10 Quirky Ways to Engage Attendees Through Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform

Falguni Jain
September 28, 2020

Attendees are the life of your event! Especially, when planning out your next virtual event, make sure you strategize well and consider how you are going to keep them engaged.

But don't worry too much, we've got you covered!

Here are ten ways in which you can use Hubilo’s virtual event platform to power attendee engagement:

  1. Throw a Virtual Jukebox Party to Boost Attendees' Enthusiasm

To get the energy levels up in the room, allocate a slot in the agenda to host a live jukebox party or a DJ session. During the live-stream, use the polling feature to ask attendees to choose between different song options and give shout-outs to their names. Another option is to elicit the song recommendations through the session’s chat feature or the event feed.Pro Tip: Make space for such a session in the middle of the day or add it as part of the closing ceremony, to create an unforgettable experience for your attendees. 

  1. Build A Competitive Spirit Among Attendees Using a Leaderboard

Keep attendees glued to the platform via Hubilo’s ‘Leaderboard’ feature. Assign points for each action users complete on the platform, such as when they view a profile, send or accept a meeting request, create a post on the event feed, participate in a poll or chat with an exhibitor. The top 3 attendees to garner maximum points, win and are highlighted on the Leaderboard.Pro Tip: To keep attendees motivated, incentivize the top 3 positions and make sure to communicate the rewards via the ‘Gift’ icon on the Leaderboard. For e.g. deliver gift hampers to winners or email them an Amazon gift voucher, e-passes to a music event, or even a free annual subscription to a service that your partner or sponsors offer.

Hubilo Leaderboard
  1. Let Exhibitors Display Attractive Offer Codes & Discounts  

Encourage exhibitors and sponsors to leverage their virtual booths to showcase exciting offers. These can be availed by the attendees using the mentioned offer code on the web page, which opens up via the CTA button.Pro Tip: Promote booths offering coupons via push notifications, event feed and community banners, so that attendees know where to head their way!

Display Offer Codes in Hubilo's Exhibitor Booths
  1. Give Attendees a Photo Opportunity via the Networking Lounge

Regardless of which part of the world your attendees are located, give them the opportunity to be part of a team screenshot through the networking lounge and its group video calling feature. Share the screen grab on the event feed and on your social media, so that attendees have a personalized memory of the event as keepsake.

Photo Opportunity in Hubilo's Networking Lounge
  1. Offer Virtual Goodie Bags to Attendees

Repurpose exhibitor and sponsor booths to showcase coupons, deals and special downloadable content like e-books. Allow attendees to sign up for the offerings they are interested in. While this is a unique way to increase the value for your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors will also get qualified leads.

Virtual Goodie Bags on Hubilo
  1. Keep Attendees On Their Toes With Multiple-Choice Quizzes

Drive up attendee engagement by using the platform’s ‘Contest’ Feature to populate multiple-choice questions. Keep these quizzes time-restricted, so that attendees that give maximum correct responses, at the fastest speed, can be declared as contest winners.Pro Tip: One way to organize this is by asking attendees to visit different exhibitor booths and interact with exhibitors, to get answers to the questions. This will make the task more fun for attendees and also fulfill exhibitors’ branding quota.

Host Multiple-Choice Quizzes on Hubilo
  1. Host Entry-Based Challenges for Attendees

Use the ‘Contests’ feature to host challenges for attendees to submit selfies, images, videos, or some form of written content. Declare the winners based on number of likes received or by selecting the most creative entries.Pro Tip: You can ask attendees to share an image of their co-worker or their event setup or a quarantine challenge they triumphed or failed miserably at. Similarly, you may ask them to upload their research abstract or an article depicting their views on a certain topic.

Entry-Based Contests on Hubilo
  1. Organize Best Responses Contests

Ramp-up the event gamification by hosting best responses contests. A great way to execute this is by posting an image and asking attendees to give it an interesting caption.Pro Tip: Make sure to give attendees a dedicated time to take part in such contests, without diverting their attention from the sessions at hand. 

Organize Best Responses Contests on Hubilo
  1. Extend the Usage of Clickable Banners

Rather than just having static banners at the top of the virtual event platform, make them clickable, by integrating them with third party games. These clickable banners can lead attendees to an external platform, such a website or a play store app.

  1. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Break up the session agenda to make room for a virtual scavenger hunt that all attendees can participate in. Leave keyword and image clues across the virtual event platform, so that attendees are encouraged to explore the complete interface in a fun way!Pro Tip: Make sure the difficulty level of the game is kept low so that attendees continue playing it without any stress. You may drop regular hints via push notifications and event feed posts to make it even easier for attendees to navigate their way through.

Scavenger Hunt on Hubilo

If you think these ideas will work for your next event, book a demo with us to see how you can implement them.

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