Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 29th April 2021

April 29, 2021

Unpacking how your event performed has always been the cornerstone of any event, but with virtual events and subsequently virtual event platforms coming into the picture, there is a large wealth of data you can tap onto. 

With the latest product update, we wanted to make it easier for you to compare your ROI across different events as well as understand attendee engagement in-depth. By doing so, you will be able to dig deeper and gain more event insights such as which event performed the best, what are the best practices that can be implemented at the next event, activities that engaged attendees the most and so on.

For this we rolled out a number of enhancements in the Organizer Dashboard. Read on to know what they are...

Analytics for All Your Events on Hubilo

We spoke to many of our customers and realized a common pain point amongst those that were hosting multiple events on our platform; they were unable to track and gain a holistic view of the performance of all their events or for a selective few. They wanted to understand information such as the total ROI from all the events conducted and have the ability to compare the ROI for different events on a single dashboard.

To address this, our product team has launched the Analytics tab on the organizer dashboard. This tab is segregated into 3 sections:  Overview, Engagement and Revenue. Within these sections you have the option to use a filter and choose the events you want to compare or get an overview of.

The idea is to provide comprehensive data to help you understand attendee participation, traffic, engagement, revenue generated etc. during the events, to help you make strategic improvements in the event strategy, further allowing you to maximise your ROI. 

Here is a snapshot of the key data points captured in each section - 

i) Overview:

This section gives you a macro-view of the statistics spanning all your events, such as:

  • Total number of events you hosted on Hubilo
  • Total number of sessions created 
  • Total number of networking lounges
  • Total number of meeting rooms created 
  • Total number of virtual booths and premium booths created
  • Total number of people added (including attendees, speakers, booth members and custom group members)
  • Total number of speakers added
  • Total number of event feed posts created
  • Total number of 1:1 meetings conducted  
  • Event Wise Analytics: Offers a holistic view across all events to compare the number of attendees added, number of actual registrations and number of logged in attendees 

ii) Engagement:

This section displays all the key attendee engagement metrics achieved from the event, such as:

  • Day-wise logged in and active attendees
  • Total number of logged in and active attendees
  • Attendee turnout percentage
  • Sessions: Showcases the session engagement at the event, measured via total live views, total replays (for on-demand sessions), total number of sessions that attendees added to My Schedule, average registrations per session, average time spent in sessions, session participation percentage, total chat messages & total Q&A
  • Virtual Booths: Depicts the engagement rate at the exhibitor and sponsor booths as measured in number of bookmarks, number of business cards dropped, number of profile views, and average rating. 
  • Networking: Displays statistics across different networking touch points such as lounges, rooms, and 1-1 meetings. 

iii) Revenue:

This section exhibits the revenue attribution across all your events from ticket sales, with day-wise and event-wise breakdowns:

  • Total revenue made from all paid tickets and your total payout
  • Average revenue per attendee
  • Total tickets purchased
  • Day-wise revenue distribution from paid tickets
  • Event-wise revenue breakdown: Offers a macro view across all events to compare the total number of tickets available, total number of tickets sold, revenue made per event from paid tickets and actual payout per event

Attendee-level Analytics Breakdown

Similar to Analytics tab, now you can get a granular view of all the attendees, at all your events, along with their interactions at multiple touchpoints. By doing this you can better understand the demographics of the audience attending your event, their preferences, engagement levels, and their contribution to your ticket revenue. 

With this information, you can improve the event design and marketing for current and future events. This also allows you to develop and grow an entire community around your events, providing further revenue generation opportunities. 

Specifically, the People tab displays key data points about your attendees, allowing you to gain 360-degree attendee engagement information. There is an overview table with attendee names, designations, total number of events attended by each attendee, total revenue contribution by each attendee and their social media links. 

But you can also dissect this information further by viewing individual attendee profiles. 

Here are some of the data points captured at attendee-level:

  • Key information shared by the attendee during event registration
  • Total number of events attended
  • Total number of profiles viewed by the attendee
  • Total number of booths visited
  • Total number of meeting rooms joined
  • Total number of 1:1 meetings conducted
  • Total number lounge meetings participated
  • Total number of sessions viewed
  • Total number of surveys responded to
  • Total number of contests participated in
  • Total number of times dropped business cards 
  • Contribution to ticket revenue - total and per event

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