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January 1, 1970

Millennials and Generation Z represent a majority of the workforce in organisations today. They are fast-moving, well-informed, and impatient. And with more information - and more options - at their fingertips, they’re tougher to please, easier to lose. They’ve comfortably made the shift to virtual happy hours, coffee chats, game nights, and even birthday parties and weddings, and are already rooting for other virtual events. But with the multitude of options available, simply having the best membership management software won't be enough. There has to be more to it.Listed below are 5 ways you can deploy, to let youngsters stay hooked to your next virtual event.1.Start with Innovative IcebreakersWe’re dealing with a generation that gets bored within the blink of an eye. It thus becomes extremely important to start the event on an exciting note so that they get curious as to what’s going to happen next. It is always a good idea to start with ice-breakers.They are a great way to help your attendees gel with fellow mates. Moreover, they jumpstart your event and infuse some energy into your online member engagement platform, Right from the beginning. Let’s take you through a few, fun ice-breakers.What’s Your Name?: In a group where attendees are meeting each other for the first time, this could be a fun way of getting them to know everyone. Ask your attendees to offer a clue, instead of just displaying their name or introducing themselves plainly.For instance, someone named Mark can write, “I share my name with the CEO of Facebook” and someone named Brad can write, “I share my name with a Hollywood heart-throb and the husband of Angelina Jolie”. Alternatively, attendees could also leave blanks in their names to let others guess it. For example, W_LL__M for William. This will not just make the attendees curious to know each other, but will also make them remember each others’ names. And let’s not forget the giggles that will resonate the virtual event due to incorrect guesses and bizarre names. Truth or Lie?: We’ve all played Truth or Dare sometime in our lives, and we know how the game gives out your secrets one by one. However, here we’re playing Truth or Lie, an exciting icebreaker game to let attendees bond with each other. Ask everyone to write one truth, and one lie about themselves on a sheet of paper in a random order. Then turn by turn, everyone has to hold up their sheet and share it with others while they vote to identify which one’s the truth and which one’s the lie.The idea is to enable the group to open up, and in the process, learn one fact about the other person. This way, your online member engagement platform will become a place where strong bonds and connections are built, virtually. 2.Use the Reception Page To your AdvantageIf you have the Best Membership Management Software at your disposal, you’ll surely have a Reception Page or a Wall which is basically like the Timeline you have on Facebook. Make sure you keep it active and full of creative activities, because that is where your attendees come back after a long hectic session. For small virtual events, you can host things like a ‘virtual background contest’, where participants put up screenshots of them in front of a virtual background. The person with the most quirky virtual background can be rewarded with points, virtual trophies or badges. Another creative contest can be one where you can ask your audience to post a picture of how they are attending your event. You cannot fathom the amount of creativity that people might put into making their set-up look the best. Some might have a pet on their laptop and some might have the whole set-up placed in their garden. The person with the most creative or unique setup will be the winner.

3. Put Out Compelling Content

Even if your event is being conducted on the Best Membership Management Software, the responsibility of content lies with you, the organiser. Your content is the heart of your event. From convincing attendees to attend your event to making them stay put throughout the event, the content that goes out should be crisp, clear and creative. While making Powerpoint presentations, make sure you keep the font, pictures and overall look interesting and vibrant. Incorporate GIFs and videos in between sessions. Graphics and a great video quality will ensure that attendees are having a good virtual experience. To complement your content, use good quality cameras, branded backdrops, a mic with fabulous sound qualities, and bump up the quality of your PowerPoints. Do this and see how attendee engagement shoots up!

  1. Gamify!

Who doesn’t love games? The gamification feature of your online member engagement platform must be put to good use when it comes to hooking your attendees to the event. Here are two ways to do that.Trivia Quiz: You can hold a trivia quiz for all the attendees where you ask them questions on sports, movies, food and what not. You will need to tailor-make the quiz by anticipating the interests of your attendees (through age, geographical location, profession etc). Alternatively, you can have the questions revolving around the event or conference’s theme. Polls: Ever been a part of exciting polls before? Yes, polls can also be made exciting as long you are ready to let your creative juices flow. A few interesting poll topics could be,

  • If you could pick a superpower, what would you choose?
  • Name one celebrity you would like to have dinner with!
  • What’s the coolest thing about your job?

You can also have image polls where you set an image as the focal point of your question. Participants see this image on their devices, and can click anywhere on it to drop a green pin at that location. This creates a kind of heatmap of audience responses. You can even designate specific regions of the image as correct or incorrect, such as in the optical illusion poll below. ***

5. Celebrate Little Victories

Have the best membership management software? Even that would become dull if there aren't any celebrations on it. When the event game ends and the winners walk away with their prizes, think of a cool way to celebrate their victory. Shower them with rewards like vouchers, gift cards or simply put their picture on the reception page. Everyone loves praise. Make sure you do it in every small way possible. This will leave the attendees feeling positive and happy after the event. Ultimately, engaging Generation Z is all about creating an engaging, memorable experience. There are infinite possibilities to do so if you put your creativity to work. Keep putting innovative ideas to use with your virtual meetup platform to see what works and what doesn't. You’ll surely figure out a way!

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