How to Leverage Your Event App for Sponsor Promotion?

Hiteshree Dudani
November 21, 2018

An event app is one of the most profitable investments for event organisers. This one resource adds multi-faceted value to your complete event. From making the event more convenient for attendees to increase audience engagement, your event app does a lot of different things that can benefit you.

One potentially beneficial but highly neglected use of an event app is to leverage it for sponsor promotion. Yes! Your event application can help you provide some extra space to your event sponsors as well.

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Plus, since most of your attendees are going to download the event app for the sake of their own convenience, it is more likely that your sponsors will be noticed on the app than on other platforms. I mean, they literally get a visible space in the phones of every single person in the event. This can prove to be highly profitable for them, and, in turn, advantageous for you as well.

But how exactly should you go about it? What are the things that you need to do in order to make it all a success? Let’s find out!

Understand the expectations.

If you are providing your sponsors with some digital space on your event app, they are definitely going to want it in some particular way. They are going to have some specific requirements based on their targets and goals. This is why you need to begin the journey by understanding their expectations.

Guessing games never work in professional settings. So simply go out there and ask your sponsors about their exact expectations and requirements from the app. Ask them about their short-term and long-term objectives and make decisions accordingly. Also, make sure that you talk to them to work as a team and not a mere resource provider. For the success of both you, you need to work together.

Work-out the branding game.

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Now you have quite a few options when it comes to providing some branding space to your sponsors. You can either ask one of them to sponsor the app completely and have an exclusive branding opportunity. This means that this particular sponsor will be the only one who will get space on your event application. This can be a great choice since it makes things more convenient and profitable for you as well as the sponsor.

However, if none of your sponsors seems comfortable with this idea, you can always go ahead with two or more sponsors. The point of caution here is that if you are working with more sponsors, you need to make sure that the branding exposure given to each is proportionate and justified.

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You always have to make sure that the placement of the sponsor promotion elements is neither too overwhelming nor too subtle. Discuss with your sponsors and create some banner designs, advertisements, etc. that can be strategically placed throughout the application in a way that is completely visible, yet not blocking the main content.

If possible, you can make a separate section for the sponsors on your event application. Here, you can list down all the sponsors and add a separate profile page for each one of them. This page can give some relevant details about the history and the current status of brands. It can also be used to promote specific products by them.

Get the attendees involved!

One of the main objectives that almost all event organisers have in mind while getting an event app is definitely audience engagement. Your app needs to be functional and interactive enough to hold onto the attention of your attendees. It should have a design that enhances the overall experience of every single one of your attendees.

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Leveraging event app for sponsor promotions can also become a part of your attendee engagement. Your sponsors can come up with various audio-visual or written content that can be circulated in the audience via the app. They can have some interactive elements like games, polls, surveys, etc. related to their product.

Such a system will increase attendee engagement as well as be beneficial for sponsors. Not only can the sponsors market their product, but they can also know more about consumer behavior and responses from live polls and surveys.

Another way to engage the audience is by using push notifications. You can present your sponsors with the facility to send out push notifications to the attendees when they aren’t using the app. These notifications can direct them to the profile page of sponsors or it can take them to some specific content chosen by the sponsors. They can also use these notifications to prompt attendees to visit their booth at the exhibition.

Give them some added benefits!

Apart from this, you can give your sponsors some added benefits as well that can be highly profitable for them.

Within the app itself, you can also create a platform where the attendees can directly interact with the sponsors and vice versa. If an attendee is interested in some work of the sponsor, he/she can contact the sponsor directly via the app. This can be a great networking opportunity for the attendees and a great marketing opportunity for the sponsors.


Secondly, most event apps come with analytical tools. These tools help organisers understand attendee behaviour on the application and leverage it for various purposes. This data is usually accumulated at the end of the event and is used accordingly. Once you get this data, you can also share some relevant bits of it with your sponsors. You can help them identify the attendee activities with respect to their presence on the application. This data can be extremely useful for them and can help them in many different ways.

So the bottom line is that there are a thousand different ways to give your sponsors some extra visibility by using your event application. All you need to do is come up with various interesting ideas that will help build the communication between the sponsors and the attendees of your event.

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