Member Groups: Optimizing the Hubilo Organization App

Himani Sheth
January 30, 2019

Hubilo is constantly looking to optimize its solutions to maximize the convenience of event professionals and help them plan and manage their events as smoothly as possible.

We keep updating our solutions in order to fulfil this goal. One of the most recent additions made to our solution is the ‘Member Groups’ feature added to Hubilo’s multi-event app.

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Hubilo’s multi-event app is the perfect platform for associations and organizations organizing multiple events within a year to manage their events and members from a single platform. The member groups feature added to the multi-event app ensures smooth execution of member management.

What exactly are Member Groups?

As mentioned before, our organization app or the multi-event app is the perfect platform for organizations to manage their members on a single platform. They can upload a list of members to the app. The members can then access all the organization app features including event listing, RSVP, networking, global event feed, event feeds, schedule, etc.

Now, sometimes, it is possible that certain features of the app or certain events are made only for a certain set of members who have been added to the organization app.

This is where the Member Groups feature comes into the picture. Users can create specific member groups based on certain criteria, for e.g. department, designation, location, etc. and segregate their member list based on the same.

They can then restrict or provide access to certain features of the organization app to specific member groups as required.

hubilo organization app add members

How does it work?

Step 1: Add Member Groups

Step 2: Add Group Details

Step 3: Name Group

Step 4: Manage

Creating member groups is extremely easy. Once the organizer enters their member list to the app, they can group them through the ‘Members’ section on the Hubilo dashboard. Users can simply add a new member group, add members to the set category and colour code each group as per their requirement right from the dashboard.

Here are a few other functionalities of the feature:

  • Targeted notificationsOrganizers can send our notifications to specific member groups only.
  • Specific attendee listOrganizers can display a filtered attendee list made up of selected member groups through the ‘People’s’ widget on the dashboard.
Hubilo organization app people widget
  • Targeted event app featuresAs mentioned before, organizers can restrict certain events or event app features for specific member groups.

What are the benefits of such a feature?

Having member groups can help planners save time and effort in customizations. It can also help in member management and maximize member convenience. 

Members need not to get involved in events that aren’t relevant or navigate between multiple event app features that they have no use of and get spammed by unrelated notifications. Member groups can ensure that all the members, as well as organizers, are provided only relevant content on the app.

Apart from this, the People’s widget also helps members in networking effectively with other relevant members as the list has been segregated based on member groups. This also helps in maximizing member ROI which in turn increases the overall organization app ROI. 

Thus, the feature is one of the perfect ways to personalize your app for your members and enable efficient event planning and management for multiple events across the year.

Want to check out the multi-event app and the member group functions for yourself? Click here.

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Himani Sheth

Hemani Sheth is a Mass Communication major and an event enthusiast. She is currently associated with Hubilo, a cloud based event management platform that aims to help event professionals create exceptional events. Hemani strives to create resourceful guides that pave way for insightful discussion built around various facets of the event industry. She has a keen interest in event technology and how multiple innovations in the field can help transform the way events are created, marketed and executed. Hemani is also a content marketer and a key contributor to Hubilo Blog. An avid reader, traveler and a movie buff, she is open to conversations on any topic under the sun! Go ahead, say hello to her on twitter @HimaniSheth

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