Asia's Largest Content Festival – India Film Project – Chooses Hubilo to Go Virtual

Falguni Jain
November 5, 2020

About India Film Project:

Founded in 2011, India Film Project (IFP) aspires to build a community of content creators across different art forms, such as filmmaking, writing, designing, music and storytelling. 

Starting from a 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge, IFP has now evolved into Asia's Largest Content Fest, providing a hubspot for different creators to converse, connect and showcase their creativity.

This year, India Film Project Season X pivoted to virtual, hosting 20,000+ Attendees and 120+ Artists and  giving a sneak peek of Hubilo’s all-new ‘Multiple Virtual Skins’ Feature, which was executed by a collaboration between both the teams.


Since the past 9 years, the IFP fest is held annually in India, with content creators from all over the world, attending the event to perform, participate in discussions, view the stellar line-up of sessions and get involved in various activities. 

With the 10th edition of the event just around the corner, the event organizers did not want to cancel the yearly ritual because of COVID-19. 

Yet they were apprehensive about the following aspects:

  1. How to transition the annual in-person event to a virtual space, considering its large scale?
  2. How to connect the community of creators in a single place that too in a seamless manner?
  3. How to ensure that the event experience from previous editions is replicated at the virtual event?
  4. How to differ the event from a simple Zoom meeting and make it more vibrant and interactive?
  5. How to ensure that a large portfolio of brands (i.e. exhibitors) turn up?


The Hubilo team had an in-depth discussion with the event organizers, wherein these challenges were highlighted and potential solutions were brainstormed.

This information was integrated with Hubilo’s capabilities, to address each of the virtual event needs.

  • Being our premium clients, we exposed our platform’s design capabilities to the IFP’s in-house design team, allowing them to completely brand the virtual event platform as per their requirements. This level of flexibility helped them to customize the event according to their design lines and event vision. Hence, from speaker profiles to live sessions, the aesthetic of each and every element was tailor-made.
India Film Project is Hosted on Hubilo's Virtual Event Platform
  • The ‘Event App’ was used to maintain the interaction between the IFP community members, through real-time updates on the event feed and 1:1 meeting and chatting facility.
  • The ‘Agenda’ tab was used to showcase the comprehensive line-up of sessions featuring renowned industry experts and versatile actors.
  • Using the Breakout Rooms feature, a mixer stage was created with 40+ rooms, to host interactive theme-based workshops and group discussions.
India Film Project on Hubilo
  • The Gamificationfeature was used to host interesting quizzes, competitions and challenges, that were spread out across the 4 days to boost audience engagement.
  • The Exhibitor Centralwas used to offer premium service to Exhibitors via profile creation facility and advanced lead generation tools. 


The virtual festival turned out to be an outstanding success (with highest ever attendance in any IFP event), setting a new benchmark for organizations hosting events in the arts and entertainment industries.

IFP not only achieved increased traction from their already loyal user community (through new ways of interacting in these unusual circumstances) but also successfully expanded their member-base by becoming a more accessible event, owing to the digital location.

Here are the key statistics of the event:

India Film Project on Hubilo

If you are also planning to pivot to virtual, book a demo to see how our SMART virtual event platform can enhance your event.

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Falguni Jain

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