Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 21st January 2021

January 21, 2021

2020 was a rollercoaster ride, dominated by change and uncertainties. But for us at Hubilo, it was an important year, especially from a product standpoint.

Within 20 days we launched a new MVP to support clients in hosting their events virtually – going from earning zero dollars in revenue in March to now achieving a booking run rate over $10 Million. 

As an event-tech company, clients have always been at the center of our product. And while we revamped and relaunched our entire product last year, we didn’t just stop there! Since the pivot, we have constantly been on our toes, implementing all the feedback and innovating our platform to help our customers reimagine their virtual events.

That being said, here is a sneak peek of the latest developments:

1. Facilitate Multitasking 

You can now keep your attendees close to the event platform! How? By allowing them to multitask while they watch live sessions.

Supported by the all-new picture-in-picture (PIP) functionality, attendees now have a multi-window view. This means that even if they have to go check an email or complete another task, while attending your event, they wouldn’t have to exit the event. 

They can simply click the PIP icon located at the bottom of the live session and it will minimize the video and allow them to roam around anywhere on the virtual event platform or outside of it.

2. Book Meetings in One Go 

With the enhanced meeting booking flow, attendees can schedule meetings seamlessly and avoid the hassle of navigating through multiple pages.

When attendees visit a user’s profile, they can view upcoming free slots to book meetings with them. Along with this, there is a drop-down option to select the time and a pre-filled message (that can be altered) to send the meeting request.

3. View Dynamic Speaker Profiles 

The recent update in speaker profiles enables attendees to join live sessions of their favorite speakers, directly from the speakers’ profiles.

When attendees visit the speaker’s profile, they can view the list of sessions they will be speaking at and the “Join Session” button, in case their session is ongoing. 

4. Upvote Questions in Session Chats

Now, there is an option for attendees to upvote questions asked by other session attendees in the session’s chat window. 

Rather than repeating the same query, attendees can click the upvote button located below each chat message. This will help hosts, moderators and speakers to address the most pressing queries. 

5. Pin Session Chats

Session hosts, moderators and speakers can pin certain chat messages in the sessions to showcase any announcements or good comments.

So, even if the chat window is updated in real-time with newer messages from attendees, the pinned message will remain highlighted.

Also, the pinned chat can be unpinned and replaced with a new pinned chat.

6. Use New Attendees Refresh Button

Drive up engagement at your event by keeping your attendees up to date with whoever is joining the session, instead of auto-refreshing the online attendees list. 

Attends will be able to avoid unnecessary scrolling to see who has joined the session as the list will only get updated once they click the new attendees refresh button.

Want to find out how you can implement these functionalities at your next virtual event? Book a personalized demo with our experts now!

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