IEEE Conferences- New pedestal among research students.

Jay Sitapara
April 8, 2017

A Chinese proverb says

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

That is the goal of education and that is what IEEE stands for.

Since its formation in 1963, IEEE- The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, has grown to be one of the largest organization of technical professionals with more than 400,000 members from across 160 countries.

As the world’s largest technical professional organization, IEEE offers a number of ways to get involved with technical and local communities. IEEE offers a wide range of learning and career enhancement opportunities within the engineering sciences, research and other technology areas.

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The goal of these programs is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge among professionals and to foster individual commitment to continuing education among IEEE members, the engineering and scientific community, and the general public.

With its robust culture to provide a platform for students and technical professionals, IEEE serves as a major publisher of scientific journals and organiser of major conferences. It has emerged to be the producer of more than 30 percent of world’s literature in the field of electrical and electronics engineering and computer science fields, publishing well over 100 peer-reviewed journals.

IEEE Conferences

It sponsors more than 1800 annual conferences and events worldwide, curating cutting-age content for all the technical fields, which has revolutionized the field of research and development. With this, it has fostered a culture which streamlines academicians and technical professionals in the same strata.

India Council of IEEE, has been active since 1976. IEEE India Council is the umbrella organization which coordinates IEEE activities in India. Its primary aim is to assist and coordinate the activities of local “Sections”, in order to benefit mutually and avoid duplication of effort and resources.

It is one of the 5 Councils established in the Asia-Pacific Region. It has been organizing various conferences on emerging trends in technology across various technical institutes of India.

Over the past few years, INDICON emerged as a well recognized and an eagerly anticipated event in the country because of its high-quality technical sessions and for the networking opportunities it provides.

IEEE Conferences

INDICON has been the most prestigious conference conceptualised by IEEE India Council. This has been a metamorphic version of The Annual Convention and Exhibitions (ACE) which was the annual meeting of IEEE India Council.

This flagship program of INDICON 2017, will be held at IIT Roorkee on 15-17 December. IEEE IC partnered with Google for conducting a Google Android Development Program for students members of IEEE CS.

Another flagship event of IEEE IC is the M V Chauhan All India Student Paper Contest which tries to bring together all IEEE Student members of India to discuss the latest advancements and future directions in the areas of interest to IEEE.

The contest invites full paper submissions from IG and PG students in all the areas of interest to IEEE in the Engineering, Technology and Science.

But why and what are the benefits of being part of such an esteemed body? Here, I have listed the benefits which IEEE offers. Have a look!

1. Increased visibility of your work: Each month 7 Million documents are downloaded from IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

2. IEEE Credibility to your work: With over 2 dozen Noble Prize laureates, every IEEE members enjoys the benefits of more than 125 years of innovation.

3. Chances of your work to publish: With over 200 journals, transactions, magazines, and more than 1,500 conferences around the world, it allows authors to get published in the forum they want.

4. Editorial culture it offers: For authors to build up their work, it offers a fluid workflow from resources, collaboration and research.

5. Excellent peer review: IEEE is full of knowledge rich individuals and this benefits in enriching the quality of your work.

IEEE has surely set the stage to instil research and innovation through their robust activities. It surely understands that research experience allows students and professionals to better understand published works, learn to balance collaborative and individual work, determine an area of interest and jump-start their careers as researchers.

Thinking of becoming their member? Check the process their website here.

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