Hubilo's Monthly Event Industry Blog Roundup: October

Juhi Purswani
November 2, 2018

October has been a blooming month for the event industry with diverse blogs being posted across all the platforms. One of the major events IMEX America was also held in the month of October which was a huge success.

The blog roundup of this month is full of energetic topics useful not just for event professionals but also for the event planners who seek to have a new perspective every once in a while.

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The month was did not just revolved around one particular topic of discussion or popularity but covered varied topics like The upcoming event trends in 2019, the role of content in event marketing, promotion and launch of new event technologies by event tech vendors, event influencer strategy and so on.

Here are the best picks for October Month that all the event enthusiasts would love to read!

1. Event Planner Net — How to Be Flawless in Your Event Execution

Event Strategies, planning, and organizing are few of the most essential and visible parts of an event. But like a cherry on the top of the ice cream, one requires a neat event execution. So, here are a few pointers provided by on how to be flawless in your event execution.

For more information, read here.

2. Meetings Net — Weave Your Conference Narrative with Content Marketing

Marketing is a vital segment of an event. Corporate events like conferences often require a post-event narrative with all the discussed details noted. Content plays a major role here, weaving the bits and parts discussed in the conference in a readable format for the audience.

Here are a few tips on how it can be done. For more information, read here.

3. Hello Endless — Networking Games: 8 Effective — and Fun — Networking Activities for Your Next Event

Event professionals attend several events on the clock for various purposes amongst which one of the crucial reasons being Networking. Since networking has become such an integral part of all the events, event planners view this as an opportunity to bring something new into the event industry.

Here is a list of fun networking activities at an event. For more information, read here.

4. Event Marketer — Event Safety: 10 Fresh Tips for Keeping Events Secure in a Brave New World

Security in terms of both the attendee safety and data security is of utmost importance to an event. In the world where security breaches and dangers of being safe to have been challenged, priority to attendee safety is essential.

Here are 10 best and fresh tips to ensure event security. For more information, read here.


Corporate events are evolving quite a lot with the adoption of the latest event tech trends, embracing the unique ideas and merging with certain organisations to add the FUN element in their event.

Here are a few tips that will make you go WOW at an event. To know more, read here.

6. TSNN — Digital Tactics for Trade Show Marketing

It’s rightfully said to use logical and tested tactics on the attendees digitally and make the most of an event aka Trade Shows. Some of the best plausible methods heard and implies are Early Bird Discounts, use social media as a marketing tool, providing coupons/giveaways and so on.

For more information, read here.


Attendees are always keen and looking forward to fresh and unique event experiences. With a tech-savvy generation all around, event planners have to come up with amazing new trends to fulfill the expectation of attendees.

Here are a few ideas on how to lure attendees at an event. Read here.

8. Conference News -80% of eventprofs want Wi-Fi industry standard

event industry

Technology has surrounded our lives making us dependent on the usage of internet and social media. Wi-Fi has become a very common necessity for all. Event Attendees always seek for facilities at the event venue like free Wi-Fi.

Here’s a discussion to increase the Wi-Fi standard in the event industry. Read here.

9. Forbes — Three Tips On How To Incorporate An Influencer Strategy At Your Next Event

Influencer marketing, influencers outreach, and now incorporating influencer strategy while planning an event. Event industry has surely come a long way and reached this level. Event industry influencers have a deep impact on the audience and event professionals.

To know more about the tips of incorporating influencer strategy, read here.

10. PCMA -The Women-Centric Conference We Actually Needed

event industry

Women in the event industry are being acknowledged worldwide. People are attending conferences centered around the contributions of women in the events sector. The women-centric conferences are hot and trending topic in the industry.

11. Exhibition World — IMEX America in Las Vegas was the largest ever IMEX

event industry

IMEX America was concluded to be the largest event of the year where attendees from across the globe exhibit, showcase and speak on the trends on event industry; highlighting the immense importance of the event technology.


Over-tourism is a widely discussed issue in the past few years. But how is it affecting the MICE industry? Why is it an issue to be addressed by the event planners? An issue brought into the limelight by the MICE industry influencer — Irina Graf

To know more, read here.

If you have any suggestions or additions for the next month, let us know. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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