How To Leverage Virtual Employee Engagement Platforms During The Lockdown

Arushi Gupta
September 24, 2020

In today's era, where the dynamics of work culture in organisations keeps changing, employee experience is something that needs to be carefully paid heed to. Just like your customers; your interactions and engagement with your employees are equally important for smooth business operations, overall productivity, and a healthy workplace atmosphere. It is necessary to prevent any voids that might be existing between employees, and hence any communication gaps must be filled with the use of technology.

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This has become all the more important in the current time of the pandemic, when each one of us is held back at home. Now, companies have to tweak and try out newer ways to accustom themselves to the work-from-home lifestyle. And the best way to do this is through the use of technology. So how does one go about engaging a remote employee, efficiently?Use a virtual employee engagement platform!Let’s enlighten you with a few ways you can leverage virtual employee engagement platformto get the best out of your employees, during and after the lockdown.1.Conduct Interactive Online SessionsWho doesn’t love mega company events? They’re the right place to gel with fellow employees and they’re fun too!

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But their execution takes time, cost, and can be a logistical headache. And now, with the work-from-home culture picking up pace, teams are not present in a single space but distributed across several cities, countries and continents. Here is where the best virtual employee engagement softwares can be put to good use. They are a wonderful medium to conduct fun activities, ice-breaking sessions and have candid conversations. Most virtual event platforms have the feature of conducting exciting polls, quizzes and contests where employees can interact live, and also have a fun, gamified experience. Selfie, photo and video contests are also a great way to beat lockdown blues and help employees have a playful time together!2. Keep the Spirits of the Employees HighEmployees often end up feeling monotonous, disengaged and disconnected with their organisation due to work or personal issues. Such feelings of inadequacy could affect an employee’s performance, more so in the lockdown, and hence it becomes necessary to give them constant motivation, positive feedback and appreciation. Using the best employee engagement software, the task becomes much easier. Setting milestones on the event engagement platform and rewarding employees upon achieving them, is one way of boosting their morale and keeping them on their toes. Motivating webinars, one-to-one feedback sessions and announcements for good performance/business wins could also be a great way to pat your employees’ backs! 3. Make Onboarding Easy and EfficientTraditionally, an employee’s first day is spent showing him around the office and introducing him to new team members. But now, with no physical office to welcome new employees, how should one adjust the onboarding process to match the current times?Shift online! Virtual employee engagement platformgive you all that is required to conduct onboarding swiftly. Using its virtual meeting tools, you could host welcome sessions just as seamlessly as you would in person, allowing new joinees to connect and engage with their managers and teammates. Instead of the traditional meet-and-greet, virtual onboarding activities such as virtual greeting, virtual welcome lunch, and ice-breaker games can be tried. With live-streaming platforms, one could deliver training sessions and organise live Q and A sessions. Employees can take courses and tests on the platform as well.4. Ensure Personalized Networking Similar To In-person MeetingsPhysical offices have numerous meeting rooms. There are conference rooms for large-scale meetings, cabins for private discussions and many other places for people of various hierarchies to interact with one another.

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Virtual engagement platforms recreate the office experience for you by providing you with various lounges and ability to hold multiple parallel sessions at a time. If you’re a CEO looking to meet all the senior level employees in a private meeting, you could easily go to a lounge and have a session with them, without letting any other employee inside. Not just organisers, employees can also network with each other through one-on-one chat boxes. 5. Get Engagement Analytics with the Help of Data and Statistics.A well-known adage goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Indeed, data forms the basis of your understanding of any situation, and the same applies to virtual employee engagement platform. The software provides the feature to analyze and get insights into sessions' attendance, review the number of meetings held, get details of the number of chat-room interactions, and get engagement data from Q&A participations and live polls. These actionable insights can help you identify engaged employees and bring about necessary changes accordingly. The statistics can also be used to measure engagement against past survey results, which in turn will help you in tracking the health of the company culture over time.6. Ensure Team Collaboration and TogethernessWhen working remotely, maintaining constant communication with your team becomes of primary importance. Virtual employee engagement platform enables you to keep your organisation together by giving you a single touchpoint for all interactions that take place in your company. It includes point-to-point and group chats, audio and video, screen and file sharing, along with features that support community services including news feeds and profiles. An effective team collaboration strategy leveraging the online employee engagement tool can boost employee involvement, and ultimately lead to better employee satisfaction.Those were a few ways to leverage virtual platforms in the best way possible. We all are well aware of the importance of raising morale, fostering team collaboration and efficiently managing day-to-day work during the pandemic, and virtual employee engagement platform is here just to do that.

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Just like managing employee engagement activities digitally, other virtual events are also soon going to be the new normal for the world. And, to host virtual events, people are definitely going to find options that suit their purpose. You can check out Hubilo's best employee engagement softwarein case you are looking to host your next virtual event anytime in the future.

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