Tips to Maximize Registrations for Your Healthcare Event

Himani Sheth
April 25, 2017

Healthcare event industry is flourishing as ever. The Centre for Exhibition Research has predicted a growth of 1% in the healthcare exhibition centre. Healthcare event planners are trying to step away from the traditional healthcare meetings and are constantly trying to innovate the way healthcare events are conducted.

Planning, marketing and managing healthcare events is a mammoth task, mainly due to the sheer amount of paperwork required for all the regulations that are to be followed on top of everything else. Event-planning, in this case, may require some extra time and effort.

Ensuring that your efforts are fruitful is essential. Getting a maximum number of right-minded people to attend your healthcare event will surely ensure that you’re half way there.

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Here are a few ways in which you can maximise your attendee registrations:

1. Embrace event tech:

Technology at healthcare event

The use of technology in various facets of the event will help maximise the interests of potential attendees, ensuring more registrations. First off, a good event website and an event app will simplify event-planning tasks such as event registrations, payments, check-ins, paper submissions, etc. as well as catch the attention of potential attendees browsing through your site.

Apart from this, it is also necessary to integrate technology within the event itself. Events like healthcare expos, exhibitions, etc. can use latest technological trends such as augmented reality, informatics, 3D animation and graphics, etc. to present new advances in the field of healthcare. Use of AV technology makes the content more comprehensive and engaging at the same time, attracting more audience.

2. Reel in good speakers:

Good speakers at healthcare event

One of the main aspects to be taken care of in these events is the content. In terms of healthcare conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc. the content plays an extremely important role in deciding the turnout.

Ensuring good content will surely draw in more audience, leading to more registrations. How to ensure good content? Good content comes from good speakers. A good speaker is someone with ample experience and knowledge in their field as well someone whom the audience trusts.

It is necessary to have a myriad of speakers from physicians, doctors, nurses, healthcare consultants to researchers and academicians, etc. Diversity in speakers will help to present the content from different perspectives, giving more contexts to the event.

3. Make apt use of Social Media:

Use of social media in healthcare event

“Social media is a conversation.

Social media is customer service.

Social media is advertising.

Social media is connections.

Social media has become an integral part of all our lives. Changing trends in event-planning prove that even the world of event planning and event management have acknowledged this fact.

Making apt use of social media to advertise and promote your healthcare event and explaining the outcomes can help reel in the interested audience who can be converted into attendees.

Even before the event, social media can be used to generate interest in the overall brand, gaining people’s trust and ensuring their participation. It is essential to formulate a strategy for the same and recognise your target audience. Use of intelligent hashtags, posting useful content, videos, pictures, updates, etc. can help the organisers in achieving this.

4. Personalise:

Personalize at healthcare event

Personalization has become one of the most important norms in the healthcare event industry. The experience provided should be personalised in a way that each attendee feels that the event is made for them.

It is a tricky aspect in terms of healthcare as patient privacy is paramount and there are regulations to be considered. This can be done through the smart use of technology. The promotional emails sent to interested attendees can be personalised in a way, catering to their interests and needs.

Gadgets such as beacons can be used to generate personalised welcome banners. Giving hands-on demos at events such as expos and exhibitions can also help catching the attention of the attendees, helping them actively engage in the event.

5. Cater to the attendees’ needs:

Cater to attendees' needs at healthcare event

“We’ve done our job when the attendees easily find what they need, look up from their device and have a good experience.”

Each healthcare event is different. Each serves a different purpose. Some are meant for discussing latest academic research, some are meant for fundraising while some are meant to launch new technological advances in the field.

Similarly, each attendee’s expectation from the event differs too. Researchers may be looking to find resources while some patients may be looking for knowledge on new and effective treatments.

It is up to the organisers to comprehend the needs of potential attendees and cater to those needs. An event website along with social media can aid the organisers for the same. Visitors to the website can express their interests in various areas related to the event.

Polling, debates and discussions can be done on social media as well. Data analytics can be used to track the attendee’s interest and behaviour. This will help the event organisers to understand and meet their expectations, thus gaining the trust of the attendees.

6. Cut through the noise:

to promote healthcare event, cut through the noise

We are in an age of information explosion. The daily bombardment of Facebook feeds, Google banners, pop-up advertisements can overpower your efforts to promote your event. It is essential for the event planners to cut through the noise. The event planners should try and bring something new to the platform.

It is necessary to stand out in terms of event promotion and event advertising. Target the audience that you want to convert to potential attendees and promote your event to them exclusively.

Online and offline innovative marketing is the way to catch their attention. Creative and informative social media feeds, catchy posts, attractive event banners, etc. can be of help. Standing out will gain the attention of your target audience, thus ensuring more suitable attendees.

7. Give your attendees a platform to speak their minds and network:

provide platform to people to socialize at healthcare event

Apart from new learning, healthcare professionals, as well as consumers i.e. patients, are looking to build new contacts for future prospects. Event planners can provide a platform for the attendees where they can socialise prior to the event. Healthcare professionals can network and know beforehand if people with similar interests might be attending the event.

They can use this information for future collaborations in terms of research, practice, etc.

Here again, creating a web platform can be of help for socialising whereby the attendees can get information on eminent industry stalwarts as well as future attendees they can socialise with. This will generate interest within the people visiting your website and convert them into potential attendees.

8. Feedback:

take feedback at healthcare event

One way to ensure more attendees is by securing previous participants. An organiser can gain feedback from their attendees at the end of an event. This can be done in multiple ways.

Feedback boxes or boards can be set up at the event. Throughout the event, the attendees can be asked to post on their social media as well. This feedback can also be taken through the event website or app.

The feedback taken from the attendees will help the organisers gain perspective on how to organise their next event as well as understand the dos and don’ts. Successful implementation of the feedback will help gain the loyalty of the attendees and their interest in attending their future events will increase. This maximises the number of potential attendees for their event.

it's all about the experience at healthcare event

Healthcare event trends are continuously evolving. It is upon the event planners to stay abreast with this, especially in terms of technology as technology plays an important role in every aspect of the event. Here is where event management software like Hubilo can help out the event-planners.

It will save a huge amount of time and energy and build the entire online infrastructure that is required for the event in no time. Being tech savvy is not a requirement with such software. This is an added bonus.

Thus, healthcare professionals can optimise their events and can gain more attendees taking care of these important points. After-all it’s all about the experience.

You take-care of them, Hubilo will tech-care for you!

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