How Virtual Events Help Sales and Marketing

How Do Virtual Events Help Sales & Marketing?

Falguni Jain
January 13, 2021

2020 has marked a space in history as THE year of virtual. The world today has finally seen the value in hosting events online. But how can they be truly leveraged from a sales and marketing perspective?The life of salespeople in the pandemic-free world was very different to what it is now. They were not only expected to be physically present at the event, but also to man the booth, to carry out logistics, to manage business-driven conversation with potential customers, to manually collect their contact information and so much more. All this added up to create a stressful experience, with them rushing to finish everything within a limited time, alongside ensuring they delivered the desired return on investment.However, with virtual event platforms like Hubilo coming into the picture, a lot of the event aspects have become streamlined. It is as if everything is readily available to back them up, so that they can put their entire focus on creating seamless conversations with prospects.There is no longer a need to travel to and fro from an event. The salespeople can simply transpose themselves to the venue from the comfort of their homes, with the click of a mouse button. This means their investment of time, energy and money is significantly optimized. Moreover, they can multitask all the event activities like a pro; be it being a part of the virtual booth, engaging with leads via chat, viewing business cards, scheduling meetings or giving online demos. Virtual event platforms also provide an array of networking options. Salespeople can interact with attendees through 1:1 chat, 1:1 video meeting, session chats, networking lounges and even breakout rooms.From a marketer’s point of view, virtual event platforms have helped their brands get even more eyeballs. There are numerous ways for them to showcase their offerings through the digital space. Yes, they have their virtual booths but there are lots of more interesting ways to get visibility for e.g. they can highlight branded banners across the event, sponsor sessions, lounges and rooms and even be involved in the event’s gamification activities.And what’s more, they can get their hands on detailed insights and analytics, that too in real-time. When an attendee attends an event, he performs a bunch of activities, which is almost impossible to capture in a physical set up. But things are very different at a virtual venue because marketers are backed by intelligent event-tech platforms. This allows them to minutely observe and track attendee behavior, square in on their interests and even understand their apprehensions better. In fact, the matchmaking algorithms supported by virtual platforms help them to match with potential leads and the online lead retrieval tool offers a classification of leads into – hot, warm, cold. So, GOOD-BYE to issues of less human resources, worrying about misplacing business cards or getting qualified leads and HELLO to well-informed decisions powered by data!If you are looking to host intelligent events and create value for your sales and marketing teams, book a demowith us to find out how we can help! 

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Falguni Jain

Falguni is an MBA graduate and a Business Development Professional turned Content Marketer. She has experience working in Tourism and Event industries. She is passionate about writing various types of content, from quotes, epigrams, micropoetry and short stories to long-form content on Branding, Digital Marketing and Event Technology. Having spent her life living in different parts of the world, she is always fascinated by travelling, meeting new people and learning about their cultures. Connect with her on <a href=""> LinkedIn</a>.

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