Planning an Amazing Event: 9 Tips to Do It Perfectly

Jennifer Sanders
November 20, 2018

Planning an event has never been easy. Without following the due process practices, you could end up messing up with the entire process. This can affect your mission and your brand, so it is crucial to have a tactical checklist that will guide you throughout your planning.

Well, we’ve not covered everything you’ll need to consider when planning an event since different events take into account different factors but, we’ve shared some of the best practices that are imperative when it comes to the planning of any type of event.

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The tips we share here will help you to plan your amazing event perfectly and reduce the chances of hitting a snag along the way. For your information, these tips in this article have been used by professional event planners at and we hope they will help you too.

These 9 tips will help you to plan an amazing event. Read them before you start planning your next event. Let’s get started.

1.Know the Why

The very first step to planning an event is to establish the purpose, the objectives or the goals. In this case, you will need to establish the purpose of organizing the event and what you want to achieve.

You must establish a clear mission and reason to hold an event- Are you celebrating your business achievements? is it a fundraiser event?

planning event

If you fail to establish the purpose or the goals of an event, you might end up spending a lot on it and fail to attract attendees. Also, knowing the purpose of an event will give you a clear focus on what to follow next and enable you to prioritize.

2.Have Enough Time

The last-minute rush can make the whole process to go wrong. Remember, an event has got several things that come into play and without giving yourself time; you could mess up with the whole process.

3. Who are Your Target Attendees?

Different types of events have different types of guests and attendees. For instance, your guests for a business event are different from the guests of a get-together party. So, you have to carefully find out who your guests are.

Is your event meant to be attended by the general public? Is it something that should be attended by only selected people of your target attendees like donors, partners, and business customers?

Identifying your target attendees for your event will increase the chances of getting a good turnout. In addition, you will be in a better position to craft a great message.

4.Establish a Budget

Having an established budget is crucial for the success of any event whether small or big. An established budget will help you to prioritize spending, assess the amount to be used for getting the word out and the amount to charge for tickets. In this case, you need to have an estimate of every key item on your event checklist.

Here, you will need to create a simple spreadsheet with the following details:

  • The expenses on items- Each specific expense
  • Salesperson- The person who will supply you with goods or services
  • Projected cost- An estimation of the total cost of the event
  • The total cost

5.Form a Team

A successful event comprises of a team of people to handle different aspects of the whole event. You should identify one key Event Manager or the chair and also a specific chair for subcommittees like:

  • Site organization
  • Speakers
  • Entertainment
  • Promotional
  • Sponsors and volunteer organization

Delegating specific roles to members will enhance accountability and also increase the chances of hosting a successful event.

6.Set the Date of the Event

If it’s a recurring event, chances are that you’ve already set the date but for a new one ensure to consider factors such as mentioned below before you decide on the date of an event.

  • Have enough time to plan
  • Observe important holidays such as statutory and religious
  • Ensure it does not fall under school holidays
  • Ensure to alias with key participants when setting date for an event.

Now that you know the date of an even, you can book the venue. This you need to do before you get the word out.


Well, nowadays people are tied to social media and email as well as other channels, but it is good to get the word out by reach people through email. In this case, you will need to have either a reliable database you can use to invite attendees, an account with online email service providers like MailChimp or Aweber that enables distribution of messages without violating CAN-SPAM laws.

8.Work on the Important Stuff First

Here, you need to identify the most important details of the event and handle them as earlier as possible. Find the location, logistics, food and also plan for entertainment. Doing this will give you enough time to breathe while handling the minor tasks before the actual date arrives.

planning event

9.Document Your Event

We assume you’ve completed everything and hosted an event and now the last thing is to keep a history of your event. You could share it on your website. This will require you to have someone to take photos during the event as well as other things like writing down quotes from attendees which you could then use them on your website if applicable.

Final Words

Planning an event can be a daunting task, but we hope with our nine tips above, you can plan an amazing event perfectly and conveniently. Note that as we’ve stated earlier, we’ve not covered everything that follows when it comes to event planning, but the best practices necessary for a successful event planning.

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