11 Major Business Events to Attend in Australia in 2020

Juhi Purswani
December 23, 2019

With the new year approaching, it’s the time to ensure you are up to date with all the important business events taking place around you in 2020. Don’t fall behind as you have a lot to catch up in the coming year.

Not all the events are the same. Some business events are specifically for the technology sector to showcase the trends and latest tech. While some might be pure entrepreneurship ones and the rest aimed for global audiences discussing several agendas & issues.

Here are the 2020 Australia business events that you must keep on your radar to enhance your experience and explore much better opportunities in your field of interest.

1. World Business Forum Sydney

Date of the Event: 27th — 28th May 2020City: Sydney

Powered by WOBI every year in multiple cities across the globe, the World Business Forum is a 2-day event. This event brings together thousands of attendees consisting of senior-level decision-makers from numerous industries to learn from.

business events Australia 2020

World Business Forum offers its attendees a unique blend of ideas & inspiration and also focusses on issues majorly faces by the business people motivating the youth to think new & motivate to try unique things & bring about a change by networking with people in the similar industry.

Corporate and business events are using Event Management Software to improve the attendee experience & elevate the level of events.

2. The Business of Events

Date of the Event: 19th March 2020City: Melbourne

The Business of Events is the conference for professionals from corporate, government and association sectors who have the authority to plan & execute business events. The main takeaway of this conference is fresh ideas and strategies from well-known industry speakers. It also gives surety to the attendees about the next event being more potent & successful.

business events Australia 2020

The Business of Events is the ONLY industry conference in Australia focusing on the strategic planning and commercial side of the events business.

3. Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo

An event that has been without fail running in Australia for 30 years is a must-attend. This Expo brings together all the audiences of franchises & small businesses and all the big business players. The expo has played quite an important role in growing Australia’s dynamic franchising and small business industry.

business events Australia 2020

In this expo, you can look forward to huge networking opportunities and get to know wonderful ideas on how to start your own business or how to make your organization reach the heights of success.

It’s the perfect place to begin your new business search or finalize your decision-making process. Turn your ambition into action today!

The Expo dates are:

Sydney: 20–21 March 2020 at ICC Sydney Darling Harbour

Perth: 3 May 2020 at Crown Perth

Brisbane: 19–20 June 2020 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank

Melbourne: 21–22 August 2020 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Southbank

4. Sydney Build Expo

Date of the event: 19th-20th March 2020City: Sydney

Sydney Build Expo is one of the biggest and leading events for construction, infrastructure and architecture. In 2020, Sydney Build Expo will complete its 5 years of hosting business events. It has become the best-attended B2B construction tradeshow in Australia.

business events Australia 2020

It provides attendees over 300+ accredited presentations for free. Last Expo numbers were quite impressive with 10k+ attendee count, 60+ Event Partners, 350+ Exhibitors; in 2020 the numbers can be much better as well.

5. Search Marketing Summit

Date of the event: 17th-20th March 2020City: Sydney

Back again to begin the training in the 14th year, Search Marketing Summit is an annual search engine boot camp. It is an ideal training event that provides a great platform to train your staff and members about search engine marketing.

business events Australia 2020

Learn the ABC’s and fundamentals and devise your business and marketing strategy in a better manner with the training received in this event.

6. Cisco Live Melbourne

Date of the event: 3rd-6th March 2020City: Melbourne

Cisco Live is Cisco’s Annual Customer & Partner Conference. You as an attendee would get insights from Cisco’s brightest of minds. Transform your outlook and your potential and learn from the influencers.

business events Australia 2020

Cisco Live inspires you and makes digital transformation possible. This event represents a unique opportunity for many people with many cutting edge technologies in the market to explore.

7. Asia Pacific Incentives & Meetings Event

Date of the event: 17th — 19th Feb 2020City: Melbourne

AIME aka Asia Pacific Incentives & Meetings Event brings together a wide range of exhibitors and buyers. The famous Hosted Buyer Program in AIME ensures that the buyers who are attending the event are all in to do the business.

business events Australia 2020

AIME’s pre-scheduled appointment system aligns over 14k+ meetings with the destinations and services on offer from over 400 exhibitors.

8. Sustainable Prosperity Conference

Date of the event: 10th-12th Jan 2020City: Adelaide

A very trendy conference for you to attend if you want to contribute to the sustainability movement. Sustainability Prosperity Conference is a one to discuss & explore the elements of a Green New Deal for Australia.

business events Australia 2020

The world’s leading speakers and economists are going to be a part of this conference to share their work and experience and offer ideas to bring a positive & green change.

9. Asia Pacific System Dynamics Conference

Date of the event: 2nd — 4th Feb 2020City: Brisbane

Another educational & transformational conference to attend which provides opportunities to grow the System Dynamics society. It showcases the application of system dynamics within the Asia Pacific Region.

business events Australia 2020

It also enriched and strengthens the exchange of ideas in the Asia Pacific Region and Australia. It is all a must go for academia, government, industry and NGO people.

10. Digital Marketing Summit

Date of the Event: 13th Feb 2020City: Melbourne

As the year progresses, the digital marketing arena is back again with various new strategies that encompass SEO, content marketing, social media, PPC and so on.

business events Australia 2020

Advancements such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality or augmented reality and another high tech can use some latest insights to get maximum success. The major focus is to stay at the top of the trends and continually emerge in the trends as the year’s successes.

11. SRC Conference

Date of the event: 14th — 15th Feb 2020City: Adelaide

SRC conference 2020 is a flagship event for social marketers. It aims at bringing together the social marketers from across Australia and New Zealand. You get to learn from inspirational speakers, learn about their brand and their products, even their plans & strategies for the future. It’s a great go for all the corporates.

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