How are governments holding large events to invite investments?

Hiteshree Dudani
February 6, 2017

Hosting large-scale events is surely a task. But the efforts made in it always turn into profits. If you are focusing on business events like trade shows or investors’ summit, then one of the biggest returns of hosting such an event are the investments made in your organization.

How can hosting business meets bring you investments?

The thing that happens here is that when different organizations attend events hosted by you, they get to know more about your organization. They get to know about your infrastructure, resources, etc. You can display your strengths to them, share your business ideas, and they will get to know your organization’s potential.

This will build up their trust in your organization. This trust can further be developed to attract some splendid investment amounts for your organization. (Check out some other benefits of hosting business events here)

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How are governments benefiting from this?

The above-mentioned rule works for governments alike. A country’s state or central government can also attract investments by hosting large-scale events.

Governments usually choose to host business events like an investors’ summit. They further invite national and global companies to be a part of such events. The governments take these business summits as an opportunity to display the following:

* First of all, the governments demonstrate their potential by providing top-notch hospitality services and tech services amongst others.

* The governments show off the strength of their state or country is in terms of infrastructural development and skilled human resources.* They show how the trade policies of their state/ country will be beneficial and more profitable for the investing companies.* They exhibit the geographical advantages a company would get by investing in their state in terms of the availability of resources.Further, they substantiate and back it up by showing the profits and growth of the existing companies who have invested in their country.

These things provoke large multi-nationals to realize the efficiency of the state which further persuades them to invest in the state.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, the state’s political situation and experiences of the past investors also largely affect the investors’ decisions.

What are some of the events hosted by governments to attract investments?

Globally, many different governments host business meets and conferences to attract large investments. These events are usually held annually or biennially. Some of these events are:

Some of the Investment Summits hosted by National Governments:

1. India Investment Conference

The finance ministry of India in association with the CFA Society India holds an annual investment summit. The 7th edition of the India Investment Conference was held on 13th January 2017 in Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

2. Select USA

Select USA is the annual investment summit hosted by the government of USA. The 2016 edition of this summit was a 3-day event organized on 19–21 June. This year, the conference is scheduled for 18–20 June 2017 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Centre, Washington D.C.

3. China-Israel Investment Summit

The China-Israel Investment Summit is aimed at increasing cross-border trade collaborations of China and Israel. The first edition of this summit was organized in Beijing in 2106. It was hosted by the Israel Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, Israel Embassy and the Infinity Group.

Some of the Investment Summits hosted by the State Governments of India:

1. Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit

The Government of Gujarat was the first State government to host an investment summit to attract foreign investments from the year 2003. The 8th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit was held this year from 10th — 13th January.

2. Invest Madhya Pradesh Global Investors Summit

The government of Madhya Pradesh initiated its own biennial investor’s summit in 2007 with the name Invest Madhya Pradesh Global Investors Summit. It was last held in October 2016 and is now scheduled for 2018.

3. Invest Karnataka

The 4th edition of Invest Karnataka, the investor's summit organized by the government of Karnataka, was held in February 2016.

4. Bengal Global Business Summit

The government of West Bengal also organizes its own Global investor's summit under the name Bengal Global Business Summit. Its latest edition was organized in the 3rd week of January 2017.

5. CII Investor Summit

The CII Investor Summit is the investment summit organized by the government of Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian industry.

How do governments host such large scale events so efficiently?

In order to fulfill the aim of attracting investments, the governments have to put up a good show without fail. They not only have to host a successful event on the scheduled dates, but they even have to maintain their internet ubiquity before the event. Elegant internet presence is a must for hosting events these days because:

* It gives publicity to your event. You can spread the word of your presence with the help of internet.* Efficient presence on the internet gives credibility to your event.

In order to manage their presence on the internet, large scale events have started using event management software.

This is because event management software works on automation. It makes the tasks like creating event website, event application, registration forms, analytics, etc. all automated. The organizers just have to spare a few minutes to fill the basic details and then the software does it all.

Even the organizers of the 8th edition of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit made use of event management software. Their entire internet ubiquity was powered by Hubilo.

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