Hubilos Event Industry Roundup November

Hubilo’s Monthly Event Industry Blog Roundup: November

Juhi Purswani
December 4, 2018

Welcome to the last month of 2018! Since the end of the amazing event-wise year, 2018 is nearing an end, many event industry resources presented with reports and predictions for the year 2019. On the top of reports and factual information, November was also celebrated as a month of sustainable events and hence, many event planners and event professionals came together to discuss the same.

Let’s dive into reading the top picks of the month of November.

1.Corporate Event News -Why Does Reducing Event Waste Matter?

November was a month to celebrate sustainable events. Event professionals and sustainable event enthusiasts make sure to reduce the event waste and make it more environment-friendly. The blog entirely focusses on how to equip meetings industry professionals towards a future which ensures production of zero waste corporate events.

To read more about how to reduce event waste, click here.

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2. Event Planner. Net — How to Map Your Attendees’ Needs

Attendee expectations from an event be it exhibitions or an expo or a corporate meeting like a conference is natural. Event planners and organisers also focus on meeting with the requirements and attendee expectations.

This can be achieved in various ways like feedback forms to receive genuine notes on what did attendees find useful and what needs to be improved in future events.

To know other such ways to map attendees’ need, click here.

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3. Hospitality Net — Forecast Shows Event Technology is Driving Meetings Success

Event Technology has become an integral part of the meetings industry. In the era, where all industry professionals dependency has risen towards their smartphones and smart devices, event tech seems to simplify all the tasks that require manual input. Making everything one-click away, seem to drive meetings success.

To learn about the forecast of the event technology, click here.

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4. TSNN — Ensure Your Team Is Leveraging Your Event Technology

Event Planning is an arduous task, which can give both mental and physical stress to the planners. With the event apps and various event tech that is a trend in the event industry nowadays, event planners can easily plan out their tasks and leverage the technology as it’s meant to be.

Learn and ensure that your event planning and event organising team is leveraging the event technology properly. Click here to read more.

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5. Successful Meetings — How to Use Technology to Build Better Events

Technology has a great positive impact on the daily lives of people. For event professionals, to plan your event smartly you need to use the tech smartly.

Events can be a load of work to the event planners and if event technology that simplifies the planning completely is used rightly, it certainly makes the event a huge success.

To know more on how tech can be used to make the event more engaging and maximize event ROI, read here.


6. Associations Now — How Event Marketing Data Has Broad Ripple Effects

It’s a report describing the impact of event data on the overall event planning process which also includes event marketing. “Brand marketers have ongoing programs across a number of channels that may make it hard to get to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ from their data in a concise way,” the report adds.

To read the full report blog, click here.


7. Business 2 Community — How to Create Effective Event Marketing Emails

Event Marketing proves to be effective if done rightly. event professionals across the globe have their own take on what kind of event marketing can be beneficial to the events. The concept that email marketing has become outdated may stand true for some events or event professionals.

But here are some creative and effective strategies to design perfect email for an effective email marketing campaign for corporate events. Read here.


8. Exhibitor online — The Trade Group Augments its Live Event and Activations Services with a New Special Events Team

Trade Group have been heavily involved in planning and organising events, trade shows and expos for a very long time. With every event, the firm tries to incorporate the new and trending technologies that have been launched in the event industry.

Pushing their boundaries and willing to merge their events with the advanced technologies has evolved them. Read more here.


9. Forbes — 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend More Networking Events

Attendees have a motive in their head while they plan to attend a conference or a business event. Presently, one of the essential reasons for attending a conference or a business event is networking with event and business professionals.

Several other reasons have also been shortlisted for attending a corporate event. Know here.


10. Event Industry News — Engage or die, the importance of audience engagement

Audience engagement may not seem a heavy term but for event planners and event professionals it counts as a bug measurement of event success. Read here, to know how important event engagement and audience interaction matters.

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11. Skift — Why 5G Will Change the Game for Events

November has certainly been a month of heavy discussion on event technology and how the release of any new tech will impact in the upcoming months. Is our event industry ready to incorporate the new 5G technology and what impact will it have on events in the coming year?

Read here to know more.

12. Meetings Net — Hot Topics at IBTM World: Industry Strength, Event Sustainability

As it has already been mentioned, November was celebrated as the Sustainable event month, IBTM event also discussed and addressed issues on the trade show floor that addressed various aspects of sustainability.

To read the full report and the discussions, click here.

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To know more about how Hubilo can help simplify your planning process, click here.

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