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How to ask for the perfect event feedback?

Jay Sitapara
April 1, 2017

We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve. -Bill Gates, Microsoft.

What could be said as a perfect event feedback?

Feedback is a two-way dialogue between the event organizers and audience, isn’t it? It is a check on how well the organizers have performed for creating the experience for their audience they originally intended. Haven’t we all filled feedback to share our experience? Yeah, right?

As always, we are here to help you with a complete package to read your audience’s mind. Have a look!

1. Surveys-

Surveys are a good way to ask specific questions. These questions can be varied, cover different topics and can be asked in multiple formats. They are best as they are easy to create, easy to hand out and easy to analyse. What’s not to like, right?

How likely are you to recommend our event to anyone?

perfect event feedback

Though you shouldn’t rely on them too much. Only using surveys won’t give you a chance to know the reason behind the responses. So, just use it for the initial reference and initiate the feedback process.

2. Live Polling-

Interactivity is a rising trend in the event industry and you should use it too. Why? Because it is a fun way to know what your audience is liking and what not! Polling is the activity which can help to know your audience's opinion. There are various platforms which can come handy and one such app is Hubilo.

perfect event feedback

Hubilo Networking App lets organisers create polls and discussion forums in real time (let us know if you need any help). Users can comment their opinions and ask questions in return as well. What can be more engaging that this, right?

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3. Feedback boxes-

If you don’t have a structured way of getting feedback from your audience then get one. There is no choice! Surveys are fantastic, but they are not sufficient to cover the tiny issues. Do you want your audience to return with frowning faces? No!

perfect event feedback

Help needed? Here’s the smart idea of feedback boxes. We know confrontation can be awkward sometimes so let your attendees drop some suggestions anonymously. As simple as that!

4. Personal feedback-

This is our favourite feedback type. If you truly want to know somebody, you will have to go and talk to them. This gives you a sense of how comfortable the feedback giver is and understand the scope of discussion.

perfect event feedback

We know how digital platforms limits us in conveying our emotions. While taking feedback in person helps you segregate between positive and negative ones. Don’t hide behind the digital screen to avoid the negative feedback! Go and talk.

5. QR Code-

QR codes are not new, but using them for taking feedback is something really innovative. You can assign them to web landing pages which let them share their opinions anonymously.

perfect event feedback

This shows that you’re open to constructive criticism wants to ensure that you’re delivering an experience that will add value and leave people wanting to come back for more.

6. Social Media Channel-

Twitter is a powerful tool when it comes to sharing opinions. Learn how to use this powerful tool for receiving attendee's feedback for your event. Asking questions gives you an instant snapshot of what your attendees think about a certain topic.

perfect event feedback

Monitoring @Mentions is also important for analysing what your attendees are saying about your event. You can simply create polls and find out your opinions about the event.

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4. Event analytics-

This is the advanced way of back door feedback. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know what were the most used features at your event? How many hits your website received? How much time did a single user spend? Analytics helps to answer all these questions deeply.

perfect event feedback

Hubilo understands how important analytics are for the organizers. Hence, we have integrated them with the event website itself. Want to know more about how Hubilo helps you with analytics? Visit us on our website or request a demo.

It is very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better. — Elon Musk.

We hope you have got the golden package for the perfect feedback and will be following the same. Happy planning!

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Jay Sitapara

Jay Sitapara is an engineer having an inclination towards innovation in technology. Jay is a guest contributor to the official blog for Hubilo, an event-tech startup which aims to change the way how events are organised and people network at events. Jay is particularly passionate about crafting stimulating, resourceful and in-depth guides for Event Planners. He is specifically interested in effective use of event technology and social media for greater ROI through innovative thinking and skills. Jay is also a Digital Marketer, Editor, Community Manager and a regular contributor to Hubilo Blog. His philic nature is prone to dogs, poetry, coffee, friends and coffee with friends. If you're on Twitter, say Hello to him @jsitapara and follow his articles on blog.hubilo.com

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