“We succeed only if you do”– an interview with Hubilo’s Director of Client Experience

No two events are the same—Yuvraj Saxena and his team of Client Experience Managers (CXMs) are determined to make your event shine. Find out how they do this.
Senior Copywriter
June 9, 2022

Yuvraj Saxena and his team of Client Experience Managers (CXMs) are determined to make your event shine. Recently, Hubilo’s Director of Client Experience chatted with Senior Director of Social + Broadcast Media Rachel Moore, sharing his insights on how his team makes your event planning and execution process as smooth as possible, all while delivering the support you need.

How it works

In the virtual event industry, client experience is when solutions and traditional tech support come together to provide live assistance, present from the outset. And for every virtual or hybrid event that uses the Hubilo platform, a CXM from Yuvraj’s team dedicates their time to making sure things go smoothly every step of the way. 


“Yuvraj, you're someone with a very direct pulse on what event planners today worry about and what they're seeking help with. What would you say are the top two or three things that you find that your team helps people with the most?”


“We spend a lot of time and effort on execution readiness with our clients. This includes a thorough, customized training on the Hubilo platform so that clients are comfortable using it and can even point attendees to features they might especially enjoy.”  

In addition to ensuring you’re adept at using the Hubilo virtual event platform, Yuvraj also explained that rehearsals are a key part of how CXMs assist with event prep. By conducting “360 degree rehearsals” that cover every aspect of the event, you’ll be prepared for any issues that might arise on event day, including any last minute changes that might be needed.

“The most cliche’ statement in an event planner’s life is ‘the show must go on,’” he said, noting that if a tech issue pops up, for example, it instantly causes a lot of stress. Thankfully, with a CXM on hand to work on a solution, event planners can focus on the many other moving pieces that make an event successful. In fact, to ensure you’re covered no matter what, every CXM has a partner. So if something arises during off hours for one, the other can assist. They literally provide 24/7 live support.

When the big event day arrives, your dedicated CXM works side-by-side with your staff members to facilitate the smooth execution of your event, including assisting with virtual check-in for your attendees. They also stay in the virtual event for the first 2 hours. 

It’s all part of Yuvraj and his team’s genuine care for their clients. “By the event date, we want to be [considered a member of our client’s] team. We succeed only if you do.” 

With the Hubilo Client Experience Team, your success is truly how they measure their own.

Gain more than a service. Gain a member of your team who’s as invested in the success of your event as you. Hubilo is committed to your success through the client experience

Hubilo is built for you.

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