Immersive Events With Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

Deliver immersive session experiences with the new Hubilo Broadcasting Studio (in Beta)

August 18, 2021

You’ve meticulously planned a thought-provoking session. Your registration numbers are looking good. And you can’t wait to charm your audience.But in the first five minutes itself, your audience starts dropping off. You are left scratching your head. Well, you’re not alone. Zoom fatigue is real. And since most virtual event platforms lack session customization capabilities, all sessions look the same, with no visual breaks.So if you want to keep your attendees hooked, you must elevate your session experience. To do this effectively, you need a virtual event platform with advanced broadcasting features. Plus, it should be easy to use for all your panel members regardless of their tech-savviness.While the challenges may seem daunting, you can easily address them with the updated Hubilo Broadcasting Studio (HBS). Building on top of our existing HBS, the new version is packed with powerful customization and broadcasting capabilities. It’s built to help you to deliver unique and immersive session experiences every time.Curious to know how? Let’s break it down.

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Professional-grade sessions that are simple to set up

Today, high-quality video is not a good-to-have, it's a must. Audiences are used to, and expect a phenomenal quality viewing experience. The upgraded HBS gives you exactly that.It’s like your latest iPhone - powerful, intuitive, and capable of creating immersive sessions. Unlike any other broadcasting option, you can deliver professional-grade sessions with the new HBS. The best part - you don't need to be a broadcasting pro, you can do it all in just a few clicks.

Elevated session experience

Make your sessions stand out and grab your attendees’ attention with an array of customization options.

Overlays in Hubilo Broadcasting Studio
  • Logos: Strengthen session branding by adding a logo at any of the four corners of the session stream. You can put your event or your brand logo. Or you can increase your sponsors' visibility by placing their logos and offer this as part of your sponsorship packages. 
  • Banners:  We’ve all been in situations where the host announces a Breakout Room number or refers to an attached document, and we completely miss it. But not anymore. Now you can keep your attendees informed using in-session banners. Provide relevant information with an on-screen Static Banner or make session announcements with a Ticker or a Crawler Banner.
  • Overlays: Customize the overarching look and feel of the session based on the event theme or session topic by adding an Overlay graphic on top of the stream. It helps fight the sameness of virtual sessions and grabs your attendees' attention, as it doesn't look like another dreaded webinar.   
  • Background Image: Extend your branding with a Background Image. It also comes in handy to share relevant session information with attendees when a video feed is not available on the rare occasion you face technical difficulties. 

More robust livestream controls

On top of the advanced customization capabilities, you and your session host also have access to robust livestream controls to ensure smooth session execution.

Immersive Events With Hubilo Broadcasting Studio

You can take advantage of our multiple stream layout controls to further enhance your session experience. You can highlight key aspects of your session, such as the presentation or the active speaker, by selecting the relevant layout.

Ready to elevate your session experiences? 

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by delivering a lackluster session experience. Equip yourself with our powerful and easy-to-use customization and broadcasting capabilities today. And get ready to deliver immersive session experiences for your attendees.If you’re already using Hubilo, the new Hubilo Broadcasting Studio is now available to you. If you’re new to our platform, book a demo and chat with one of our experts now.

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