Hubilos Multi Event App Feature

Hubilo's Revamped Multi-Event App Feature

Juhi Purswani
November 27, 2018

Hubilo is transforming its products and entering the event tech space with more trust and attendee-friendly event features. Recently, our tech team announced that the Hubilo’s multi-event app has been revamped and the results were quite impressive. Mobile Event App is an utmost important feature of an event nowadays. 

Several of the organisations who host several events such as Enterprises require a platform where all the events can be synced and seen and worked on together from a single dashboard.

Upon selecting the Multi-Event App feature from the side panel, the first screen that pops up will ask for the event name, following which login mechanism for the app will be asked whether it has to be kept open or restricted as designed for all the apps.

After entering these details, the multi-event dashboard will open up which has a different side panel than the normal feature dashboard. The side panel consists of the following options — CMS, Members, Events, App Builder, Notifications, Settings.

Let’s have a look at all these in-app features in detail:

1. CMS — Also defined as Content Management System, here the basic info of the multi-event app organiser will be filled up. The organisation name, basic details, app logo, app banner, social links, gallery, contact, FAQ’s, testimonials and so on.

multi-event app

2. Members — The member’s list will include the list of names, email address, mobile number and status of the all the members that are a part of any event that is being managed under the multi-event app. 

For example, if there are 3 different events being organized by an organisation named ABC, the coordinators of all the events will be added as the members. 

You can easily add a member in the section by uploading the selected data in the form of an excel sheet.

3. Events — In this section, all the events being handled by the organisation are listed. In this section, you can link an event also. Link an event is a field wherein an event that is being hosted by the same organiser and has opted for a multi-event app can be linked and added in the event list of the current dashboard.

In the listed events, there are 3 options, App builder, Members, and Settings. The App builder opens up the app builder screen of the event that you have selected. If you wish to make any changes it can be done from here. The next button is a member which displays the list of members who have access to that event through the multi-event dashboard.

Then comes the settings section which has a new feature named Multi-Event Access. It basically manages the event app access for the attendees. Here the event organisers are provided with multiple options on how and whom to provide access to the event.

For example, an organisation can host 6–7 events per year in which few may be generic and open for all the employees of the organisation while some may be restricted like Board of Director’s meeting and so on.

multi-event app

The types of event access are –

  • Restricted: Here only the members who have a valid ticket or are already app users can access the event. In this case, it is also possible that the people who are provided with some type of event code from the event organisers are the only people who can access the event.
  • Invisible: The app becomes invisible to the members who do not have access to the event. Inside invisible option still, people can gain access to the event. The recently added feature of buying the tickets directly from the event app is allowed access to the event or those who have been sent the tickets and have RSVP’d Yes can see the event.

4. App Builder — The app builder section opens the main app builder screen of the multi-event app. The new addition to the app-builder section for the multi-event app is the event list wherein one can see the upcoming events or the past events and even the ongoing events.

5. Notifications — Push notification as we all know is an utmost requirement for the event organisers. In the notification section, however, event organisers are given with an option to choose the type of members to send out the notifications to.

6. Settings — From logging in to the dashboard to adding members, providing app access, sending messages, selecting the proper notification settings, Setting tab provides it all in-hand to the organiser to customize the settings as required for the events.

Apart from the discussed features, new additions will soon be arriving in the multi-event app where linking and integrations with other platforms will also be made convenient. For example, If some other vendor is handling the member management system for the event, that vendor can be linked within the event to sync the entire system and members of that event.

To know more about Hubilo’s multi-event app feature, click here.

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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