[Infographic]: Post-GDPR Auditing Checklist

Juhi Purswani
May 22, 2018

The effects of the new law passed by the European government, General Data Protection Regulation is affecting organisations worldwide deeply. Companies were till now just preparing for 25th May, but no one has thought of post-GDPR effects. Let’s have a look at one of the crucial elements of GDPR.

Data auditing is the key element in the entire GDPR journey, which will actually begin from 25th May, the day GDPR is coming into enforcement.

Every organisation and its members are trying to fit themselves into the GDPR compliance and make sure they are following all the principles and policies. Various industries such as a number of organisations in the event industry are a step ahead and are already coming up with strategies for post-GDPR things.

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Coming onto the topic, post-GDPR effects are going to be witnessed after 25th May. The event professionals must continue to follow all the regulations and keep yourself posted on GDPR. We have come up with one of the things that’ll become vital after GDPR enforcement i.e. regular audits.

To ease the work of the event professionals and event planners, here is a checklist to remind you to stay updated and GDPR compliant even after 25th May.

Why is post-GDPR audit important?

  • To keep oneself posted about the new regulations and update the system accordingly
  • To make sure that the consent is being recorded
  • To maintain the compliance and high standards of the company as they were before GDPR
  • To ensure all the rights of EU citizens are being followed i.e. Right to Erasure, Right to Portability, etc.

We have come up with a post-GDPR audit checklist which will help the organisations have some pointers to what to do post-GDPR.

Check out the audit checklist and maintain the procedures of auditing accordingly.

Know more about the principles of processing personal data under GDPR here.

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