Planning Incentive Travel Event: Learning from Dreaming with the Stars

Himani Sheth
March 26, 2019

Hubilo, being an all-in-one event technology solution gets the opportunity to power a diverse range of events. Each event is a learning opportunity for us as well as our clients.

We love to share these lessons with our audiences in the form of important takeaways that we deem worth focusing on. One of our most recent projects, the subject of this takeaway was Asian Paints’ ‘Dreaming with the Stars.’

We have talked about incentive travel events before and have shared a lot of great tips from our previously powered events. Dreaming with the Stars was one of this amazingly organized one-day event that helped us gain insight into high profile corporate events and learn a few important things along the way.

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A look into ‘Dreaming with the Stars’

The event ‘Dreaming with the Stars’ was an incentive travel event organized by Asian Paints for their authorized dealers.

The event was a relatively short, one-day event consisting of a range of engaging activities, awards night, contests, etc. Many big celebrity names mainly Bollywood personalities such as Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, A.R. Rehman, etc. were part of the event.

The main agenda of the event was to give back to its dealers and also to help them network in a new, relaxed environment while engaging them in a lot of interesting activities.

Hubilo has the opportunity to help them do just that with the help of its incentive travel event app.

Powered by Hubilo:

Hubilo provided its mobile event app for incentive travel event ‘Dreaming with the Stars.’ Here are a few noteworthy features of the mobile event app:

1. Multiple profiles

Attendees of the event could bring their family members along with them to the event. Multiple inter-related profiles could be created for attendees and their family which can be accessed together directly on the app.

A list of attendees along with their fellow family members who shall be attending was to be uploaded beforehand. Members can then set up their own profiles, upload pictures and enter valid details as required.

2. Closed login

Dreaming with the stars was a closed event. Attendees were supposed to check-in through the app. Other activities such as multiple contests such as the photo contest, selfie contest, quiz contest, etc. were also meant exclusively for the attendees of the event.

Hence, a closed login system was enabled for the Dreaming with the Stars mobile event app. Attendees were assigned a dealer-code beforehand, a database of which was uploaded on the dashboard. Attendees could log in through the dealer-code and then access their as well as their family members’ profiles.

3. Newsfeed

This was one of the most-used features at the event. We have emphasized the importance of an exclusive social platform for events in order to engage and update the attendees on everything that is happening at the event.

Incentive travel event app newsfeed

The mobile event app for Dreaming with the Stars did have an exclusive newsfeed whereby attendees could post live updates of all that was happening at the event and the admin could pin important announcements. The feed was also used as part of a photo contest where the most engaging posts ranked on the leaderboard.

4. Contest module

As mentioned before, the planners had set up multiple attendee engagement activities through the mobile event app including a photo contest that was executed through the newsfeed of the app.

Incentive travel event app contest

Apart from this, attendees could also enter in a video contest, a selfie contest or a quiz that was organized as part of the event. The app had a separate ‘Contest’ section where attendees could check out these competitions, know the rules and participate in the same.

5. Important details

Attendees had separate profiles for them as well as their family members within the app. The app also served as a handy guide for the attendees where they could access their important details such as travel, accommodation, their IDs, basic instructions i.e. dos and don’ts at the event, etc. all on the go.

Incentive travel event app

Apart from this, the app also had an itinerary so that the attendees could keep up with all that was planned for the event.

6. QR code-based check-in

Dreaming with the Stars was a closed event. Hence, access to the event app as well as the overall event was to be restricted. In order to simplify the whole process, the login details of the invited attendees were pre-uploaded to the dashboard and every attendee was assigned a unique QR code.

Attendees could access their QR code directly through the app. Organizers were able to check-in and verify the attendees with a simple QR code scan.

Incentive travel event app gallery

Apart from this the app also had other engaging features such as live polling to gain attendee opinions in real-time as well as a media gallery to engage attendees. Overall the organizers had immaculately planned all their event app features.

Takeaways from ‘Dreaming with the Stars’

Powering the event app for Dreaming with the Stars was truly a great learning experience in the incentive travel events niche. Here are a few takeaways that we’d love to share with corporate event planners out there who work in the field:

1. Having gamification features helps maximize engagement

Attendee engagement is key in such events. Team building too plays an important role. Event gamification is a great solution to execute both these concepts when it comes to incentive travel events.

As in the case of this particular event, organizers can generate a lot of great user-driven content for event marketing while helping attendees interact with their event through such fun contests and giveaways.

2. Newsfeed to keep attendees entertained and updated

An exclusive social platform for events helps organizers in updating their attendees while simultaneously gaining a real-time view of the overall attendee experience. Organizers can pin important announcement on the newsfeed, organize contests through the same and engage their attendees.

The newsfeed was one of the most utilized features of dreaming with the stars. That combined with a leaderboard of the most active attendees on the newsfeed drove a lot of attendee engagement and encouraged attendee interaction.

3. Including important details within the event app increases app adoption

The mobile event app for such events is not only a tool for attendee interaction but also serves as a medium to make the event experience more convenient and smooth for the attendees.

Organizers must use this event technology to their advantage, banking on the smart world premise by providing important information to the attendees through the app, making it accessible on the go, hence maximizing attendee convenience.

4. Having a closed login mechanism and check-in system prevents gate-crashing

The entire system in terms of the mobile event app and the event check-in system was configured with restricted access. The list of attendees who could log in to the mobile event app was pre-uploaded and the login could only be through a unique pre-assigned dealer code.

Check-in was done with the help of QR code scans which were unique for each individual attendee. Such systems help in smooth execution of an event and lead to ease in management apart from ensuring event security by preventing gate-crashing.

5. Pre-planning is just as important for off-site incentive travel events

Off-site incentive travel events have a lot of management tasks to be handled including travel and accommodation. Pre-planning your event, preparing a blueprint of how exactly do you want to go about your event, planning your event technology such as the mobile event app etc. helps in running things smoothly.

If you have planned additional events such as contests, it is essential that you set up your gamification strategies and market them beforehand to gain maximum traction.

These are just a few essential takeaways that we hope would help all you corporate event planners out there implement better events.

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Himani Sheth

Hemani Sheth is a Mass Communication major and an event enthusiast. She is currently associated with Hubilo, a cloud based event management platform that aims to help event professionals create exceptional events. Hemani strives to create resourceful guides that pave way for insightful discussion built around various facets of the event industry. She has a keen interest in event technology and how multiple innovations in the field can help transform the way events are created, marketed and executed. Hemani is also a content marketer and a key contributor to Hubilo Blog. An avid reader, traveler and a movie buff, she is open to conversations on any topic under the sun! Go ahead, say hello to her on twitter @HimaniSheth

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