optimize Content with the Push of a Button

Catching and holding the attention of your customers is an extremely difficult job. With so much information available, it’s a constant struggle to engage clients. That’s why content plays such an important role in email marketing. Without strong content, your subscribers simply won’t read your messages.

Creating interesting and attractive content used to be a time-consuming job of gathering and scrolling through client data to gain a deeper understanding of what an audience is interested in.

Now, with AI tools like Persado and Phrasee, that job is easier than ever. These AI tools can instantly optimize content like email subject lines, message copy, targeted triggers, and landing pages to increase the success of your email campaign.

These tools are able to engage audiences across all industries and can automatically seamlessly adjust tone and target to benefit any business. By learning from previous customer responses, the software crafts copy that fits in seamlessly with your existing brand voice. Using an AI content-generating tool for email marketing can help increase clicks, uplift, and your overall ROI.

AI Lead Generation

Conversica is a great example of easy to use AI system. A 24/7 sales assistant, the AI can automatically reach out to interested parties. Even better, an average of 35% of leads replies to Conversica’s messages as the email is written in a conversational tone.

 AI is also capable of alerting a salesperson when a customer is ready to move from email communication to a sales call, streamlining the process and saving your company both time and money. You no longer have to employ a team of people to scan over and respond to emails and reach out to past customers; instead, they can focus on fostering relationships with quality leads that are ready to make a purchase, boosting your bottom line.

Artificial Recommendations

leveraging AI tools to recommend targeted products to customers

It’s no secret that major companies like Amazon and Netflix have been leveraging AI tools to recommend targeted products to customers. These recommendations are based on previous consumer behaviour and often relate to items or programs that you’ve enjoyed in the past.

It’s significantly easier to generate related content when you have an AI system combing through data to find specific patterns. Email marketers can take advantage of these tools by including ‘recommended for you’ content in confirmation emails. Once a customer makes a purchase, you can use this to promote related products or similar items that they may also be interested in.

This can also be used to promote newly launched products or to re-engage someone who’s not interacted with your brand in a while. You can promote these items through a “because you liked…” section, or by sending an early launch email to segments that are most likely to make a purchase.

AI Email is Still Not Perfect

Although the future of AI in email marketing is bright, the technology is still not capable of handling all email campaigns on its own. Email design needs to be taken into consideration, and ensuring that messages appear properly on different devices and servers is key.

As many as 55% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, meaning that messages and content must be crafted with this statistic in mind. If you overload your email content with slow-loading visuals and dense body text, clients will send your messages straight to the trash. 

While it can certainly be appealing to rely completely on this technology, it could end up alienating a large percentage of your client base.

Paying close attention to how you’re using AI in email is important. Knowing when and where to use these advancements is key to running a successful campaign, as is understanding how to take advantage of the upper hand they can provide. 

All marketers should now be looking for ways to include AI in their email campaigns; doing so will keep you ahead of competitors and help you run your most successful email campaign yet. Keeping this and other best practices in mind while using your AI tools can result in your most successful email campaign yet.

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