Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 2nd November

November 2, 2020

As a company, we take pride in our responsiveness to client feedback.We want you to create a memorable experience for your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors and we are ready to go to any length to address your virtual event needs.Our mission doesn’t just resonate through our customer service team which is available on their toes 24x7, but also via our product and the constant updates we roll out, on the basis of feedback received from you.And when we find out how even a tiny feature update made your event set-up process so much more simpler, it fills us with enthusiasm to keep on going.That being said, we would like to give you an overview of the recent product updates we released, so that you can make the most of our virtual event platform at your next event.Here goes...

  1. Default User Group For Attendees

This is a feature that was requested by many and we finally made it live!Now, when you create multiple user groups from the back-end dashboard, you can set one of them as default. Then, when you add attendees into the system or use an external API/registration system for the same, attendees will be auto-assigned to the pre-selected group and will get relevant accessibility to the event. Similarly, if attendees register while the event is live, they will be automatically added to the default user group.This will highly boost the convenience factor, as it will eliminate the need to assign attendees to a group, manually.

Hubilo - Default User Group
  1. Updated Agenda Layout

We have updated the Agenda design and made it more compact, to ensure your attendees can consume more content with little scrolling.While information such as the session name, scheduled time, speaker names and the ‘Join Session’ button will be overlaid, attendees can click on ‘Show More’ to see detailed information about the particular session and download the reading material available.Additionally, attendees can hover over the icons to quickly add a session to their personal calendar (be it Google, Outlook or Yahoo), download session files and also take notes, which they can access from their profiles.

Hubilo - Agenda Update
  1. Rooms in Virtual Booths

Now exhibitors and sponsors can showcase their rooms in their virtual booths.This means that rooms where their team members are made moderators, will be integrated into their profiles, for the attendees visiting to see and directly access.

Hubilo - Breakout room in virtual booth

This will make it easier for your exhibitors and sponsors to link demos, presentations, discussions and focus groups to their booths, increasing their visibility and enhancing attendee convenience at the same time.

  1. Sort and Filter Rooms

The Rooms tab now has a sort and filter option, so that attendees can search for exhibitors and sponsors and also join rooms of their interest.They can use the ‘Filter’ option to find rooms that belong to certain companies (i.e. Exhibitors and Sponsors) and also select the date range for when they want to see the available live rooms.Similarly, the ‘Sort By’ option allows them to see the names of rooms in an alphabetical order or as per the date and time they are scheduled to go live.

Hubilo - Filter and Sort Breakout Rooms

This is particularly helpful for events that host multiple breakout rooms.

  1. New Design for Files

As per the latest update, we now have enhanced designs for files, so that they can be displayed more prominently within Exhibitor Booths and within Sessions, making it easier for attendees to discover and download them.

Hubilo - File Design

Liked these features and want to see them in action? Click here.Need a live demo with immediate answers to all your queries? Book one here.Have any product-related feedback or suggestions for your next virtual event? Drop us an email on

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