Hubilo 3.0

Hubilo 3.0 — Out with the old, in with the new!

January 21, 2017

Transformation is in the very nature of the universe. Anything that is stagnant is old. Everything that evolves is beautiful!

We at Hubilo thought it was high-time we evolved. So we began working on a New and Improved Hubilo. And what can be a better occasion to change than the New Year itself? So after a lot of hard work, sweat and tears (of joy, mostly), we present to you the newly evolved Hubilo!

Why are we sharing this with you?

This little change is an impactful one for us. We find this accomplishment an occasion to celebrate. And when it comes to merriment, who can be a better partner than Family? We thank all our clients for being a part of this small yet growing family. And we are sharing this with you because we want you to be a part of our happiness.

So, what led this transformation?

At the time of our inception, Hubilo was incubated by iCreate. Joining the army of our enablers, in November 2016, we secured angel funding from 12 reputed investors, including Girish Mathrubootham, the founder of Freshdesk and V C Karthik, Founder at Buzzworks.(Take a look here)

To quote the latter,

“What fuelled our interest to invest in Hubilo was the growth momentum and we were able to see the growth of the company in terms of the product, traction and team at large” — V C Karthik ( Founder at Buzzworks and investor in Hubilo).

Talking about recent accomplishments, Hubilo has been able to power some of the eminent events across the country; Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 and the 20th National conference on e-Governance hosted by the governments of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. With all of these achievements and the New Year around we also wanted to take ourselves a level ahead.

Hubilo has now surpassed its infancy stage and has surfaced as a promising product in the market.

But how does the New and Improved Hubilo look?

* Our Identity:We decided to re-fabricate the logo to give the improved Hubilo a fresh face. We have come up with an avatar which emits our core values effectively.

Hubilo 3.0

* The all-new Experience our new website which is inspired by all that we did right and all that we did wrong. It is extra functional, extra responsive and extra appealing.

Get you Event Live while you coffee is still hot

* Your new favorite Event tech tool The all-new Hubilo dashboard with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that gives you the power to host your event within a few clicks! For all those who have an event coming up, you don’t want to miss out on getting your event powered by Hubilo.

Hubilo event tech tool

* Hubilo Force 3.0 Previously having the team size of 16 and now having 25 with a new office at Prahladnagar, we indeed anticipate taking new challenges. Ranging from coding geeks to marketing mascots, our team has come off as better, more focused and exceptionally capable than ever before!What do we aim to achieve?

Creation and constant improvisation of Hubilo has a beautiful vision behind it. Hear it from the co-founder and the CEO himself,

“We, at Hubilo, aim to automate the entire process of online management of events. With a strong team and vision in focus, we target to build the largest community of event-goers by powering all the major events held across the globe.” — Vaibhav Jain, co-founder & CEO, Hubilo.

PS: Want to know how Hubilo can help you plan a stress-free event? Know more about it Request a Demo.

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Hubilo is the event professional’s event platform for live, hybrid, and virtual events. Founded over 5 years ago to revolutionize engagement at in-person events, the company makes it easy to bring people together anywhere, anytime. Hubilo’s powerful engagement features, personal client experience team, and custom branding tools have helped create over 12K events and counting. Headquartered in Bangalore and San Francisco, Hubilo’s nearly 400 employees are dedicated to co-creating the world’s most important events: yours.

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