Hubilo Mmhmm App For Virtual Events

Hubilo + Mmhmm, The Perfect Combo To Infuse Your Virtual Events With Magic!

Arushi Gupta
January 8, 2021

Hubilo’s annual Town Hall, Hubicon 2020, was held on 28th December, 2020, and it was different from usual this time, thanks to the mmhmm app.We are all eventually shifting to virtual realities, and online meet-ups and webinars form a crucial part of this space. And what forms an important element of these virtual meetups is PRESENTATIONS!Presentations have become the common language of business activity because no other communication tool is as effective for conveying your point to a virtual audience—yet many presentations are dreadfully boring. How do we bring these corpses to life so that they not only show signs of life, but actually engage audiences and keep them attentive?Hubilo found a way out! Given that presentations formed such an important element of virtual conferences, meet-ups and online meetings, we integrated our presentations with the mmhmm app, a trending app designed to give an oomph to your remote presentation.

The Magic of Hubilo + mmhmm

  • Host your virtual event and simulate in-person meetings by staying on screen (big or small) while you talk over your slides. Hide yourself when you need people to focus on the picture.

Here’s a sneak peek into our annual Town Hall where our Co-Founder and CEO, Vaibhav Jain amalgamates this mmhmm feature in his presentation.

  • Add a video backdrop to get rid of that boring, static background of your room.

  •  Add bling to your virtual show by lining up videos with sound, animations, live auxiliary cameras, multiple window screen shares, and more.

How To Integrate Mmhmm With Hubilo

Integrating mmhmm with your virtual event platform is easy as a breeze. A set of three easy steps, and voila, you’re good to go!Step 1> Keep the mmhmm App active

mmhmm and Hubilo integration

Step 2> 'Allow speakers' to join from Zoom

mmhmm and Hubilo integration

Step 3> Choose 'mmhmm camera' in Zoom

mmhmm and Hubilo integration

Step 4> Witness the integration on your virtual event platform.

mmhmm and Hubilo integration

It is a universally known fact that connecting in person can yield powerful outcomes. We all crave human connection. To bring that connection live, virtually, the need of the hour is to take our presentations our notch higher. And the Hubilo + mmhmm combination, does that perfectly!

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Arushi Gupta

Arushi is a writer who makes reading simple and painless for you. She has a keen interest in marketing and copywriting. Besides her ambivert character, she is someone who loves cheesecakes, coffee and candid conversations. In her free time, you'll find her playing an outdoor sport or listening to a podcast.

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