Tips to Increase Attendee Interaction — GamerConnect 2018 Learnings

Juhi Purswani
December 18, 2018

In the era of immense unique technologies, gamer enthusiasts were not behind using this tech. To showcase the new gaming tech platform, an event was organised recently by the name of GamerConnect. GamerConnect was an event held on 15th and 16th December at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru.

What’s GamerConnect?

GamerConnect is the biggest platform for gamers in India where latest gaming technology is showcased. Gamers come together to experience the high-level gaming tech and also contribute to the same.

PC gaming is not an old age thing, gamers are crazy about the new tech that is evolving and being integrated into the PC games, how the hardware and game control has changed eventually with the software changes. Gamers through this event also get a chance to interact with other fellow members of the gaming community.

Sponsorship Ebook

GamerConnect had the following activities prepared for the attendees of the event:

- Product Launches

- Gaming MODs

- Cosplay

- eSports

- Quiz

- Gaming Workshops and so on

How Hubilo contributed to the Gamer’s guild?

Events happening anywhere, if they fall under the category of business events, conferences, networking events and exhibitions, Hubilo never let’s miss any chance to empower those events with the event technology.

Hubilo, being an event technology vendor, provides the events with all possible kind of tech required for their events.

1.Event Website — As we all know now that event website has become the most basic necessity for any large-scale event shouting out for participation. As this event was focused on attracting gamers and their communities to participate, an attractive gaming related website was built.

The highlights included Tickets, About Us, Sponsors, Want to buy section, Instagram page, and many more options.

Event Ticketing was also included and integrated into the event website. Along with it were also Gallery, Videos, Highlights, Speaker List, Testimonials, FAQ’s, Schedule, and Participation Profile and so on.

2. Event App — The best and the most widely used event technology that also gets gamers on with their skillset. Event app was provided to GamerConnect with sundry features wherein they could be familiar with the schedule on the venue for both the days of the event, view the event feed, post on it, provide feedback, edit their profile and many more. Rests of the features are highlighted in the coming points.

3. Event Feed — Event feed usually is like any social media feed but the event feed of GamerConnect had ample interaction with a variety of gamers posting their images, details about games and stores, sharing their experience, introducing themselves to the app crowd.

GamerConnect App

Many attendees also shared social links like using youtube videos. The event feed of the GamerConnect was a delight to go through for all the attendees.

4. Engagement feature — Attendees at GamerConnect were given a perfect opportunity to bond with their fellow members, speakers, and participants at the event. This would enable them to share their expertise and experience with one another.

push notification analytics

To make attendee engagement interesting, astounding features were integrated into the event app including the in-app chat feature, set up meetings feature, sharing business cards, making notes and marking favorites for the attendee profile attendee’s would like to know or meet with.

5. Check-in using QR code — GamerConnect used Hubilo’s check-in and QR code product to ease the process of check-ins. This was also applied to the different game stages. Stage-wise check-in was a part wherein attendees had to show QR code while attending that exhibition stall or booth.

QR check-in makes the event organiser’s work effortless to count the data and prepare a post-event analytics report and analyses the footfall at the next event.

6. Leaderboard — Gamification feature is a turning point feature used at events by the event organisers. It is indeed one of the best features provided for the GamerConnect event as it instantaneously became the most popular feature amongst the gamers and event attendees.

The Leaderboard feature, in general, calculates the scores of the attendees who are the most active in the conference using event app. Various kinds of contests and activities happening on the venue like posting on feed, responding to quiz and live polls are used in the calculation of the scores. Event organisers kept the track of event attendees who were winning and scoring the most by displaying the results on the leaderboard.

7. Live Polls and Quiz — Gamers love to explore and have a know-it-all persona. This paid off at the GamerConnect when the event attendees were bombarded with several interesting polls and quiz questions live at the event venue.

The responses were simultaneously recorded keeping a score of who all participated and calculated the attendee’s scores. Few feedbacks from the on-site team stated that attendees’ were quite impressed by Live Polls and Quiz feature.

8. Email and SMS outreach using Event Marketing feature — Event Marketing are as essential and vital for the event as is the on-event social media coverage and presence. So along with the amazing tech features, event organisers also opted for event marketing feature which allows them to send emails and SMS to the potential attendee list.

So, outreach for Email and SMS was also a great hit as sending regular updates and newsletters, registrations details and tickets brought in a lot of attendees.

9. Event Analytics — Analytics always is a requirement for the aftermath of the event, calculate event ROI and to have the next event planned accordingly. Using the event analytics feature, event organisers were able to view all the stats precisely and calculate the % of the audience who turned in during the events, which day was the most blissful, which exhibit or stand were the attendees most interested in, how many app downloads did they get and so on.

GamerConnect Analytics

Stating which here are a few analytics which would certainly grab your attention. The footfall observed at GamerConnect cross 7000 mark, more than 16000 tickets were sold, app downloads for the same crossed 3500 mark, website viewers ranged from India to USA, UK, Singapore, and Germany. Here are a few screens for you to have a better idea of the analytics.

10. Want to Buy section — This section was a custom URL section which redirected to a page whose URL was put in the dashboard by the event organisers. This was to lure attendees’ to the GamerConnect’s merchandise web page which opened up a form requesting for event attendee’s information.

11. Workshop Registration — Workshop Registration was a collapsible menu wherein several workshops were included upon clicking which the details would pop up and a custom Url, where event attendees could register. For all the workshops organised for GamerConnect, the registrations were limited up to 80 persons per workshop.

12. MOD Showcase — MOD showcase is more understood term by the gaming enthusiasts. This section was dedicated to several MOD games and MOD specialists were also invited to the event.

Gaming enthusiasts and attendees contacted them about the customizations and modifications one can make in their own games.

Takeaways from GamerConnect 2018 event:

Here are few takeaways that our team gathered from working with GamerConnect. Let’s have a look.

1.Gaming tech at events are fun — It was a fun environment with the gamer community coming together to share knowledge and gain insights about the developments in the game tech arena.

With the event tech and PC gaming coming together, this event was quite fun and a huge success. All the tech savvy people were being social about their experience at the GamerConnect event.

2. Leveraged attendee’s competitive skills — Gaming is an important area of technological development. People get paid to build, play and test games. This platform provided by GamerConnect gave an opportunity for the attendees to attend a 2-day event, learn, explore and share. Since gamers are often competitive, henceforth the leaderboard displayed the results.

3. Attendee Engagement is a definite way to event success — Attendees at the event come not just to witness the growth of the tech sector in the country but also to connect and increase the number of people in their networks. At such events, attendees get a chance to network with people of their own niche. GamerConnect fulfilled this opportunity for all the attendees and also gave them a way to chat and meet at the event.

4. Leaderboard ensured the gaming and networking spirit never left the venue — A pro level event app featuring the Leaderboard, getting gamers to interact is a pro level of event-tech implemented at events. This pro feature resulted in gaming enthusiasts increased the level of interaction. Event Attendees leveraged the event feed, answered quiz questions and took part in the live polls.

Learnings from events can surely be put to better use in the next event. For Hubilo, this event was a boost in their confidence and their services.

Have your own event experience to share? Something that you think might help other planners learn from?

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Juhi Purswani

Juhi Purswani is a major in Information Technology. Currently a Content Developer in Hubilo, she is a passionate writer and loves to research and explore new and unique topics. Working in an event-tech company, she is getting accustomed to the technological revolutions that are taking place in the event management industry. Fond of Dan Brown books, she is an avid reader of fiction. In her relaxation moments, she pens down her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. You can follow her on twitter on @19_juhi.

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