iSPIRT- Changing The Face Of Indian SaaS Products

April 18, 2017

"In the software eco-system, it's usually the early bird that gets the worm,"

The Softech Industry has been on a sprouting streak to showcase the dense and profound growth of its effects since Netscape Navigator came into existence until today, where software is about to replace any tedious or skilled job in our world.

With such eclectic and equivocal needs, any SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprise is compelled to update themselves with the new waters for them to hunt and deliver the latest and most effective form of their idea. iSPIRT is such a consortium cum think tank who is, as Lincoln would say, is truly democratic for this industry, i.e for, by and of the SoftTech Community

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To take you through the ride of iSPIRT, let's take the simplified approach by answering What? When? Who? Why? and HOW?

What iSPIRT is, a collaboration of ideas, people and visionaries which give a vital and integrative approach to all the upcoming softech and technological product companies by not only participating and organising events but also by crucially reviewing and suggesting government policies, determining market catalysts and grow the maturity of product entrepreneurs.

Who? This idea won't have become a milestone if it wasn't for the CARBON team. As the projects required different qualities and the ability to morph with a different element of the market, CARBON is the aptest analogy to describe the team. With a very eccentric hierarchy, they are always quanta above of the expectation.

The different portfolios are:

1. Voyager- Everything that is done - market catalysts, events, Roundtables, etc. - are open access and taken care by a Voyager.

2. Fellow- Fellows are the core drivers of ISPIRT. They are the face of our mission and implement our strategies on ground

3. Maven- Mavens are trusted experts who pass knowledge to others in a pay-forward model in small intimate learning sessions that iSPIRT has pioneered.

4. Saarthi- Saarthis are impassioned volunteers bringing iSPIRT initiatives to their community.

Why? iSPIRT, The Indian Software Product Industry Roundtable exists because they believe in the cause of the Indian Software Product Industry. They believe that with focus, investment and indeed encouragement, the software product industry can become a multi-billion dollar force to reckon with in the future. This obviously will have a multiplier effect on the economy in terms of growth, employment, consumption, investment and so on.


iSPIRT organises events that behave as a grand platform for the sprouting underdogs to play with the sharks and compete with them in the eco-system. ProductNation is an initiative by iSPIRT a think-tank focused on Transforming India into a hub for new generation software products. In the last 3 years, India has seen an “8X” growth in a number of startups, and a whopping “21X” growth in funded product ventures.

The formula for the perfect event is a dedicated team, a vision with a spectrum of focused targets and a little Chemical X- Hubilo. Hubilo has been a weapon in the event tech industry promoting SaaS-y methods of digital presence.

Here is the list of some of the iSPIRT events which are held every year, specially fabricated for giving impetus to startup and building community.

1. PN Camp- The idea of this PNCamp is to get a bunch of successful startup founders and early stage startups together so that early stage startups can learn from the successful ones.

2. SaaS- SaaSx4 was recently organised at Chennai. It is a leading tech event that provides Saas founders the opportunity to network and share product insights.

3. PN Growth- 50 Founders. 3 Days of Bootcamp. 1 Year of Mentorship. The Product Leaders Bootcamp is back. Smaller, better, more intense.

Check out their website to stay updated regarding their upcoming events and schedule.

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