Perks of Shifting To a Virtual Job Fair Platform For Your Next Recruitment Drive

Arushi Gupta
October 14, 2020

What is the one thing you’ll miss the most once the pandemic ends? Those binge-watching sessions, those long, frequent naps or those impromptu zoom meetings in your pyjamas? We’ve all fallen in love with the quarantine period, haven’t we? But at the same time we are wishing for things to get better and the world to open up.And it sure will, no sooner than later.But there are certain aspects of quarantine life that are here to stay, one of them being virtual job fairs. People have well adapted themselves to using a virtual job fair platform, and now, for many, there is no turning back.At Hubilo, we’ve witnessed first hand why this virtual way of conducting job fairs is much more convenient than physical ones. Having gained insights from organizers, exhibitors, and job seekers who use our virtual career fair software, we are more than sure that virtual job fairs have a life much beyond the lockdown.And it is about time you took your job fair online, too! Why, you may ask? The reasons are many.

1. A Virtual Job Fair Platform Lets You Find The Perfect Fit For Your Organization

The amount of flexibility that virtual hiring events offer, makes them the number-one choice for recruiters. With flexibility, we are referring to their freedom to meet candidates where they are, without limiting candidate pools to those in the job’s immediate vicinity.If you’re hiring for an esteemed position and looking for a particular type — in terms of both skills and culture fit — opening your options to remote candidates can increase the overall quality of job applicants manifold. A virtual career fair software will increase your reach and attract geniuses that were previously excluded. Being a recruiter scavenging for the best of talent, what could be better than hiring from such a diverse pool of applicants? Have a quick, on-the-spot interview if you like a candidate, and voila!, he is yours.

2. Makes Hiring Inclusive, Moves Beyond Geographical Barriers

With the vast reach of a virtual job fair platform, we have moved past those times when location was a constraint to apply to a job. Now, when most people are working from home and things are going digital, why limit hiring to physical interviews and events?Online job fairs promote inclusivity for everyone, making it feasible for candidates from across the globe to apply for that one coveted role in their dream company. To a certain extent, it is a step towards eliminating the concept of employment being a privilege for the few.

virtual job fair platform

3. Reduces Costs Manifold

We’re all dealing with a dip in the economy, and it is a hard time for most industries and businesses. Affording large gatherings of yesteryear could now dig a huge hole in your company’s pocket, with costs coming in from all sides (e.g. venue rental, accommodations, logistics, catering, technical assistance, and so on). In these testing times, opting for a hybrid event platform is a smart move companies are making.An online job fair can save organizers and partnering organizations thousands of dollars at a time, while also reducing the additional cost and effort of a tedious hiring process. Why rush out and spend excess cash just to plan a job fair, when you can have all the shebang right within your laptop screen?

4. A One-stop Destination For The Complete Hiring Process 

Recruiting is a tedious process. From posting vacancies, to sorting through applicants, to scheduling numerous interviews and follow-ups, hiring for a single position is strenuous in itself. Come to talk about a traditional job fair, the effort of booking a venue, catering, booth setup, logistics all come out to be quite a headache.With a virtual career fair software at your disposal, you can condense these tasks into one. Rather than spreading the hiring process out over weeks, across untold phone calls, software programs, and logistical challenges, hiring teams can optimize the whole process with one seamless online experience.When attendees find a company or position intriguing, they can learn all they need to know at virtual recruiter booths, chat with team representatives, submit their resumes, and have quick one-on-one interviews. Similarly, recruiters can use the platform to filter through resumes, conduct a video interview with potential candidates, and even deliver job offers. It is all available at a single place, thanks to your virtual job fair platform!

virtual job fair platform

5. Keeps The Job Seeker Comfortable And Safe

Even if things get normal tomorrow, and the world opens up, would you still be as comfortable attending a crowded job fair as you were previously? The virus may well be out of sight, but the fear of crowded spaces will linger on for a longer time.This may force some cautious job seekers to miss out on a great opportunity. Clearly, it’s safe to say that online job fairs will promote the much needed inclusivity, personal comfort and safety. And if you have a versatile virtual job fair platform at your disposal, trust me, you can extract much more out of it than a physical job fair, along with being safe!

6. Is environment-friendly!

Going green, as the saying goes, is all about those little steps we take to make our environment healthier. It involves nearly every aspect of how we live and work, including the events we organize or go to. Physical events such as job fairs have an enormous carbon footprint, given the huge number of attendees that flock to them.Taking your company’s recruitment process online can effectively eliminate most of the carbon emissions of an in-person event. Even if you decide to take one event virtual, it is a step closer to a better environment. A hybrid event platform is a good option if you want to conduct a mix of physical and virtual events!

virtual job fair platform

That’s all folks!We’re sure you’ve found umpteen reasons to shift your next event online. And if you feel like you need some help with your next virtual job fair, we’re right here for you. Walk in to Hubilo’s page and find all the information you need for your next virtual event. Till then, happy hiring!

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