Hubilo Secures 23 and A Half Million Usd Series A Investment

Hubilo Secures US$23.5M in Series A Investment to Script The Future of Events

Vaibhav Jain
February 24, 2021

Very rarely do people rise from the ashes. And it's a much rarer feat for companies to rise from the ashes, and it's rarer than the rarest for companies who have risen from the ashes to find incredible success. In our case, we found our clue when the world was sinking into the clueless future. Today, we can stand tall on the same ground that we once lost and narrate the script of the future of events.We restarted Hubilo from the ground up only ten months ago — in April 2020. When the pandemic struck, events were canceled and our revenue went to zero. Having hit rock bottom, we had two options. Option one was to layoff our full workforce of 30 employees, cut our losses and move on to something new.Option two was to hold on to what we had and recreate a new offering entirely from scratch. That's when Hubilo was born. It was something better, bigger, and something more powerful than what we ever had. Hubilo was the perfect offspring — a love child of disruption.

New Hubilo After 2020 Pandemic

Hubilo has come a long way since its first virtual event (in April 2020). Within a few months of going LIVE, we secured US$4.5M seed investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners (in November 2020). The seed investment helped us make 130+ hires, achieve a 50% growth month-over-month, and set up a world-class CSM team that ensured a response time of less than 20 seconds. We brought serious upgrades to the platform (and technology) and enabled our clients and partners to get more out of their events.The staggering growth, the relentless commitment, the unwavering vision, and the unparalleled branding and ROI opportunities our clients were able to leverage with Hubilo allowed us to secure US$23.5M in Series A investment (on 23rd February 2021) from Lightspeed Ventures and Balderton Capital, alongside our angel investors — John Thompson, Chairman, Microsoft and Chris Schagen, Ex-CMO, Contenful.

Hubilo Gamification

We will use the latest investment to bring strategic, tactical, and technological advancements to our core product, integrations, and platform — allowing us to empower our clients and partners with more nuanced experiences and more in-depth intelligence with their events. This means our clients can leverage all the indispensable propositions of Hubilo much more effectively, much more significantly, and much more powerfully.We will also use the investment towards rolling out version 2.0, driving Hubilo's brand in untapped markets, and strengthening its position in the already established ones.The latest Series A investment reflects our assertion of faith to redefine the future of events and also the confidence and belief of some of the finest investors, clients, and partners in our capabilities and vision.I take this esteemed opportunity to thank our employees, our partners, our clients, and our investors for filling our humble pens with the mighty ink to draft the future of events' script.Our 'Restart 2021' event in March attests our commitment towards exploring the power of digital experiential events. With 4000+ marketing professionals from around the world, 4 episodes, and 12 sessions, the future of events is going to be BIG and here's your chance to be a part of it. Hubilo Restart 2021

restart 2021

Here's to us, and here's to the fascinating future of events.If you'd like to understand how we can help organize your event and take it to the next level, talk to us today and watch us revolutionize the way you look at an event.

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Vaibhav Jain

Vaibhav is the CEO and Founder of the leading global event technology company, Hubilo. Under his leadership, Hubilo pivoted from $0 to a million-dollar company in less than a year and raised over $150M of funding from renowned global venture capitalists. Vaibhav is a computer graduate from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA- IICT), with ten years of marketing, operations, finance, and sales expertise in the Information Technology sector.

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